When she came out, Xu Su was leaning against the bed to watch.

As soon as she came in, Xu Su couldn’t pay attention.
Yu Xin raised her head sideways and raised my hand to untie her hair. Xu Su noticed that her white neck line was beautiful and her collar was wide, and her collarbone was exposed. Her long hair was scattered with her movement, and a thick soft hair hung over her chest, which was in sharp contrast to her white skin.
Xu Su held her finger tight for a few minutes, leaving light marks on her nails.
"Come here," said Xu Su in a low voice, with a hint of command, but eager.
Yu Xin looked at him step by step. "What is Xu looking at?"
When she walks, her long white legs seem to glow in the light and shake people’s hearts.
Xu Su didn’t answer but looked at her with bright eyes.
When Yu Xin just went to the bed and wanted to see his hand, Xu Su would throw it on the bedside table and drag her into her arms and hit him on the chest.
Yu Xin jiao shouted "Xu Zong"
Then she looked up at him with misty eyes and soft eyes.
If you cry, your eyes are simply tempting to commit a crime
After a night, Yu Xin slowly opened her eyes when she heard the noise. Her eyelids seemed to be fighting, and she barely opened them and saw a figure in front of her.
She was so sleepy that she said "Xu Zong" with strength.
Xu Su looked back at her "hmm"
"Are you going to get up?"
Xu Su: "Well, it’s early. You can go back to sleep."
Yu Xin frowned and finally opened his eyes. "What time is it?"
Xu Su "7: 30"
Yu Xin was stunned. "Is it something so early?"
Xu Su "went to the company"
Yu Xin, well a drooping eyelids ready to follow up.
As soon as she opened the quilt, she shrank back immediately.
Xu Su saw the corners of her mouth. "Go to sleep again. You look exhausted."
Yu Xin was stuck to stare big eyes at Xu Su.
She was sure that he was driving.
"I didn’t." Her voice was weak and shy.
Xu Su didn’t argue with her, "Well, I’ll ask someone to call you for breakfast later."
If he says that he is not tired, he will become angry from embarrassment, but the fact is that she is tired and weak and doesn’t want to get up.
Xu Su looked at her and bowed her head and said nothing. She wanted to come to the bed.
Suddenly gave Yu Xin a kiss, and Yu Xin pushed and struggled to say, "I haven’t brushed my teeth yet."
"Well," Xu Su bit her lip and gave a response that was not a response. Anyway, she just didn’t mind.
He brushed his teeth, and his mouth was fresh and minty, with a hint of sweetness in it.
Yu Xin struggled and let him go.
The kiss lasted for a few minutes and almost got angry again.
Xu Sushi released her and stared at her for a few seconds, then turned around and said, "I’m leaving."
Yu Xin was blushed with kisses and nodded blankly "OK".
Wait until Xu Sumen steps away, Yu Xin continues to lie down, and then reaches out and grabs the mobile phone from the bedside table.
When she went to take a shower last night, she went straight to the plane. At this time, a lot of news came in as soon as she opened it.
When she saw the news, she was sleepy just now.
Dozens of messages came from Gu Xuan, Yao Xingchi’s agent and Qin Che.
After reading all the news, she will reply one by one according to the priority.
On the agent’s side, she made a direct call and explained-she and Xu Su.
After all, the assistants saw her yesterday. Xu Su-che will definitely tell the broker, and there is no need to hide such a thing.
For several other men, she had already thought about the countermeasures and would not let them know that she had spent the night here in Xu Chi last night.
Yu Xin got up after lying down for a while after replying to the message.
Xu Su ordered the chef to cook a lot of breakfast for her, and I don’t know how he ordered Yu Xin. As soon as he arrived at the restaurant, he saw a big table with a wide variety of breakfasts.
Yu Xin, a person can’t eat much. After eating a few shrimp dumplings and steamed buns, he is full.
As soon as she finished eating the nanny, she came over and asked when she was going to start. The driver was already waiting outside.
When Yu Xin saw her eyes, she decided to go back first, change her clothes and get something before going to the set.
But when she got home, she found that Gu Xuan was not at home.
Where will Gu Hang go?
I just contacted WeChat, but Gu Xuan didn’t say anything about going out.
These days, she is not at home during the day, and Gu Hang has been staying at home. When she suddenly comes back today, he is not here. It seems that she may not be at home at ordinary times.

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