Years of love, that means easy to get old and ordinary people, but isn’t it the same for them who don’t change their faces?

Aware that everyone is eccentric, Liu Yunyang is puzzled and laughs at the feelings in the sea words, which is not impressive to him and he doesn’t know much about it.
Just when he was surprised that Jiyun had returned from the plane to meet him, he took the baggage and take the journey: "Brother Yungang wasn’t there, and I didn’t respond to my call for a long time."
Wen Yan Yunlei frowned. "Maybe he’s not there or wait for Yun Song."
Cloud virtual glanced at the distance sink a way "brother, I’m afraid something is wrong with Yun Song came back alone".
They were surprised to look down the direction of Yun Song’s departure, and they saw that he was flying alone and quickly arrived.
Sensing that everyone’s faces were different, Yun Song was shocked and said, "Don’t Brother Yungang wander around the Cloud Temple?"
Yunlei looks pale and heavy, saying, "When Yunyi asks, there is no response, but it is necessary to take a trip to find out because it is inconvenient for several of us to enter the second temple of Liuyun."
Liu Yunyang said brightly, "Then wait a minute. I’ll go and have a look."
Watching Liu Yunyang leave, laughing at the sea and frowning, "Has this ever happened at ordinary times?"
Yunlei shook his head and Yunyi explained, "Nine people seldom get together at ordinary times and don’t pay much attention."
Laughing at the sea, he asked, "Could it be that Xia Yungang suddenly went to a place where you all don’t know to think or do other things alone?"
Cloud one leng looked at the sea and looked at his other disciples hesitate, "this should be impossible? We have been here for hundreds of years, but no one has ever known that he has this habit. "
Laughing at the sea and looking dignified, my mind turned sharply and I wondered why.
Seeing him look like a cloud and thunder, he said, "Don’t be suspicious, Master Xiao Yungang has always been honest, and there will never be anything private to hide from all of us."
Everyone echoed that Yungang people, as the name suggests, should not be as straightforward as he guessed.
Laughing at the sea, he mused, "It’s meaningless for me to guess casually. Well, Yunyang is back and ask him if he has found it."
They turned and looked at Liu Yunyang shaking their heads, all of which were a heavy heart and an ominous sign enveloped everyone’s heart.
In silence, Yunlei worried, "I walked with him for a while when I left at noon. How could I disappear?"
People say such strange things have never happened, and no one knows what to say for a while.
Laughing for a long time in meditation, the sea looked up at everyone and asked indifferently, "At noon, Xia Yunlei and Xia Yungang walked together for a while. I wonder who was the first person to get here this afternoon?"
Liu Yunwen looked at each other and finally asked Yunzhen in his eyes, "I was the first to arrive, then Yun Song, then others."
Laughing at the sea, his eyes moved slightly, but they returned to normal in a flash. "Since you are the first to come and haven’t seen Master Yungang, let’s say that he disappeared from noon to the time before you came. When the difference between the two is specific, you should know better than us. Can you roughly infer one?"
Cloud really slightly thinking about a not sure way "about half an hour or so"
Laughing at the sea, he nodded briefly and then turned to Yunlei. "Now that Hero Yungang has disappeared, do you think we should wait a little longer or get down to business?"
Yunlei sighed a little anxiously. "Let’s get down to business before we wait."
Laughing at the sea, he said, "Let’s talk about our first transaction. Now that the transaction has been successful, it’s time to cash it."
Yunlei smiled bitterly, and his seven younger brothers exchanged a nai look and sighed, "I’m afraid I have to forgive you for this. I will temporarily satisfy your wish because Yungang kept the shuttle at that time."
Laughing at the sea, I was surprised and said, "What a coincidence?"
Yunlei looked down. "I know the Laughter Hero doesn’t believe me, but that’s the truth. Nine of our other disciples have kept it for ten years each. This year is the sixth year that Yungang kept it, and it was once kept by Yunyi."
Laughing at the sea, I looked at others, and when I saw them nodding their heads, I could not help sighing, "So I’m waiting for Hero Yungang to appear."
Yunlei apologized, "I’m so sorry. We didn’t expect this to happen suddenly."
Laughing, the sea stared at him for a moment and then put away his lost expression and said indifferently, "Since it was an accident, let’s wait until we find Hero Yungang. Let’s talk about him now."
