Ear to a trembling voice thanks to xiang thoughts back.

"You don’t care about me from now on" Yuxi hung his head.
Xiang looked dazed, his mouth slightly opened and then closed for a long time. After he drank all the drinks in the cup silently, he immediately got up. At the moment of turning around, he firmly said, "Yuxi, I will put the introduction as soon as possible. This is my promise!"
Xiang left the teahouse after throwing a heavy sentence.
Pa da
After he left, Yuxi finally couldn’t help crying. The big tears broke away from his eyes and dripped on the desktop.
What it’s like to get revenge? Even if she’s there at the moment, she doesn’t know. Maybe it’s a complicated and unspeakable feeling.
Tears fell on her side and looked at the rain outside the window and cried.
What makes you cry?
Is it for revenge? Or do you tear off the bonds to maintain each other by yourself?
After leaving the teahouse, Xiang walked in the rain, and the rain wet his body.
After walking around a corner, a sound came into his ears.
"Idiot, do you like getting wet so much?"
Looking down the sound, a pretty girl is there. She is wearing a dark green cloak.
Chapter seventy-nine
"What about you?"
Xiang looked sideways at the dark green shoulders and hat brim, only a small piece was wet, and the girl had to step back a few steps to hide in the world covered by the eaves, but she was not in that world, but stepped into the rain curtain
"If you like getting wet in the rain, I like it, too." She put her hands behind her back and leaned forward slightly, revealing a touch of mischief at her mouth.
Xiang smiled and walked over and took her hand, then silently walked towards the street.
The weather changes in Ain Grande follow nature. Now it is rainy season. Once it is rainy, it will last for at least half a day. At this time, there are few people in the outdoor area of Shili Street, and no pedestrians can be seen in the rain curtain.
Maybe in the rain shelter, someone will silently stare at the sky, and Enze Xiang and Argo will silently walk in the rain and feel the cold that seeps into the bone marrow quietly.
Fortunately, there is no cold in the negative state of sa unless it is realistic.
The body in the world is infected with cold.
"Does Argo want to go anywhere?"
Xiang stopped and looked up slightly. The rain beat on his face.
Argo thought for a moment and whispered, "No"
"Then play with me now."
The two figures immediately disappeared into the rain, and suddenly the rain became heavy, forcing Xiangfa to continue to walk in the rain and be pseudo-romantic.
He looked up and pulled Argo to the nearest hotel with a wry smile.
(Hotel ☆ _ ☆)
Pushing open the hotel door and sitting in front of the counter, aunt np immediately spit out the cold from her mouth. Welcome.
Xiang ignored the aunt’s hand and lifted Argo’s hat and gently brushed the hair that was stuck on his forehead because of soaking.
Argo didn’t resist Xiang’s intimate behavior at all. She turned to look at her aunt and smiled. "Are you thinking about something bad?"
Xiang smell speech tiny zheng immediately wry smile way "what nonsense"
"Men are not like this? According to the normal plot, you will falsely open a double room, and then the gentleman will let me take a shower first … "Argo shook his index finger and curled his mouth, but he didn’t say it.
Listening to Argo’s account, Xiang’s heart rate was humiliated and accelerated, and then his blood circulation accelerated, causing his face to be faithfully fed back and he felt his face burning. He really wanted to dig a pit in situ and bury himself.
"Well …"
Argo squinted and blushed, making a long tail sound, and then his smart eyes were full of contempt. Yes, it was contempt!
Xiang corners of the mouth a smoke feel close to petrochemical edge can’t say anything.
"if you want to, you can’t." suddenly Argo said a sudden change of heart.
Xiang suddenly opened his eyes wide and said, "Really?"
Argo rolled his eyes and pointed at the aunt. "Get a room quickly. I want to take a shower."
At present, few players have their own houses, on the one hand, because good houses are hard to find, on the other hand, because the hotels are still places frequented by most players, which are different from the first few floors of hotels, and the hotels are well equipped in the high-rise buildings, and the bathrooms are naturally necessary.
Listen, Argo said that Xiang immediately asked her aunt to open a single bed room.
Ten minutes later, Xiang gawked at the front door number outside a door and said, "The drama should not be like this."
Argo ordered me to wait at the door for more than an hour, and the door finally opened and Xiang walked into the room with a face of bitterness.
Argo has changed his routine and sat at the table, pointing to the table and saying, "I’m hungry."
Xiang also sat down and honestly materialized some food, and then he was unwilling to say, "What about the plot?"
"Nice try" Argo left the pie mouth.
Xiang suddenly looked tearful, but it’s not bad to have dinner together. The most important thing is that when two people get along with each other.
He wants to cherish this moment and turn it into an important memory and keep it in his heart forever.
This time, the heavy rain rarely lasted for two days and two nights without worrying about the raiders. Xiang and Argo were tired of two days of rapid emotional warming, and they couldn’t receive several emails from their friends asking why they wanted to quit the raiders group.
When asked by a friend, Xiang Chennai complained that Heathcliff was not easy to say, so that all the members of the Raiders Group in the guild would quit the Raiders Group directly instead of temporarily leaving.
In the face of these people’s inquiries, Xiang had a good explanation, but Asina didn’t explain it as usual because the other party sent a three-word email-what?
At that time, Xiang naturally wouldn’t tell Yasina that he was going to train hard alone. After answering the word tired, Yasina didn’t ask about it again. She was very unhappy, didn’t she?
But all this and his eyes are temporarily the most important things are two.
One is to train, and the other is to finish strengthening snot fried rice.
I decided to finish the training at any time and see if the fried rice with enhanced snot is a gain food. If it is a gain food, the gain effect can be expected. If not …
Then give it generously to Heathcliff for a taste.

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