Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Bullying the weak and fearing the strong

It’s a great event that Luoyang unexpectedly went out of chaos and thieves surrounded Qiu Fu’s house. It immediately alerted those high-level officials in Luoyang, such as Yuan Wei Ding Gong and others, and rushed over with people. At this moment, Yuan Kui and Ding Gong dialed the crowd and came to Chewu and others. Ding Gong was so angry when he saw Chewu. In his view, he pulled Cao Cao out, but Cao Cao was so disobedient. Now it’s simply killing him to do such a heinous thing.
"You’d better get rid of the Ministry of Human Resources, or I’ll punish you Jiuzu!"
"Ha ha, Lord Stuart, I’m afraid I can’t be the master. Why don’t you go in and discuss with my master slowly and ask my master to nod my horse and withdraw!"
A listen to this Ding Gong some unintelligent CheWu told him to go in, wouldn’t it be to let him die? Cao Cao, the outlaw, still stayed inside. He didn’t want to get mixed up with Cao Cao again. After Yuan Wei watched it for a week, he knew that CheWu was a Cao Cao diehard and would never retreat without Cao Cao’s orders. He could say to the surrounding sergeant.
"Dear soldiers, I hope you can tell right from wrong. Now you should also see clearly that this guy Cao Xing took you against the imperial court, so he rebelled. It won’t be long before Cao Xing’s head will be cut off and everyone will be implicated in him. If you abandon the secret now, I can let bygones be bygones on behalf of the imperial court!"
Yuan Wei is obviously much better than Ding Gong. He knows that he can’t persuade Che Wu. Then start with these soldiers from Che Wu. After hearing these words, the consequences of Che Wu soldiers are really shaken. Although they are indeed trained by Che Wu, military forces have also crossed the battlefield with Che Wu and Cao Xing to slay the yellow turban insurrectionary. But then again, after hearing this, many people are more or less shaken.
Yuan Wei watched him incite effectively and just wanted to continue talking. However, at this moment, the door creaked and everyone looked at it and stood up.
After the gate was hit, three people saw Cao Xing with both hands on Yuan Shu’s arm and the other hand on Ma Ridi’s arm, but there was a short blade at their arm.
The feeling that the tool rest is on the neck is really uncomfortable. Ma Ridi is not bad. After all, he has experienced things at such an old age. At the moment, his performance is still calm, but Yuan Shu next to him has already scared some gods at the moment.
Looking at Cao Xing finally came out Ding Gong and Yuan Wei and Yuan Shu finally couldn’t help but point to Cao Xing with two fingers like a sword in the previous step, yelling at Cao Xing to let him go quickly now, but Cao Xing revealed a playful smile.
"Stuart’s adult teacher’s adult, both of you are among the three generations. Now it’s not that I intend to do such a heinous thing, but that I’m forced to do so. If the two adults want to call me to stop and go back with you to die generously, it’s not impossible, but I don’t want to die with grievances. Please make my decision and give me an innocence!"
Cao Xing said this very loudly in front of all the sergeants. He also knew that Cao Xing was still laughing at the moment. He was ready to crash and burn. If Cao Xing was really pushed into a hurry, Ma Ridi and Yuan Shu would be completely killed.
It is said that Ding Gong finally resisted his anger in the previous step and asked Cao Xing, "Cao Xing, you have been tried in Taiwei House to say that you are wronged!"
However, upon hearing this, Cao Cao laughed more than a wild laugh than a dissolute one. He looked at Ma Ridi and Yuan Wei and even Lombardi’s eyes behind them gave birth to a bit of hostility, and Lang said directly.
"To put it bluntly, what Cao Xing did today was also caused by the fact that I killed the yellow turban insurrectionary in Yingchuan. In that case, let’s take this one as an example!"
"My request is very simple. You need to answer three questions for me. First, Ma Ridi, a teacher, suspects that I have killed a good man. Please carefully check whether I have done this!"
"Secondly, when I was in Yingchuan, I also sorted out that Lord Zhou Yin was assassinated, but I found that someone had made an official seal privately. Please ask Sir Tai Fu and Lord Stuart to find out by the way who had such a big event that they dared to steal the official seal and imitated it very much. I estimate that there is definitely a minister in the DPRK who is in the middle of it!"
Speaking of which, Cao Cao also patted Yuan Shu’s face and Yuan Shu was so scared that he could not speak at the moment. Cao Cao glanced at Yuan Shao in the rear and found that Yuan Shao didn’t look very good at the moment.
