Fire eye surgery!

In an instant, the virtual fire burns the sky, and air billow boils with some disposable multiplier, which drove Changhua to retreat repeatedly.
When Huang Jianguang was mixed, he forced an attack. Changhua opened his mouth and roared angrily.
"You want to die!"
Tianmu’s double swords flashed out of the void, and thick yellow winds rushed towards Zhou Yi.
In the distance, I didn’t intend to make moves to Wanlingdong Daoji’s predecessors, and I frowned and waved my sleeves to offer a hook and twisted it in the past.
"Jingle …"
Zhou Yi waved a red gold stick, Kouga clenched his teeth, and although he was stunned, he stopped the way without retreating
"Ding …"
Hook the red gold stick and Tianmu’s double sword took the opportunity to attack. Although Zhou Yi slapped one sword and the other one still left a crack in his body.
What’s more, the vestments are damaged, and the giant array is hard to stimulate.
But fortunately, his flesh is tough, even if he flies a sword, he won’t be killed easily.
The multiplier collided with Zhou Yi again, and his hands trembled. The whole person was directly smashed into the rock, and the sword light almost flattened the hill.
"Shout …"
Take back the flying sword. Changhua couldn’t help but spit the polluted air lightly.
"The physical strength of Daoji is really difficult!"
"Good" the old man nodded.
"The black wind tunnel can be called extraordinary five poisons, and the most terrible thing about the physical horror is that their life and death are controlled by the cave owner alone."
"In those days, the man who used to have two Daoji mid-term gods around him almost broke through the huge array of thousands of people and even killed four Daoji in front of others."
"Let’s go!"
Look at the eyes, the old man shook his head gently.
"If you want to kill Zizhen, he can’t live. It’s not necessary to kill Zizhen at the speed of his body."
In fact, he can kill Zhou Yi if he tries hard.
There’s no need!
Some means are reserved for Purple. If you really want to kill Purple Black Wind Tunnel, Zhou Yi will surely die out of control.
Changhua, after all, is too shallow to build, and even the instruments are not sharp. It is not easy to kill rough people.
Changhua nodded and was about to leave the top of the international mountain and suddenly penetrated into her body through a dozen root chains.
Soul chains!
Chain-shaped mass instruments are also difficult to stop
However, Friar Doggi is full of energy. Such means can’t pose a threat, but it’s easy to annoy a person.
Repeated obstruction made it difficult for Changhua to control his anger and scream at Zhou Yi again.

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