"The third prince’s brilliant seat will not be spared. Just like the third prince’s order, it is to kill Ouyang Tianyi. If we have a common enemy, we should try our best to succeed as soon as possible. Don’t you think so?"

Chu ling2 han2 smiled and knew that Ouyang Xiude would promise him that he had been secretly assassinating Ouyang Tianyi for years, but it was never a success. How could he let go of this godsend?
"Chu Palace Lord, you investigate the king" Ouyang Xiude’s face is instantly gloomy.
"It’s not your wind to abandon the knowledge of the three reports. If anyone can see that the three reports are ambitious and close, it’s just mutual benefit. If the three reports don’t agree, they will never come."
Chu Ling-cold has sprung up to be with people like the Third Report. He is really out of his mind to come to him. If it weren’t for the plan of killing two birds with one stone, he wouldn’t have come to him. He is suspicious and courageous. No wonder he has achieved great things for many years and dared to do some shady things behind his back. If he is carried to the surface, he will suddenly turn his face. This kind of person will have to be long-sighted to be with him.
"Wait a minute, the Lord of the Chu Palace, Monty Palace, has always ignored the DPRK. This move of the Lord of the Chu Palace puzzled the king very much."
Looking at Chu Ling2 han2, Ouyang Xiude immediately stopped, "It’s okay to have the king and the Chu Palace together, but the king has one condition."
Ouyang Xiude looked at Chu Ling2 han2 quietly. Since he sincerely came to find himself, he would promise him the conditions for coming out.
"What conditions?"
Chu cold ling glanced at Ouyang Xiude’s tall body and yin, which made him look majestic and gloomy. He had lost patience.
"Kill Ouyang Tianyi together. Wang is willing to work with Chu Palace, but before that, Wang hopes to kill Yun Zhuiyue first."
Ouyang said that she was a talented woman before, but today is the most angry day in his life. If he doesn’t kill her, he will always have a knot in his heart, which will make his heart uncomfortable and wake him up at any time.
"Three report and pro-road, you ambushed thousands of killers all the way, and even Wu Zhu sent a field to kill the cloud chasing the moon. It can be seen that the cloud chasing the moon is not an underwhelming lot, and the three report, who doesn’t do anything, has never been able to move. It’s also the same seat. I hope that the three report can be white. That is, the seat is to find the three report or not. It’s just a cloud chasing the moon. Ouyang Tianyi is dead, and she is half dead. The so-called misfortune and happiness lie on it. If the three report doesn’t
Chu ling2 han2 bash elbows and glare, and his patience is running out, so he can’t see the pros and cons clearly. Chu ling2 han2 himself doesn’t know whether it is right or wrong to come to him. If my father insisted that he do this, he wouldn’t have come to this Ouyang Xiude.
Ouyang Xiude felt that Chu Ling2 han2′ s words made sense. He looked at Chu Ling2 han2 as keenly as he did. He quickly thought about this assassination. He suffered heavy losses and lost 22,000 gold in vain. The cloud chased the moon and repaired it deeply. Even when he spied on it, she beat him back and hurt his insides. It can be seen that this person is deeply hidden. If he is combined with Monty Palace, he will have an extra powerful helper. After all, Monty Palace is powerful. It is not difficult for him to kill Ouyang Tianyi.
"Good Chu Palace Master Wang You" Ouyang Xiude readily replied.
Chu ling2 han2 was not too happy about Ouyang Xiude’s promise to merge. Before he came, he knew Ouyang Xiude would promise.
"The third report is really frank. What the third report has to do now is not to deal with the Anping Wangfu, but to disintegrate Ouyang Tianyi’s power in the DPRK. His power is as complicated as a big tree root, and it can be weakened bit by bit from the root until the whole big tree root is removed. Then the big tree is finished."
Chu ling2 han2′ s tone is arrogant and squint at Ouyang Xiude. He and he close their eyes because Ouyang Xiude still has a little way.
"In Ouyang Tianyi and the cloud chasing the moon, someone will deal with them. This is the command token of Monty Palace in Daqi stronghold. There are two hundred people. You can mobilize them to do things at any time."