Don’t say that the two brothers must have participated in this matter. It is estimated that Yuan Shaoshen has more ingredients in this matter. After all, Cao and Yuan Shaoshen have the biggest grievances.
When Cao Xing said these two words, whether it was Yuan Wei or Ding Gong’s face was not good-looking, Yuan Wei also glared at Yuan Shu and Lombardi. He knew that it was his two nephews who caused the disaster again.
It is simply a fable to say that Cao Xing asked them to check these two things. Yuan Kungang wanted to say a few words to round this matter directly, but at this moment Cao Xing said again
"Oh, yes, two adults just now, when I was tried in Qiu Fu’s house, I also heard some ears. Your nephew Yuan Shu told me that Dong Zhuo’s guy ignored the imperial court’s law and openly killed Liang Maogong, which was unforgivable. But I want to ask, since you all know that this guy killed Liang Maogong, instead of bringing him to justice, why do you want to catch me as a small role? Don’t you think I’m a good bully? "
When Cao Xing uttered this sentence, his tone became more and more high and his expression became more and more excited. The two short blades in his hand were shaking slightly at the moment, as if he would kill Yuan Shu and Ma Ridi at any time.
When Cao Xing said these words, the soldiers were all present. You see, what Cao Xing said was reasonable. Many clever soldiers reacted. This incident was definitely caused by Cao Xing’s injustice before he finally stood up.
These injustices and grievances suffered by Cao Xing have been played in many places. Everyone dares to be angry and dare not speak. However, Cao Xing has completely vented these anger today. At one time, whether it is Yuan Shu, Yuan Wei or Ding Gong, there is nothing to talk about.
And looking at them like this, Cao Cao snorted in his heart. In fact, he still has a sentence to suppress in his heart, that is, the old Cao Cao will never be afraid of you in troubled times.
Just like Yuan Shu said that Dong Zhuo killed a good man and took the credit. How many soldiers and horses were there when Dong Zhuocai entered Beijing? However, 10,000 west cool fighters and Luoyang movable military forces are more than 100,000. If you want to destroy Dong Zhuo, it will be a matter of minutes.
But in the end, Dong Zhuo packed up these ministers’ posts because this world will be chaotic, and Dong Zhuo’s cruelty and violence just caught these people’s psychology, which made Yuan Wei Ding Gong and others dare not mess around. Dong Zhuo strengthened its paralysis and let his soldiers sneak out of the city at night, but the next day he would always rush in from the outside with several heads.
This gives people an illusion that soldiers of Dong Zhuo are constantly entering the city every day. Many people don’t know how many military forces Dong Zhuo has. Some people think that Dong Zhuo has brought in more military forces than Luoyang guards. Plus, the west cool fighters should fight fiercely. No one dares to fight with Dong Zhuo, and Dong Zhuo has laid the foundation for his butcher road.
These people are spoiled at ordinary times, and now they retreat as soon as they meet a butcher. Even this little trick can be identified. Even if it is identified, no one dares to move Dong Zhuo easily, aiming at the weak forces. Cao Cao’s mind is a little crazy when he thinks of this. It’s really the nature of persimmon to pick soft spots and bully the weak.
But what he does today is to let these people see clearly that it will cost a heavy price to move him.
At the moment, Ding Gong seems to want to say a few more words about Cao’s nature, but he glared at him. Then he pulled out a cruel smile and said, "Stuart’s adult, maybe you have always given me Cao’s performance today, but I tell you the truth, I might have gone more smoothly without you. Of course, I don’t care about all this. Now I want to ask you, I don’t care about getting rid of violence, I don’t ask my heart, I don’t care about peace, I contribute my strength. Although there are so-called thugs in your heart, I want to ask people This is your great ambition! "
Cao Xing’s words directly said that Ding Gong was also blushing for a while, and he couldn’t find a rebuttal.
Aside Yuan Wei looked at Cao Xing more and more excited. He felt that if he continued to let Cao Xing play like this, something must happen today. Even if he paid a heavy price, it would be at all costs. However, at this moment, he just wanted to make a painful decision. At this moment, there was a rumbling horseshoe coming here quickly. Everyone looked back and saw several cool fighters rushing here under the banner of Dong Zhuo.
Xiliang Iron Rider suddenly saw a general who was five big and three thick. He jumped on his horse and looked at the battle here. He couldn’t help laughing. "Well, I didn’t expect Luoyang to be so lively today. What’s more, how dare you soldiers who haven’t fought today show your weapons? Hehe, it’s really funny!"
