The light is getting brighter, and the blue light has different shades. The changes are soft and elegant, giving the audience a feeling of being in the arms of the sky or the sea, which is not only cordial but also comfortable, and it has a profound experience of being there and forgetting to go home.

"The stage is super beautiful"
However, I was amazed at the passionate symphony and immediately played a heroic Irish tap dance company.
"River Dance"
"Haha, it’s Irish tap dance."
"It’s so handsome. Poof, it’s just a bunch of demons dancing around. Koko’s little ass is still moving in my mind. Suddenly, it’s such a neat and imposing dance. Don’t tell me you’re all paving the way."
"Poof, ha, ha, Lou talent"
Teasing is fun, but after the dance performance, the horse can’t move his eyes. It’s huge and magnificent
And soon, the audience was surprised and round, and their eyes were dumbfounded.
It seems that this is not as simple as Irish tap dancing.
Irish tap dance is solemn and dignified, and it has the casual and disrespectful humor of African-American tap dance. It also exudes confidence and freedom, generosity, enthusiasm and uninhibited Franco dance steps, and also has the aesthetic temperament of classical ballet.
Is this neat and smooth Irish tap dance or melancholy and enthusiasm? Is Spanish Franco a classical ballet with soft temperament or a dynamic modern dance?
I was dumbfounded when I watched it.
It doesn’t seem to be either, and it seems that this feeling has reappeared.
That should be right.
This river dance is the main axis of Irish tap dance, but it is also integrated into many national dances.
Not only American tap dance, Spanish Franco dance, but also Russian ballet, American new york style jazz tap dance and other world-famous dances.
In addition to the rich variety of dances, it also combines the elements of Latin African oriental art.
After the integration of multi-national dances and world cultural elements, it not only inherits the essence of Irish folk dance with strong national characteristics, but also includes all schools of tap dance, forming a unique tap dance performance.
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This dance is not short of superb skills, but it has got rid of the show-off skills. The directors of a hundred schools have shown the essence of dance art in various countries to the fullest, and at the same time, it can be perfectly integrated into the rich Irish culture, so that the audience can be perceived and sublimated in appreciation. It is amazing.
A large group of uniform dances are like a rainbow, impacting the audience’s sight and mind like a tide.
The perfect combination of stage 3d projection technology and majestic dance gives people a new viewing experience.
The wonderful music accompanied by the stage symphony orchestra seems to have brought people to a world full of magical power. It seems that we can see our ancestors who built their homes with trees, stones and water. They regard the world as a place full of power. Their songs, dances and stories are integrated with this magical power.
In this way, you will suddenly be lost in a kind of original and true initial emotion like a child who has returned to nature.
"That’s awesome"
"Oh, my God, it’s so handsome."
"Handsome, foreign long legs have a nosebleed again."
"Look good, look good, look good"
"It’s amazing that the pit owner is not only as good at integrating our national art with foreign national art."
"I have a deeper understanding of the meaning of the sentence that nation is the world. It’s awesome."

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