After the ceremony is arranged, Yang Xiu turns around the pentagram three times clockwise and three times counterclockwise, then clockwise and then counterclockwise.

This is a high school professor’s course, which has been going on for a quarter of an hour, and the meat is inexplicably emitting black smoke.
Finally, a piece of dried meat half the original size was left, like bacon.
Yang xiu picked it up and bit it carefully.
But it’s not bad at all, like jelly
After eating Yang Xiu quickly, he felt feverish than relaxed. He had a feeling that he would kill a few strange absorption yuan himself and be promoted to triple.
Go on!
Yang xiu carefully left his stone house and went into the night to look for prey.
Not far away, I saw a figure
It is two meters high, thin as hemp, and its limbs are disproportionately dirty and smelly. What is striking is that a pair of hands and five fingers hang down over the knees like five daggers, emitting black light.
This is weird that has never been taught in class.
But Yang Xiu doesn’t care. Let’s kill whatever it is behind this weird thing!
Follow it and assimilate him a little.
Yang Xiu found this guy very annoying. Behind him, Yang Xiu had a feeling that he seemed to wither.
Get close to its so-called things, and creatures will wither even if they are weird.
This guy is awesome!
However, Yang Xiu soon stopped withering and assimilated the environment. Yang Xiu adapted to his withering.
As he moved, Yang Xiu gradually assimilated his weakness in the other side.
Without hesitation, Yang Xiu instantly stabbed each other with a sword.
The other party slowly dispersed, because I don’t know what this guy is, but I have taught in class that the special thing about the other party is probably a paradox.
Yang xiu will chop it with both hands, and be careful to ensure that this should be almost a good thing.
Kill this guy, the body slowly dissipates, but it hasn’t completely disappeared, attracting a corpse-eating finch.
The corpse-eating finch immediately differentiated into three members to absorb the deceitful gas together.
Yang xiu has fled into the darkness, but he has not assimilated the corpse-eater.
It seems that I have killed a strange assimilation once and it has become very easy. This time, the assimilation is twice as fast as before.
Yang xiu also didn’t mention it. He killed the corpse-eating finch and got a feather.
Just take a feather rattle sound.
A group of carrion-eating finches flew in all directions for seven days. They landed and immediately became dozens of carrion-eating finches, covering the earth.
Too many. Yang Xiu shook his head and chose to avoid it.
He can kill one and then be assimilated by their group attack at night, which is dangerous.
Turned away but didn’t walk far and met a big dog.
This big dog is as tall as a man, as if it is made up of muscles, and the meat is hairless and full of blood muscles.
Devil, dog, dog, strange, fierce, deceitful!
It has extraordinary strength, speed and bloodthirsty personality.
I seem to smell Yang Xiu, and it barks hard.
But with the protection of the night, Yang Xiu was not found by it.
Yang xiu quietly followed it, and the night was the safety of Yang xiu’s umbrella.
For an hour, Yang Xiu was assimilated, but Yang Xiu frowned.
In the face of the devil dog, the other party did not have a flaw.
In fact, it’s not without flaws, but Yang Xiu’s strength method to assassinate him now.
The other side is too strong!
Yang xiu’s assimilation of this kind of environment has weakened the enemy a lot, otherwise, if it was the original "Everything is Beating the Fate", everything could be killed.
If you can’t kill, you can’t kill it. Sometimes giving up is also a kind of wisdom.
Yang xiu slowly away from the devil dog.
At this time, after midnight has passed.
Go home to rest and have classes during the day!
Yang Xiu went home to take a nap.

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