Looking at this general, Yuan Wei and Ding Gong, they can’t help but frown. This person they know is usually with Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo’s useful person is named Hua Xiong.
Yuan Wei wants to directly drink this Hua Xiong in the previous step and give in. He doesn’t want to make trouble. However, at this moment, from behind Hua Xiong, he slowly walked out of a middle-aged man with a word. Hu middle-aged man looked at the crowd and flashed a smile in his eyes and then said.
"A few adults, please don’t be too stranger. Everyone is in the DPRK and the officials should help each other. We also want to see if there is any need for our help when we detect such a big noise here!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Make your mark
"Ha ha, it turned out that Marotta and Li Wen gave priority to life. We are dealing with a rogue thief here now, and please leave it alone!"
Marotta, after all, is Dong Zhuo, and Dong Zhuo is a butcher who is not afraid of death. This makes Yuan Wei still a little afraid, so his attitude towards Marotta is much better. After all, it is easier to clean up a Cao Cao, especially Cao Cao, whose power is still small. If he wants to kill Cao Cao, it is no different from crushing an ant. Whether it is moral or strength.
However, Marotta is ha ha a smile when he hears this. "It turned out to be to deal with the rebels and thieves. Isn’t that just the so-called eating gentleman Lu Jun sharing my worries? Marotta is also a big man. Wang Chaochen naturally wants to help you solve problems, don’t you think so? I have to see what’s strange about this today! "
Yuan Wei, Ding Gong and others still came to talk, but Cao Zi looked at Marotta’s mouth. "You’re just in time, Li Da. You are a famous counselor in Xiliang. Today we are struggling. When Yang Chen repelled the yellow turban insurrectionary, someone killed Liang and took credit for it. As far as I know, the man was so courageous that he dared to carve the official seal privately. This is simply heinous. Today, he dared to copy the satrap seal and look at the sacred decree. You said that these people are not bold. Please help us to solve the case together and bring the bold man to justice!"
"Oh, there is such a thing, so I can’t care who has the guts to privately engrave the official seal. After that, it’s the king’s legal generation, and I will do justice for heaven!"
Looking at Marotta Cao’s two people there, echo each other Yuan Kui and Ding Gong’s faces are getting more and more ugly. They can also be seen that Marotta Cao’s troops came here today. After all, Marotta is Dong Zhuo, and Dong Zhuo is an enemy who is opposite to their family. Naturally, Marotta Cao’s enemies are friends. Unconsciously, they are on the same front.
But at the moment, Cao’s face showed a rare crazy color, which seemed to be ready to make some amazing moves. Seeing here, Yuan Wei knew that he might not be able to kill Cao’s nature today, so he quickly calmed things down or suffered, but his family quickly waved his hand and slowly Cao’s nature walked past in the first two steps.
And watching Yuan Wei move Cao corners of the mouth is also revealed a smile, he slowly loosened Yuan Shu and Ma Ridi and Marotta is rocking the folding fan at the moment came along, and three people talked for a long time in situ, and finally Yuan Wei finally left with a sullen face.
Aside Ding Gong wants to hold Yuan Wei and say something, but Yuan Wei’s complexion is very bad. It seems that he doesn’t want to intervene in this matter with a wave of his hand.
Maybe Yuan Wei killed himself and never thought that he had picked Cao Cao in this fledgling little hand. He was bold and brave in exchange for a chance to live, and because of Marotta’s arrival, he and Yuan Wei and others successfully attacked and defended the different potential. Now Cao Cao actually talked with Yuan Wei about the conditions. Finally, the two agreed that Cao Cao would not continue to make trouble today, so Yuan Wei could still promise Cao Cao’s conditions.
What is the condition of Cao Xing? It is that Cao Xing knows that in the near future, troubled times will come, and soldiers will come. If these people continue to suppress and struggle for a year or two, Cao Xing will no longer be afraid that they will have soldiers in their hands and want to protect themselves.
And Yuan Wei seems to see Cao Cao’s thoughts, but he is not prepared to give Cao Cao so many military forces. After all, it will be difficult to tidy up Cao Cao after he grows up. Now Cao Cao dares to surround Qiu Fu directly with 5,000 military forces. Maybe it won’t be long before Cao Cao dares to surround the palace directly when he has enough military forces in his hands.
Therefore, Cao Xing bargained with Yuan Wei, and Yuan Wei finally agreed to transfer another three thousand military forces to Cao Xing.

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