After hearing this story, the people around the little girl were filled with anger and indignation.

"How hateful!"
"Hum, I heard that this Li Shengge often went out to plunder young women and wantonly ravaged them. I didn’t expect it to be true!"
"It’s just a scum!"
They all want Ye Qian in the field to teach him a lesson.
Ye Qian looked at a pair of proudly Li Shengge slowly raised his head.
"Today I want you to kill anyone."
"Get justice!"
After that, he suddenly made a fist and slammed into Li Sheng.
"bite off more than one can chew"
However, Li Shengge smiled contemptuously and casually waved a fan of gas. The ten-story repair broke out and Ye Qian’s fist collided
There was a loud noise, and Ye Qian’s body was directly flew more than ten meters away and almost flew outside the ring.
"Before you were a waste in front of me."
"It’s the same now," Li Shengge scorned.
However, Ye Qian, who was repulsed, did something that no one thought of.
He took out a writing brush.
In people’s surprised eyes, Ye Qian waved a brush and began to write in the classroom.
One vertical, one vertical, one bending.
That’s a very simple word "mountain"
But after Ye Qian completed this sum, a great power fell from the sky.
They couldn’t help looking up but saw nothing.
However, in Li Shengge’s eyes, a huge black mountain peak really appeared, bearing a great potential and pressing against his head!
Li Shengge tried to avoid the mountains as soon as he screamed.
But it falls so fast!
"bang!" A heavy pressure on Li Shengge’s shoulder bent his back, so that he could not help kneeling on the ground with his legs bent.
"How can you!"
Li Shengge looked horrified. This mountain is eerily scary.
It’s not as scary as the real mountain peak, but its weight has exhausted every ounce of Li Shengge’s strength.
Try your best to resist being crushed.
Li Shengge struggled hard, but no matter how hard he tried, the mountain was always at the critical point of his limit, which made him miserable.
"See, this is the people you hurt. They are always staring at you above your head," Ye Qian said coldly.
When Li Shengge heard that he looked up, his hair stood on end!
His shoulders are no longer peaks, but familiar figures one after another.
The little girl’s sister was among them, and she stared at Li Shengge with two lines of blood and tears in her eyes, whispering as if accusing him of his crimes.
"No, it’s impossible!"
Li Shengge screamed, and this scene really chilled his spine.
"It’s all fake. You can’t scare me!"
He roared a whole body momentum department broke out in the hands of a round fan against the clouds overhead.
However, he called.
When he opened his eyes again, it was sunny and everything disappeared.
There are ten thousand people who are full of inexplicable audiences.
"What happened to Li Shengge?"
"I don’t know. He suddenly knelt in front of Ye Qian and then attacked him at random."
"Like a fool, haha!"
Everyone laughed.
Li Shengge gasped and his face sank like water.
He didn’t understand that Ye Qian should have created the dreamland just now.
Anger flooded my mind.

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