Chu ling2 han2 handed Ouyang Xiude a black token, and few of them were lovely.
"Thank you, Lord King of Chu Palace, for this assassination. A wing feather was also broken in Nanzhao." Ouyang Xiude was angry and could not stop him for several years before he was trained. At first, he thought that the cloud chasing the moon was not so powerful. Later, he spied on the cloud chasing the moon and was sure that it was done by the cloud chasing the moon.
"Three report MuJingQi things you say? Is it a cloud chasing the moon? "
Chu ling2 han2 suddenly became serious when he heard this. This man is suspicious in all aspects. He has ordered Qiuyu to closely monitor the cloud and chase the moon, but Qiuyu replied that it is not what happened! Cloud chasing the moon in Nanzhao country has always been out of her living habits. Not many people know whether it is true or not. No, he has to check this cloud chasing the moon himself
"Three report in dealing with OuYangTianYi things up to you to deal with things and walked first, if you have any plans will personally come and tell three report"
"Chu Palace Lord please" Ouyang Xiude is already mildly angry.
"wow! Xiao Gong, we bought a lot of things today! " Fontaine is unhappy and complains.
Not far from Ruiqing Wangfu, Fangdan and Yunxun went to Buzhuang and went shopping with Yunxun. Fangdan followed Yunxun with big bags and things in his hand, and he looked unhappy. This is to buy back the whole street!
"Sister Fontaine, please don’t complain. Everything in Daqi is much better than Nanzhaoguo. I like it. Let’s go back when we buy a little." Cloud Pursuit quickly shuttled through the crowd with clear eyes, and quickly examined all kinds of dazzling businessmen looking for things they like.
Fontaine was struggling to catch up with her bags behind her.
"ah! Sister Fontaine, look, it’s my sister’s favorite to eat Sugar-Coated Berry. "Cloud pursuit is excited, pointing to a street not far from them carrying Sugar-Coated Berry to sell the old man."
Fontaine looked along the direction of cloud pursuit, and suddenly a black shadow jumped out of the high wall. Although Fontaine soon saw that the black shadow was Chu Lingling.
Fontaine bowed his head and thought for a moment. In front of him was Ruiqing Wangfu. What was Chu Lingling doing in Ruiqing Wangfu? No, she has to go back and tell the young lady quickly
"Come on, Xiao Gong, let’s go back to Fontaine. We have something urgent to report to Miss."
Fontaine looked serious, and he knew Fontaine was not joking. He just saw the black shadow, but he didn’t know who it was.
Suddenly, like a deflated ball, a face of unhappiness said, "Let’s go! Sister things are more important. "
The two men turned and walked quickly in the direction of Anping Wangfu.
Ouyang Tianyi has been chasing the moon with the cloud in Anping Wangfu, and he came out with the cloud after turning the whole illusion painting world. Today can be said to be the happiest day when the cloud chased the moon to Daqi.
"Ahem …! Master Shi is really happy today. "
When I arrived at Yi Kun Palace, I was still smiling.
Ouyang Tianyi likes watching the clouds chase the moon and laughing. Her smile is sincere and brilliant, which can invade people’s hearts and imprint people’s memory. People will never forget the beauty of this moment.
"The world also had a good time," Ouyang Tianyi said with a serious face.
"Do you want to go in and have a cup of tea? Oh, by the way, make a cup of tea for Shiye after chasing the moon. It’s delicious when Aunt Qin brought it back from the tropical area of Huazhi."
Cloud chasing the moon blinked his watery eyes, and it seemed to Ouyang Tianyi that it was like sending an invitation to make him not want to refuse.
"good!" Ouyang tianyi couldn’t resist yu’s temptation. He wanted to have a drink. She said that he had never had tea.
"Let’s go!" Yun Zhuiyue is happy to turn around in her heart. Ouyang Tianyi is already a trustworthy friend.
"Miss Shi Ye, you are back." Feng Dance shouted happily with the fire.
"well! Phoenix dance to the dining room to get some fresh milk, "ordered the cloud chasing the moon.

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