"Forget it, forget it. In this case, the first round of review should be no problem." Aaron said and patted May on the shoulder, and the list of first reviewers who passed the score came out immediately.

"It is these eight players who passed the first review!" Vivian pointed to the big screen and said, Look at Aaron’s photo. It’s the third, and May is the seventh in Aaron’s square.
"Wow, that’s great! I passed the first review!" May seems very happy.
"That’s right. Your performance should naturally enter the second review, but I also asked the three judges not to let me enter the second review. Mr. Contesta really flattered me." Aaron also said that May didn’t know that Aaron had a conversation with Mr. Kangkenstein. Naturally, things looked strange.
Then eight photos on the screen began to flash and randomly match, and finally stopped. Let’s take a look at Aaron’s photos. The first photo is May, and the second photo is Drew … And Aaron cares about a blond man who is the fourth in a row.
"Is this the first game?" Aaron looked at the competition group and murmured, and looked at one side. May is a face of serious estimation. Now he is really thinking that he must not lose.
May and Drew started the horse race, and the two men started the horse race at both ends of the field. May called out the hunting butterfly and Drew called out the poisonous rose.
"Well, in terms of attributes, May has a great advantage, but the level and combat experience are …" Aaron looked at both sides and whispered. Finally, he unconsciously laughed and found himself as a trainer. The first consideration in thinking is attribute level …
The poisonous rose attacked first and used the magic leaf to kill the butterfly. Immediately, the fierce storm hit back. The fierce storm once blew away the magic leaf, but the magic leaf continued to think about hunting the butterfly after readjusting the track! May made the hunting butterfly avoid, but the magic leaf chop was avoided and turned again to hit the hunting butterfly.
"I turned twice in a row!" Xiaosheng said
"Magic Leaf Chop’s trajectory is almost reliable. The speed of Poké mon’s own control is not too fast, so the magic leaf chop is a skill with a hit rate close to the skill." Aaron explained.
Then the poisonous rose jumped into the forest, and then the paralyzing powder enveloped the hunting butterfly.
The hunting butterfly tried to make the violent storm, but it was affected by paralysis, so it was impossible to act. After the poisonous rose landed, it once again used the magic leaf to cut and hit the hunting butterfly.
Then poison rose raised her hands.
"It seems going to decide the outcome here to the sun flame! Whether you can defeat Drew depends on how May handles it! " Aaron said the victory is anxiously looking at his sister.
The hunting butterfly flew and made a silver whirlwind, but the silver whirlwind stopped in the middle?
"failed?" Xiaosheng immediately said
"Not affected by paralysis," Aaron said, biting his teeth.
As soon as the sun shines, it’s right in the middle of hunting butterflies! Even if flying plus insects to hunt butterflies has strong resistance to grass skills, the fighting capacity of hunting butterflies is still insufficient and the poison rose is too poor. If it is not resistant, hunting butterflies can’t even resist the two magic leaves just now, and now it has been hit by the sun flame. The outcome is already divided.
All three judges made a big fork to hunt butterflies, and they lost their fighting ability.
Back in the players’ lounge, May sat in the chair without saying a word. Then Aaron saw something crystal clear flowing from his face and dripping on May himself, clenched his fist because he was unwilling.
"Sister" Xiaosheng looked at May and didn’t know what to say.
"I really can’t hunt butterflies so hard, but I can’t respond to it well. I’m not willing!" May said Aaron smiled and sat next to May and patted May on the shoulder.
"There’s nothing to be unwilling to do, May," Aaron said. "Anyone will lose this time and win it back. Hunting butterflies has just evolved soon, which will make the skill level much lower than that of poisonous roses. It is inevitable to lose. After all, although Drew’s speaking style is very uncomfortable, since he is a coordinated trainer, he must have done a lot of practice. Now he has knocked you down, but he is just trying to respond to him. You should be happy to participate in the Poké mon Gorgeous Competition for the first time and have already reached the second round of review. If you are so unwilling now, then those people will even Let’s calm down or go back to the front. If we lose this time, we can win back. Losing is something that a person must experience when growing up. "Aaron said that May didn’t stop crying but nodded.
"How about I, the league champion, teach you how to fight when May takes over?" Aaron said May raised his head.
"But in that case, Aaron, what should you do by training yourself?" May asked.
"Don’t worry, if you train, I’ll call me Gengar and come to Gengar for basic training," Aaron replied.
"Poké mon trains Poké mon?" May seems puzzled.
"Yeah, you don’t know it, but you will see it when the time comes, but then I will be disqualified if I don’t go to the game." Unconsciously, the second game of the blond man was also there, and the news of urging Aaron to enter the stadium for the second time sounded on the loudspeaker, and Aaron got up and said and walked out.
The opponent was an armored Tyrannosaurus. Aaron called out the armored Tyrannosaurus and rushed to the armored Tyrannosaurus, but it was easily controlled by the armored Tyrannosaurus. Then he lifted the armored Tyrannosaurus to the middle and fell to the ground. At once, the stones were smashed. Then the armored Tyrannosaurus raised his right hand and hit a shock wave that no one could see. After the smoke slowly dropped, the armored Tyrannosaurus had lost its fighting ability …
The game lasted 1 second, including when the smoke dropped …
"Fight … fight …" Vivian seems to also can’t believe it was so fast …
In the fourth game, no one cared. The second round came. The first game was Drew against the blonde.
