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The first favorite marriage in history.
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☆, 131 meters crazy kiss fierce fight!
One second bang …
Two seconds, bang, bang …
A few people looked at each other awkwardly, and no one came out.
Sometimes a sense of silence is more disturbing than a roar!
Beside Nianxiaojing, Bao Qi has been scratching her heart more than struggling to know him for so long. She has never really seen Fan Tie. Now, with such a frightening face, she feels that she can almost see his blood boiling and burning in her veins as if it would explode in a moment.
Outsider: She touched her nose. The first two steps broke the deadlock.
"Fan team, you’re here. Hehe, how about you give me a ride?"
Didn’t look at her Fan Tie staring at Nianxiaojing eyes finally moved.
Finger slightly raised, he pointed to Bi Shengyuan and asked Nian Xiaojing, "Who is he?"
On "My Boyfriend" by Jing Liyin, Xiao Jing in 2008
"Boyfriend?" Fan Tietou’s throat moved slightly. Looking at her, she opened her lips and tasted these three words as if she couldn’t chew them out for a while. "Xiaojing, are you kidding me?"
Eyelashes drooped slightly for a year. Xiaojing shook his head. "His name is Bi Shengyuan." At last, he looked at the man who kept smiling beside him. The novel "Ah Sheng, he is Fan Tie!"
Seeing two lovers means intimacy. Fan Tie’s eyes hurt and his heart is inexplicably tightened!
"Hello, Mr. Fan. I’ve heard a lot about you!" Bi Shengyuan took hold of Nian Xiaojing’s stiff shoulders and looked at the man with a livid face like fried hair. The man was somewhat white in his heart and smiled gently. A friendly hand was extended to Fan Tie.
Section 424
However, the feeling of being’ I’ve heard a lot about you’ makes Fan Tie more difficult to accept those stories about him and Xiaojing. What would she share with other men? What does this represent? He dare not think deeply.
He didn’t shake hands with Bishengyuan and didn’t even look at him. His tall body moved forward and his eyes were still staring at Nianxiaojing’s stubborn approach step by step, as if filled with blood and his face was gray.
One step away, he decided
"You are still mad at me, aren’t you? You deliberately asked him to annoy me? "
Look into his eyes, Nian Xiaojing can’t ignore the pain in his eyes.
With a slight sigh, she seriously said, "Fan Tie, I don’t need to lie to you."
"impossible!" Fan Tie suddenly raised his voice like a steel gun, which shocked everyone. As he roared, it seemed that he finally recovered from chaos and luck, and grabbed Nian Xiaojing’s wrist and the spark at the bottom of his eyes almost burned his mind.
"Xiaojing, come with me."
By two men at the same time, dragging in small well don’t face and then turned to a face of wry smile "Fan Tie you give me a break? Life is not an idol drama. There are not so many seas run dry and rocks crumble. I don’t want to know this. I still have something to worry about. Will you please let go? "
"Not good!" Without hesitation, Fan Tie stared at her angrily and pinched her wrist. Her eyes grew red as if dyed with a bright red color. She spoke very quickly and refuted her words, "Xiaojing, you once said that your whole generation loved me alone!"
His wrist was pinched with pain. In those days, Xiaojing’s eyes sank to the bottom of vulgarity.
A faint glance over his face is still two words "put!"
I can’t see clearly the emotion in her eyes. Fan Tie feels that a burning flame in his chest is constantly jumping and eating away at his reason and thinking. His fingers are tight and tight, and his teeth are "giggled" with a slight irony.
"What if I don’t let go?"
"Fan Tie, don’t be naive, okay?"

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