Hurriedly closed her mouth, and Harla Qiuyuan sat awkwardly.

"Sorry, sorry, nothing. I was just in a daze."
"Well, I’ll read it if I have nothing to say."
"… good"
See the girl looked down at Qiu Yuan again and was relieved.
It seems that if you are in a daze, you have to adjust your posture and then be in a daze!
Otherwise, it is easy to be misunderstood as having any strange ideas!
But why is this girl’s hair silvery white?
Qiuyuan thought strangely.
It’s reasonable to think that she’s obsessed with academics and won’t bother to dress herself up, will she?
I don’t think I’ll dye my hair silvery white.
Moreover, judging from her dress, she was dressed in a simple white robe without jewelry and thick lenses blocked her clear eyes.
And just when she looked up, Qiuyuan saw traces of makeup on her face.
This is a typical doctoral female schoolmaster!
Qiuyuan slightly craned her neck and glanced at what she was watching.
History of Carlos-Tales of the Kingdom
Then Qiu Yuan became stupid.
He’s seen it, too, but he didn’t see it at all
The whole text is very abstruse and obscure, and there are seven thick pages, which is simply staggering.
Among them, there are all kinds of Poké mon ancient characters, which is a headache for people who know ancient characters in Qiu Yuan.
Qiu Yuanlai wanted to know about a Carlos historical event after an initial event.
If you find this, you can’t look at it at all
At this time, seeing the girl immersed in the book seriously, Qiu Yuan felt a pang of admiration.
I don’t know why Qiu Yuan has no reason to think that this girl’s thesis should have a very high noun.
More than a dozen people on the plane attended the award ceremony, and the middle-aged and elderly people seemed to know each other and talked together.
And Qiu Yuan, the new Macey, couldn’t join them in the conversation and didn’t dare to disturb the girls next to her.
As I said, Qiu Yuanhao turned up the pager to see what happened on the net.
It happened that Serena suddenly sent him a message when Qiuyuan turned on the pager.
Serena, a talented girl [Brother Qiu Yuan has just hatched two lotus Cecilia Yip and is in good condition! 】
Qiuyuan was a little surprised. I didn’t expect two lotus Cecilia Yip to hatch as soon as my front foot left.
This is really a coincidence
Grumpy old autumn [look at their incubators. How many days did I mark them as hatching? 】
Serena, a talented girl [you predicted a day and a half. Oh, it’s not up to standard, brother]
Grumpy old autumn […]
Grumpy old autumn [it is estimated that there will be seven Poké mon hatching today. You will work harder and come back to make you a big meal]
Talented girl Serena [Roger that! I’m waiting for the big meal.]
Drop communication software
Judging from the two Poké mon just hatched, Qiuyuan predicted that it would have to move forward a little when hatching.
Then at the latest, 30 Poké mon eggs can be hatched in the incubation room the day after tomorrow.
Then the Ibrahimovic couple will be left with the Ibrahimovic egg.
The evolution of the Ibrahim couple needs to be delayed a little bit.
Qiuyuan currently has 4 million to invest in the purchase of Poké mon eggs for sale.
And he still owes 60,000 yuan to the breeding center. He bought that batch of Poké mon eggs on credit.
Speaking of which, if Qiuyuan gets a doctor’s certificate, will there be any discount?
Let the burden of arrears be reduced a little?
There is no doubt that Qiuyuan is thinking about fart to eat

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