The long street in front of the door was full of people coming and going, and Zhou Jia just glanced around and saw more than a hundred people crowded.

Where is it?
Before he found the source star, he knew that the apocalypse star was silent and went to see the sample. The source star was beyond the induction distance.
Zhou Jia’s foot accelerated towards Leifu Gate. Just two steps later, he was stopped by a sound.
"Brother Zhou!"
Yuan Xi, a sword hanging from his waist, came from the side and waved with a smile.
"I came early enough, but I didn’t expect my younger brother to be one step ahead of me, and we just went to see the master together."
He said that he was close to the shoulders and looked like a brother, a friend and a brother.
Zhou Jia stop heart is not a sigh.
Look, I can’t find the source star for the time being
But nine times out of ten, Yuanxing appeared here when someone in Chaolei Batian celebrated his birthday in a few days, and it will surely appear again.
I’m not in a hurry.
It’s not easy to find people who are talkative and walk back and forth.
"Master has arrived?"
"Here we are!"
Yuan Xi nodded freely and asked
"I heard that a small gang in the younger brother city had a dispute a few days ago and it was a big fight?"
"Yes" Zhou Jiakou
"Three Rivers Gang"
"Never heard" Yuan Xi shook his head.
"It’s that teacher younger brother became famous for his anger in World War I, but he scared many people. Even the guy specifically asked about you."
"Brother joking" Zhou Jia face unchanged.
"That Tan Xiong is too weak."
"Who is strong and who is weak is clear at a glance" Yuan Xi chuckled.
"But it will be much more convenient to go out of the island and enter the city after the name of the younger brother has been established in Shicheng."
"Well …"
He hesitated a moment.
"You and my fellow disciples should be close to each other. If you are in trouble, just tell my brother that I can help you out."
"Thank you, Senior Brother"
Zhou Jia surrendered
This is one of the advantages of relying on big forces.
With the background, others will be afraid to start work, and even if something goes wrong, some people will support them and will not look back.
Yuan Xi is a brother of Jin Huang and one of the six protectors of the decepticons.
Belong to a big name in Shicheng!
of course
He can say such things not only because they are also optimistic about Zhou Jia.
Yuan Xi identity in and out of LeiFu since not as trouble as outsiders said hello to from a side door into the house.
Leifu is surrounded by mountains and holds water, and the canal flows in five steps and one scene, and there are pavilions dotted not far away.
The verandah, waist, back eaves and teeth are high and pecking at each other’s terrain.
The arc of the turret is like a crescent moon. At the end of the trees, the glazed tile roof is resplendent and magnificent, and there is bullying in the atmosphere.
I don’t know how much manpower and material resources have been consumed in this mansion, and I don’t know how much craftsman’s efforts have been made.
Shan Muhua and Shan Corydalis have already entered the government.
A dignified lady in colorful clothes is greeting herself.
The lady is not young, even if she is properly maintained, wrinkles can still be seen on her brow, but her face is still beautiful.
It’s Rafe who’s moonlit.
"Second brother, younger brother!"
Several people have met each other, and Shan Muhua also asked about the Three Rivers gang, who were equally surprised by Zhou Jia’s control of Zilei’s knife method.
"Little brother!"
Just talking, a loud voice came from outside the door.
Before people arrive, sound first.

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