Wei Chi Jincheng saw that his morale was almost boosted. "Let’s go!" With a wave of his hand.

Wendi is still blowing her in Chengtou, and she understands the four poems of Yu Di men before they leave.
The words "wait for me at the flute" will be deeply imprinted on her mind.
Her arm was red with vermilion, and tears ran across her cheeks, but her fingers kept rising and falling, sending the bone-chilling acacia flute to the front lover’s eardrum.
I will wait for you!
I’ll wait for you no matter how long!
Please come back soon, or I’m afraid I won’t be able to help myself to find you!
The mighty army set out as early as in the past, and the hay was already escorted in the past. Now, this well-equipped and powerful army has left the capital of the dynasty, so it is necessary to move secretly.
After Wei Chi Jincheng’s army left, Wen Di still came to Wei Chi Longcheng’s side to play chess with him.
"Girl, he’s gone." Weichilong became a lift and saw the opposite woman. She couldn’t help but wake up.
"It’s the emperor. He’s gone." Wendi nodded reluctantly and got another spirit.
"Don’t worry, he’s my fault. Everyone in the dynasty admired the God of War. Nothing can stop him. He will come back soon." Wei Chilong played chess calmly.
"Emperor, what do you want him to bring back when he returns to the DPRK this victory?" Smell the flute and look up at the inscrutable king
"Girl, if you have something to say, just say it. I told you before that I admitted that my daughter-in-law would always have you!"
Smell speech, smell the flute, nod your head and feel at ease. After a while, look at Weichi Longcheng. "The emperor means to get rid of foreign invasion and worry in this trip."
Wei Chi Longcheng’s pupil contracted slightly and then laughed. "Smelling a flute is just smelling a flute. This brain is no worse than your old smell!"
After that, he paused and leaned in. The low tone was very mysterious. "There are some things that you know clearly. I am also very lenient to you here. It will never be difficult for you to carry your own position."
Wendi’s face was shocked in his heart, but he was calm. He nodded lightly, "Male and female servants thanked me."
"My daughter-in-law is called’ father’ around." Weichilong smiled lovingly.
"It’s unreasonable for a concubine to call you’ father’."
"Ah girl I like you! That you are my daughter-in-law! Those rituals don’t have to be rigid! "
Wendi looked up at him. It turned out that the emperor was a child’s mind, but it turned out that he was thoughtful and thoughtful. She didn’t know what would happen after Wei Chi Longcheng learned her real thoughts.
"It’s father"
She always nodded and changed her mouth.
Weichi Longcheng burst out laughing as if he had heard the most beautiful words in the world. "Good girl, I like you to call me that! When he comes back, I’ll make you the master, and I’ll make him the princess. It’s a waste of time to hear that the dynasty and the country can be his queen’s palace, and it can be you! "
Wendi’s expression was slightly stiff and he bowed his head. "The daughter-in-law thanked the father."
"Well, don’t think about those things! I know what I’m doing! Come and continue to play chess! "
The army marched on the road, and it was getting late unconsciously. A captain rode over and nodded to Wei Chi Jincheng. "Your majesty, if you want to find a place to camp, please show me!"
Wei Chi Jincheng looked at the sky and said, "Make the army stop and camp in place."
Settle down the soldier Wei Chi Jincheng and sit there alone in the light. The light shadow is perfect on his side. wait for a while stares at a bunch of black hair in his hand
The hair was meticulously cared for and tied up in his hand with a bunch of red threads.
"Flute, we have been separated for several hours. How are you?"
Gently caressing the bundle of hair, Wei Chi Jincheng’s eyes are full of tenderness, as if that hair is the person he cares about in his heart.
The smiling face gradually appeared in front of his eyes, but he reached out to touch it.
The corners of the mouth pulled a faint smile. Wei Chi Jincheng secretly mocked his heroism and shortness of breath. He collected the hair and got up and lifted the tent and went out.
Walking in the barracks in cloaks, the army has rested separately, and only the vigil soldiers walked back and forth to see him bow down and then continue to patrol.
After he set up camp, he sent agents to constantly search for the information ahead. The northern barbarians’ provocation was definitely not simple. He always felt that someone was stirring up behind it.
I can’t sleep around. Wei Chi Jincheng patrolled the camp for a circle before returning to the barracks. I didn’t go in until I felt a murderous look.
