Ignoring Jin Zhiyang, she rushed into the room and saw the bed in summer at a glance.

In summer, Hou Lian looks pale and his body temperature is cold. If he can’t still feel his weak breathing, he is already a dead man.
Yunsu stretched out his hand and touched his face in summer and suddenly burst into tears.
"Xia Houlian, why are you so stupid? You shouldn’t have come to this female emperor to compete. How can you win? "
Whispering in his ear, he took out Qing Shen Dan from his pocket.
Tang Luoling said that if he wants to see Xia Houlian, he will feed all ten Qing Shen Dan to him.
I don’t know if I should let him go now that I’m in a coma in summer.
Later, I thought that she could call Jin Zhiyang outside the door. "Can Jin Zhiyang ask you something?"
"What is it?"
"Let him eat all these pills."
"These drugs are …"
"He definitely won’t have anything to do if he wants this medicine in summer."
Jin Zhiyang nodded. "Okay, I’ll help you!"
Pour out the pills one by one, then dissolve them in water and feed them to Xia Houlian bit by bit.
At first, I was afraid that his body would be resistant, but I didn’t expect that Xia Hou was very flat and accepted the efficacy of Qingshen Dan.
When a bowl of medicine juice was poured away, his face finally improved a little.
It’s no longer pale and bloody, but ruddy and bright.
His body temperature rose slowly, and Yunsu was checking carefully to make sure that the medicine of Qingshen Dan was absorbed by him.
Next, it is necessary to let Xia Houlian meditate and practice, so that he can recover naturally. Chapter 1651 Memory recovery 1
Yunsu didn’t know that there was another medicine in this bottle of medicine given to her by Tang Luoling, including nine Qingshen Dan.
That medicine is Fuyuan Dan.
Fuyuan Dan is to repair one’s own injury first, and then to clear the spirit. The medicine has at least the effect of making Xia Houlian recover as before, and can also be promoted.
Tang Luoling will directly mix the two kinds of Dan medicines and then let Yunsu feed them to Xia Houlian to drink.
A quarter of an hour is fleeting.
Jin Zhiyang was much better when he saw the bed in summer. He glanced at Yunsu. "It’s time. Now that you have saved the summer, I will hurt myself. Please leave."
"Why do you help him so much?"
Yun Su is puzzled that good and evil are at odds, but this Jin Zhiyang looks like a summer weather, which is very good.
"He helped me once. I will never turn my back on him now."
Jinzhiyang light should be 1.
In fact, this time, he simply didn’t agree with Zunyuan female emperor to do so.
Because Zunyuan female emperor wanted to get her hands on Xia Houlian’s idea, but she let Xia Houlian compete to recruit a wife.
Although the purpose is to provoke the fierce Lingfeng people out of the gang.
But do you want to do this in the summer when you are in a coma?
Yunsu didn’t ask much, "Well, I’ll leave him safe to you. Goodbye!"
Yunsu turned away and Jin Zhiyang looked at the bed. Xia Houlian’s firm eyes struck a palm directly at his heart.
Hard work KuangPen JinZhiYang but gratified smile fell to the bed.
Jin Zhiyang was injured and didn’t see the bed covered in bloody fog in summer.
The other body’s blood skill works by itself.
The most important thing is to repair and explode in summer.
Repair an endless stream to directly impact the other body meridians directly rushed out of the wide channels.
What is more, the memory seal set by Zunyuan female emperor behind the head of Xia Hou Lian was directly swallowed up.
So even Tang Luoling didn’t think of it.
Xia Houlian was in pain, and when the efficacy of Qingshen Dan came into play, he felt like he was being baked in a stove.
Physical training runs regularly bit by bit.
Didn’t deviate from the route, from the rough waves at first to the calm lake later.
Footsteps outside the door.
Xia Houlian suddenly opened his eyes and glanced at the room. He was taken aback. Why did Jin Zhiyang fall by his side?
Someone knocked at the gate.
"Yang? Zhiyang! "
The bearer is Fu Gong.
Xia Houlian slightly narrowed his eyes. "Come in!"
Suddenly hearing the cold voice surprised Fu Gong.
"Xia Houlian, are you awake?"
Xia Houlian nodded. "Jin Zhiyang just saved me. He is injured. Please save him quickly!"
Fu Gong Jin Zhiyang can help each other by practicing mental methods.
And his own method is to save Jin Zhiyang.
Fu Gong didn’t doubt it. He quickly held Jin Zhiyang to help him by himself.
Watching the summer weather converge, my mind is skimming and playing a lot of past events.
When I think back, I feel very sad that I killed so many koo people, and I hate the meanness of Zunyuan female emperor. Chapter 165 Memory recovery
Gong Chuang Fu is still breathing for Jin Zhiyang.
Xia Houlian sat there, closed his eyes and self-taught.
He gasped at the sight.
How can his strength directly reach the peak of the Japanese military master and it seems very likely that he will be promoted at any time!

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