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When the time comes.
Zhe Ye hates water.
brief introduction
Crossing the virtual world into a wandering soul together to regain the real body. Su Wei’s online game lures players into robbing them of their authenticity. Step by step, the virtual world falls into the real plane and they will become enemies of the world. As a result, I didn’t expect the whole real world to boil and blow up. Who has ever seen such a conscience game? Moreover, it takes 1W deep blue to add up to the full level! What’s going on? I’m just playing a game, but why is this anti-Hulk armor design drawing so profound? It’s just meaningless. I feel that I haven’t done scientific research for nothing in the past 60 years. It’s not as good as a game designer. After three years and three years, I promised to take us to brush Yun Lanzong’s deputy ZSZSZSZ. It’s so late for so many years. You’re still jumping for tickets. I spent nowhere at the reincarnation point. If you don’t send a follow-up story, believe it or not, I’ll exchange a bunch of blades and send it to your home. By someone behind the scenes, Su Wei Stockholm syndrome is a disease that can be cured
Chapter 1 From harassing text messages
[Do you want to understand the meaning of life? Want to really live? YES/YES! 】
"It’s boring to be harassed by these rubbish again."
In front of the brain, I can’t find the negative option for the sudden pop-up window and the little red fork technology. Pressing Al+F4 skillfully may change his life opportunity!
[Hello, I’m your professional game consultant. Please make an appointment before …]
After receiving the message, the young man hung up without hesitation and was too lazy to listen to the sweet beauty.
[Congratulations, you have been selected for our "Limited" OL test. Players can now get millions of reincarnation points by logging in to the game]
Seeing the information, the girl pressed Return and chose Delete.
In the network world
Watching yourself send out messages that have been deleted.
[Sure enough, it failed again]
Tongyin sounded its unique flat tone in Su Wei’s ear and said, "I warn you that it’s too fantastic for you to attract prey to harvest their authenticity through games."
"It’s called casting a wide net and collecting more fish. Anyway, I don’t need to pay anything extra in this way. If one out of 100 people can be … no, I can earn it if one is declared in place."
I feel sorry for Su Wei, but I hold different opinions.
He is not lost, or this is his only chance for him.
Without choice, I don’t hesitate
Just go one way to the dark.
"Besides, even if it fails? