This is the land of the Eldar, and it is very close to the Holy Spirit Star. If it is not good, a large army will arrive. If that happens, you can retreat in the most stupid way, and then this nine-guard shadow will be consumed.

In the name of the nine guards, the shadow stab tracking occult technique supports these nine guards to deliberately slow down and make a retreat, which is getting closer and closer and has entered the scope of making a retreat.
The other nine guards are fine, but the shadow stab of the nine guards is the farther he retreats than the cunning distance, the farther he shrinks.
Chasing ahead is at the forefront, and now it has caught up with the last side.
Obviously, it is extremely vigilant to Xu tui.
The left eye has turned into a whirlpool before the instant retreat and teleport disappear-illusory and real course.
At the moment when the teleport disappeared, another retreat suddenly appeared on the left side kilometers away.
Is almost to see this Xu back figure at the moment the other six nine WeiHang stars will not hesitate to turn to chase Xu back in this direction.
Because the distance is not too far, Jiuwei needs a moment to arrive and launch an attack.
All of them are as fast as lightning.
No one was surprised that Xu tui suddenly appeared on the left side of the kilometer.
Because I fled before, I retired. That’s how I fled.
The teleport ability is limited except for the distance, and it escapes and disappears.
In the east for a while, in the west for a while, in the sky for a while, and in the direction of the ground.
Therefore, this time, Xu tui suddenly turned around and appeared, which made it no surprise to chase the six nine-guard stars.
But I fell on the last side carefully, but I found something was wrong.
The figure who appeared on the left side in his tracking occult technique had a different flavor from the previous tracking target.
In an instant, this nine-guard shadow thorn realized that something was wrong, and that Xu tui on the left side might be the occult technique of escaping from two places at once.
Never let this guy get away.
Don’t say it’s because they’ve been fishing hard for months. Just because this man killed a nine-guard shadow, he can’t escape.
Where did this guy really go?
The nine-guard shadow thorn gave a warning to the nine-guard stars who were lured in that direction while thinking crazily.
"Come back that is …"
Before the words were finished, the nine-guard shadow thorn locked the position of disappearing and retreating again, but the position was extremely terrible, 500 meters behind him.
In an instant, this nine-guard shadow stabbed Xu’s true purpose.
He’s not trying to escape, he’s trying to kill him!
Take the opportunity to kill him!
Every muscle in the whole body became tense at this moment, and at the same time, this nine-guard shadow thorn did not hesitate to choose to escape thousands of miles first.
Shadow stab is best at stealth speed, followed by assassination.
Just as this nine-guard shadow wanted to jump in the shadow, this ability quickly escaped and suddenly there was a feeling of being stuck in the mud.
Not good!

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