He slightly sideways to avoid with a cold sword waist was soft sword bound.
Hands staggered out, Wei Chi Jin Cheng blocked people from watching carefully, and the lip angle of people always pulled a perfect arc.
"If ShuiGe is nobody? Can you deal with the king with your hidden mirror flowers? "
Shui Han and Yao Qiqi both jumped in front of him without saying anything. They have already reported the belief that they will die, that is, it is good to stab him.
Wei Chi Jincheng slowly raised his eyebrows and flickered. "It seems that if the owner of Shuige still doesn’t believe that the blood bead king has been brought back for her, she will even take the king’s life."
"Seventeen ye cut the crap! You took my blood bead, but you just wanted to take my life! If I were all in the Shuige, I would die and I wouldn’t be pushed around again! " The water is cold, and Shui Yue has forced it with cold.
"The king took your blood beads, but didn’t Lin Ajiu take those beads when the king was injured? Could it be that if the owner of Shuige didn’t receive it? "
Wei Chi Jincheng lifted his leg and kicked Shui Han Shui slanting, then caught Yao Qiqi’s mirror with his fingers and flipped it over and came behind them.
"Come on! Wei Chi Jincheng, you can’t provoke our cabinet owner and A Jiu! " Yao Qiqi hastily flipped his wrist and tried to remove the mirror flower, only to find that Root couldn’t move.
"Do you and A Jiu still need the king to stir up trouble?" Wei Chi Jincheng picked his eyebrows and sent Yao Qiqi to Shui Han’s arms. "Why don’t you go back and let Ji Ruoshui ask Lin Ajiu how this blood bead came from?"
Shui Han held Yao Qiqi and saw that Weichi Jincheng didn’t continue to fight with them, which meant that he played with them and gave up the idea of continuing to assassinate.
"Since the report said this, I will go back and report back to the cabinet master." The water looked at Weichi Jincheng coldly.
"Go slow and don’t send it, but Wang also wants to ask two people to send a message to Ji Ruoshui. She is ungrateful first. If you don’t pull back from the brink, don’t blame Wang for being ungrateful!"
Two people smell speech deeply saw his one eye, fly out of the camp a few ups and downs disappeared in the moonlight.
Weichi Jincheng was relieved to return to the chair and thought about it. Then he wrote a few words and called a man from outside the account to say a few words, and the man followed.
Wendi was lying in the bedstead, remembering that before leaving, she and the man looked at her arms and blushed with a bitter smile on her lips.
It’s a shame that she knows now! In this way, she can solve many puzzles before. It seems that her smart head is still too stupid in front of him!
Just thinking about the window, I suddenly inquired about the broken wind and heard the flute. I looked nervously at the place and saw several noon nails flying closer and closer to her.
Just because she has a good eyesight and unusual ear strength doesn’t mean she has enough ability to respond.
At that afternoon, when the nail horse was about to hit her, a white shadow flashed across those hidden weapons and all fell to the ground.
"Miss, are you all right?" Xiao Qi, holding "Tianyuan" in his hand, looked nervously at her former white boy and took up the vigil duty after he left in Li Er.
"Xiao Qi, be careful!" Before Wendi’s voice fell, a woman in silver rushed in and stabbed them with a sword.
Xiaoqi’s eye pupil is tight and his wrist is turned over to fight with each other in one place.
Wendi knows that these people must have come here at the moment to take her life because Wei Chi Jincheng left Beijing. She can’t lose her cool now. Li Er is not relying on Xiaoqi alone. I’m afraid both of them are in danger.
It seems that we must rely on them!
Wendi bit his lip and touched it in his arms.
Chapter 17 Traps
Xiaoqi is still fighting with the women in silver. Although he has been practicing hard recently, as the saying goes, "a tiger can’t fight a pack of wolves" is still driven to retreat by the women.
Wendi looked at it without thinking, but he took out the bronze medal of Wenzi without saying anything and put it in his mouth to blow it up.
There are more than a dozen people in the room without half an hour’s art and ink garden, and those women in silver clothes are all made in place without half a lamp of tea.
"It’s a rescue, Miss Chiwang. Forgive me!"
A crowd and so on knelt in front of Wendi, but she was taken aback.

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