And then the army has moved forward.

For the Tianfeng Army, they are not afraid of melee, because there are still hundreds of thousands of soldiers behind them waiting for them to fight the situation.
This melee is good for Tianfeng Army.
War thousand crazy first waving combat knives roared in the east wall of Jingyuan City "fighters flying snow guards get through the depth of field door! It’s a long day! "
Howl! ! !
Respond in groups
At this moment, I’m crazy with joy.
Holding the flying snow is a surprise attack, but there is no time to recover and retreat. It is really a big defeat to persist in killing the enemy. If we can hold the flying snow guards and block them from going back, the 3,000 elite guards will be devastated.
However, in the shallow water, I can’t help but wonder if it’s really so stupid to hold flying snow.
He noticed that the flying snow was uneasy.
It seems to have sensed something and kept kicking on the ground
Chengtou’s eyes have narrowed into a line with flying snow.
Almost all the soldiers of Tiefengqi were in the area of the depth of field door guard wall.
He nodded to Shang Youlong, "Let’s eat these nine thousand people first today."
Shang Youlong crazy roar loud "depth of field door ring defense! Unload the board! ! !”
With a huge noise just approaching the front battlefield, the Tiefengqi soldiers were startled to find that behind them, the earth collapsed like an earthquake.
An annular deep ditch with a width of six meters and a length of more than ten meters actually enveloped the whole area of the guard wall, and the ditch was covered with spikes.
This deep ditch is like a huge U-shape, which encircles the whole depth of field gate from the foundation of the wall of Jingyuan City, including the guard wall, and finally ends in another section of Jingyuan City Wall, and the only exit of the U-shaped deep ditch is the depth of field gate.
At the moment, the 9,000 Tiefengqi soldiers were trapped alive in this deep trench circle, and the tens of thousands of rescue troops behind them were also blocked by this deep trench and could not advance half a step.
At that moment, Zhan Qian’s crazy heart fell into a cold deep cave
What time? Holding the flying snow unexpectedly ordered people to secretly dig such a deep ditch?
The real target of Fei Xuewei’s attack was not the 3,000 charge soldiers, but the whole iron wind flag.
In a blink of an eye, I played a beautiful door-to-door dog-fighting tactic, and the iron flag soldiers were shrouded in a huge crisis of being annihilated by the enemy
Chapter 31 Depth of field door counterattack (2)
Beating the dog at the door is a favorite trick of guarding the city.
Wengcheng was born to realize this trick.
It is an extremely effective way to defend the city by letting a small number of enemy troops into the city, isolating the enemy in a closed area by putting iron gates behind the city’s obstacles, and then shooting a large number of enemy troops with arrows from the soldiers at the head of the city.
However, the tactics of beating dogs are also extremely dangerous.
Hundreds of years of war history in the world have seen more than one time when someone went to the door and beat the dog, and the tactics were broken more than once.
Dogs are fierce animals. Once the door doesn’t come or the dog jumps over the wall and bites back, the city will be destroyed and the people will die in an instant.
After all, the dog is already in the city.
Once they break through the defense of the urn and go deep into the core of the city, the damage to the enemy is quite terrible.
This time, however, the tactic is to play this game outside the city and beat the dog to benefit a deep ditch that has already been dug to block the enemy reinforcements and cut off the way back, which can not only destroy the enemy wall, but also avoid the danger of being bitten by the enemy.
Of course, the price is that this tactic can make it ineffective once and twice, but the energy it takes is huge. Once the number of enemy fighters is too small, it will not be worth the loss.
Nine thousand iron flag soldiers can’t be counted as body count. There are too few.
Holding the flying snow is determined to give Tianfengjun a color to see.
He wants to destroy this army, and he will fly snow guards to attract the enemy.
With the appearance of a deep ditch in the east wall of Jingyuan City, a large number of archers also appeared, but Feixuewei retreated behind the wall at this time.
Two thumbs up, which had been abandoned, turned into a treasure at this moment, and was stopped by sergeant Shuiping. They two thumbs up blocked the entrance of the city wall and resolutely refused to let go of a soldier from the wind. Even a small number of soldiers who had to withdraw in the future were turned away from the wall at the same time
With this retreat, the Tiefeng flag is greeted by a tidal wave of arrows and rain.
This time, all the crossbows at the same time poured like a rainstorm, and the original attack intensity was shot at the Tianfeng warrior.
One day after another, the wind fighters wailed and fell down to celebrate their blood.
Hong Tianqi also shouted loudly, "Put the ladder and prepare to retreat!"
Dozens of soldiers carrying ladders to prepare for siege immediately put down the siege equipment department such as ladders, flying ladders, super large and wide ladders and so on in a deep ditch.
Although the ladder is not good for walking, it can always bring everyone back.
However, is it so easy to crack the arrangement of flying snow?
If he can’t even consider this, how can he do it?
He is not in a hurry about the fact that his opponent is retreating. He is waiting for his opponent to put all the ladders into a ladder bridge with a width of more than ten meters, and there are dozens of soldiers walking on it before he gives a cold order.
Black oil!
The strange magic weapon that once made shallow water famous and invincible finally made contributions again at this moment.
No one thought that holding flying snow would lay a black oil trap in the ditch.

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