And he just found Tuoba Mountain and said something about shallow water.

At this moment, Tuoba Mountain asked, "What choice?"
The dog whispered, "Will you join our Tianfeng Army or continue to be a water stop soldier?"
Tuoba Mountain startled the dog, but added, "The general asked me to tell you that he had guessed this result before you returned to Beijing. I’m afraid your family is gone, General Tuoba. That’s why the general manager will not let you go."
"What did you say? !” Rio Tinto mountain roar up.
Peripheral water-stop alert soldiers heard shouting and walked over at the same time. The dog was so anxious that he winked at Tuoba Mountain and shouted, "I said you are a fucking asshole!" You are neither a soldier in the wind nor a soldier in the water. You deserve it! "
Several water-stop guards heard this cry as a cold hum and went back.
After watching them leave the dog, he continued to whisper, "The general said he didn’t want to hide it from you. He asked me to tell you that he spread rumors that you rebelled against stopping the water. He wanted to break your heart, but you were loyal to stopping the water and refused to drop him. The people who stopped the water will not let you go or let your family go, and they will be at a loss when you come back."
Rio Tinto mountain just listen to the news, how also didn’t think it would be like this.
"Shallow water is clear, you killed my adoptive father!" At that moment, Tuoba Mountain was angry and hated not to kill Shallow Water with one punch.
The dog sneered, "It’s not necessary for you to think like this, but my general told me that after I entered this prison, I would be a water-stop prisoner. If I can’t stand the enemy’s torture, I can surrender. A shallow general will never force every soldier under his jurisdiction not to surrender, let alone force his soldiers to do that generosity. He said that a national war is to make a living and surrender to the enemy after being captured. I suggest you think about whether it is a shallow general who is ruthless or your family who always leads the way. Don’t forget that a shallow general didn’t force them to kill."
Tuoba Mountain can hardly believe his ears. "You said that shallow water will allow you to surrender?"
"That’s right, and I’m not the only one. It’s the whole camp. Of course, my dog will swear to death and won’t lower the general’s kindness. I can appreciate it." The dog hey hey smiled
"General Tuoba, think about it. If you still want to be with the general, let’s enjoy all the riches and honour. Just make a decision. The water stop man has abandoned you and you can’t go anywhere anymore."
Tuoba Mountain said coldly, "We are in prison, and you may be exchanged to hold the flying snow, but if you don’t put me back, I will be willing to talk to you."
The dog is a smile. "You just know the news that your adoptive father died, and you don’t have to be calm in your heart. Should you hate my general or should you hate this day to kill Lu and collaborate with the enemy? Think about it yourself. Anyway, I have already taken the message to you. If you are willing to join my Tianfeng Army, I will bring you the rest. If you don’t want to, I will stop. My general said that Tuoba always kept his word. If he really stays in prison, he must have kept his promise, so what you have to say is willing to return to me. If it is not a big deal,
Rio Tinto mountain was silent.
The dog didn’t talk at the back? Listen to him. Is there a way for Shallow Water Muslim to get him out of this prison?
He was confused for a moment and didn’t know what to do.
The night is bleak with a little sadness.
Shallow water is clear, and a person looks at Mianmian Company in the wasteland.
I wonder how the dog is now.
Can he reach the prison and see Tuoba Mountain smoothly?
Or was it killed by the enemy on the way to being captured?
Twenty prisoners of war prepared by Tuoba Mountain were finally able to enter the prison successfully, even less than half of them, and these people were the most loyal and brave soldiers of Youzi Camp.
The dog is the youngest of these people, but he is loyal, smart and intelligent.
Shallow water hope he don’t have anything to do.
Behind him, the nightingale followed closely.
Now he thinks about all kinds of things every night, and the nightingale will follow him and watch him frown, watch him pace around, listen to him sigh and see him talk to the moon.
Many times, the Shallow Water Ching will discuss the war with her. Although the nightingale has been on the battlefield less, many soldiers have read it, and many people are also clever. They can often help him solve the complex entanglement in his heart.
Most of the time, it’s still shallow water. I plan ahead and then the nightingale helps me find out the shortcomings.
Listen, the nightingale often can’t help but wonder what material this person is made of. There are always many wonderful ideas in my mind. What kind of power does his persistence in victory come from?
At the moment, Shallow Water Qing casually said, "The dogs have entered the far city of Beijing, but the plan has just begun. If Tuoba Mountain is not in prison, or if he is unwilling to submit to me, he hates me and betrays me, then even if they sacrificed in vain, I don’t know whether it is right or wrong to do so."
The nightingale replied leisurely, "There is always a risk in a strange plot. Tuoba Mountain will not experience this robbery and will not be dead set on telling you and me. I think it will be unfavorable for the development of the situation if you let the dogs reveal the truth too early. In fact, you can wait until he succeeds."
"If so, I am really altruistic. Although Tuoba Mountain people are brave, they are never stupid. What he doesn’t like most is those who play tricks on him. I will be moved by him if I treat him sincerely. Otherwise, if he guesses the truth himself, he will hate me, and all the promises will be automatically abolished. Of course, this is also because he is Tuoba Mountain, not others. If it is someone else, I will definitely try to benefit first and then kill the future trouble."
Shallow water clearly complained that looking at the nightingale’s eyes gave him a wry smile. "You can’t have a woman who is kind to you, and then don’t look at me like that. I can’t stand it."
The nightingale vomitted to stick out her tongue and bowed her head. Her big eyes were going round and round and I didn’t know what was going on.
For a long time, she whispered, "Snow is back, and her mood is not very high. Go and comfort it."
Shallow water clear a slight stay face finally reveal gratified smile.
Snow, are you finally reluctant to leave me?
After a long period of thinking, grief, silence and calmness, Tuoba Mountain finally saw the present situation clearly.
The situation has been such that there is no room for him to pull out the mountain.
He said to the dog, "I agree to join the Tianfeng Army, but I will definitely give him a punch after I see Shallow Water Clear. If he can survive, I will be his hand. If he dies, I will take revenge on my adoptive father. Shallow Water Clear is hurting my adoptive father and holding flying snow. If I don’t kill and hold flying snow, I will be unwilling."
The dog hey smiled. "It’s good to have a general’s word, so I’m relieved. The shallow general asked me to convey a word to you that can help you escape from prison. He gave it to you long ago. He wants you to think about it and say that you will remember that when you find that thing, all the time and place will be white if you start work, and here it will be 600 days, and the prisoners will be you. With us here, they will do whatever you want."
Give it to me already? Have you tasted what you have received from shallow water?

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