Yunlei saw that he was reasonable and in a better mood. He turned around and looked at others and immediately looked away. The hall murmured, "The vicissitudes of life have been like a dream for a hundred years." We’ve been lonely for too long, so let’s continue to explore a goal and solve the master’s mystery as soon as possible. At present, the virtual hall has been breached for the time being. I wonder if there are any plans for Liu Shaoxia, the laughing hero of Taiyi Hall? "
Laughing at the sea, his face was a little heavy and slightly worried. "As far as my cousin said, this time the virtual hall is already a painstaking place. Is it a great hall? At this time, we are also very sure that I can promise or that I will try my best not to give up easily in the end? It depends on the luck of both of us."
Yunlei nods, "Every word said by Master Laughter is sincere, and we are all very white. We want to trouble Liu Shaoxia to take us in first, and then Yunyi will accompany you to Taiyi Hall to continue a goal later."
Laughing at the sea, he said, "It’s all right if we split up. Yunyang, you can send them in first."
Should be a willow Yunyang way "ok, I’ll send them in" say that finish with Yunlei to send him to the first outside the temple.
Liu Yunyang came out in a moment.
At this time, Yunxu is planning to enter the second place only to find that Liu Yunyang has a face of horror and can’t help but ask, "What’s wrong with you, Liu Shaoxia? There seems to be something wrong with your face-"
Liu Yunyang ignored him and came to laugh at the sea. "I saw the Yungang warrior, but he was dead in the hall."
Laughing at the sea, the horse realized that it was wrong as soon as his face changed
On the other hand, Liu Yunyang’s body was pulled anxiously and sadly by Liu Yunqi without losing his voice. "What’s going on?"
Liu Yunyang shook his head and sighed, "I don’t know. After I took Hero Yunlei into the hall, I found Hero Yungang lying there, pale and cold. At that time, Hero Yunlei was very excited and I came out to tell everyone."
After listening to the cloud, he shouted, "Take us in quickly!"
Liu Yunyang took a bitter smile and looked at the anxious people. Without saying anything, he entered with the cloud.
When Liu Yunyang came back and forth several times, he finally brought all the people in the cloud wonderland inside and came out to meet the smiling sea.
Four eyes relative to Liu Yunyang put away his face and the sad expression calmly said, "What do you think is going on?"
Laughing at the sea and shaking his head slowly, he mused, "I can’t say clearly for the time being, but one thing is certain, that is, there are things hidden in this cloud wonderland that we can’t imagine."
Liu Yunyang pondered a low track. "Do you think this will be a scam and deliberately don’t want to fulfill our promise?"
Chapter 35 Doubts abound
Laughing at the sea, he hesitated, "This is indeed a possibility, but I don’t think the truth is great. After all, the cloud wonderland is not elsewhere. It should not be a treacherous and gloomy generation if it is nine years old."
Liu Yunyang felt reasonable and denied the speculation. "What do you think is the possibility?"
Laughing at the silence of the sea for a long time, he said surprisingly, "I think some people in this cloud nine have problems."
Liu Yunyang was surprised and puzzled. "What’s the problem?"
Laughing at the sea, he shook his head and said later, "Let’s go in and have a look."
Liu Yunyang, who came to the virtual hall, looked at Yungang’s body carefully before laughing at the sea.
Others are either sad or arguing about Yungang’s death.
Laughing for a long time, Canghai got up and glanced at everyone’s faces one by one. "May I ask where Yungang ranks in the fairyland of flowing clouds?"
There are two people who are most calm among the excited people, one is Yunzhen and the other is Yun Song.
When Xiao Bohai asked that everyone else was still in excitement and grief, Yun Zhen said calmly, "We have never ranked the specific ranking, but it is roughly inferred that Brother Yungang should be in the middle."
Aside Yun Song said, "As far as we know, even familiar disciples can never kill him in a short time. His death is somewhat bizarre and has always made us guess."
Laughing at the sea for a moment, they said indifferently, "You two are very rational."
Yun Zhen is indifferent and silent. Yun Song said, "Sadness needs to be hidden in the heart. The key now is to find out the murderer’s brother’s revenge."
Laughing at the sea and looking down at Yungang’s body, Yunlei and others woke up and put away the pain and seriously considered it, such as finding the murderer

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