"Robert once won a grand grand celebration champion, and a runner-up was a very strong trainer, and the fighting was also very fierce." Aaron and May sat in the players’ lounge and watched the game through a video camera. Although they came to May to watch the audience more clearly, it was very troublesome to get to the audience because Aaron still had a game. May stayed with Aaron and said with his head open.
"Sure enough, Drew can’t beat Robert." Then Aaron looked at the camera and said with a tricky expression that Drew’s attack was cracked by the Ministry. In the end, Drew was behind Robert and lost a lot.
"Drew actually lost." It’s surprising that Drew, who just defeated himself, lost to Robert Milotic May so easily. After all, poisonous rose still has an attribute advantage.
"That means Milotic and that Robert are stronger! Just as Drew and you subverted the attributes in wartime, so did Milotic, "Aaron said." Although it was a gorgeous battle of Poké mon, it was really high in Poké mon’s fighting ingredients. This is also suitable for me in ordinary battles. "Aaron said and walked out of the players’ lounge.
Thirty first ribbon medal! Combat teaching?
"Well, now it’s the decisive battle between Aaron and Robert." Vivian announced that Aaron’s second game was easily solved just now. After all, his opponent is a coordinated trainer and this is not a big celebration. The level of Poké mon is really not high in front of Aaron’s strongest Poké mon, Chanel.
The game started. Aaron handed over Chanel and called out Milotic across the street.
"Milotic made a water cannon!" Robert directly made great skills across the street, and also watched Aaron play two 15-second games, knowing that Aaron is definitely not an ordinary person to attack.
"The shock wave splits!" Along ling
It should be said that the power of Milotic’s water cannon is very good, which has exceeded the level of ordinary trainers. It also makes Aaron feel that this person is also white, and Poké mon is also needed to fight in gorgeous battles. Unfortunately, this time he met a stronger Aaron.
The water cannon hits Xanadu. Xanadu slowly raises his right hand, and then the instant water cannon bursts in front of Xanadu! Then it splashed on both sides, and I didn’t touch a drop. It was also because of the attack that the opposite score was reduced
"Super Poké mon are mostly physically weak and can’t stand a few attacks, but there are many ways to defend against them." Aaron said and began to give lessons to the opposite trainer
"Milotic made a tornado!" The other side changed its tactics.
"Chanel controls the airflow!" Along ling
Milotic raised his tail so that there was no whirlwind from it as everyone expected? Then Milotic gritted his teeth for a while and finally a small whirlwind appeared, but it seemed to be the limit of Milotic.
"Chanel’s mental attack"
Chanel’s eyes glowed purple, and then Milotic cried out in pain, and the tornado should have stopped.
"Even the mysterious guardian is gone if you attack mentally," Aaron said. Robert gritted his teeth across the street. It was the first time he was in a hurry in this whole gorgeous contest.
"Come on, drop it!" Aaron’s last order
Chanel raised her hands. The so-called double blame means that her hands are playing two times at the same time. Chanel’s eyes are still purple, and Milotic is constantly crying painfully. In fact, maintaining this way will not last long for Milotic, but Aaron thinks it will give others a cruel feeling and chooses to get rid of it quickly.
Two shock waves were fired out, of course, they couldn’t see it, and then Milotic flew up and flew out of the field and hit the back wall, losing his fighting ability!
"Beauty … Milotic has lost its fighting ability, and the winner is Aaron!" Vivian has watched two fast games, but it seems that she didn’t expect the final to be so surprised and announced mumblingly.
Mr. Makankenstein came over to present the medal to Aaron, and Aaron also solemnly accepted it.
"I feel that you were too modest when you were in Kanaz. Your gorgeous performance just now was really good." Mr. Contesta said with Aaron’s smile
"I should say that I didn’t expect to pass the first round because my Poké mon performance was not beautiful or gorgeous," Aaron replied.
"This is the difference between our Poké mon Gorgeous Competition in Fengyuan area and Shenao area. What we pay most attention to is not gorgeousness, but to embody the charm of Poké mon. For example, your Poké mon is a fierce-looking Poké mon, and you shocked the audience through your performance. The performance really made the audience feel afraid, so we won’t give you low marks. The gorgeous Poké mon naturally shows beautiful and lovely Poké mon shows lovely Poké mon in Fengyuan area. This is the case with the Bay Gorgeous Competition. You chose to show your strength, and you did show your strength well, so you got a high score. It’s as simple as that. "Mr. Contesta told Aaron that it was also a misunderstanding of Aaron.
"And this is what you deserve," said Mr. Contesta. "I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next Poké mon pageant."
"No, I won’t take part in gorgeous competitions frequently. After all, I am still a Poké mon trainer. It should be said that gorgeous performances are just hobbies." Aaron also said it directly.
"Yes, but fighting is really more suitable for you, but I’m still looking forward to seeing you again on the gorgeous stage." Mr. Contesta finally smiled and said that Aaron also nodded.
"But Aaron, you are really amazing. I didn’t expect you and I to compete for the first time, but you can win the competition." May said that he really looked very lost

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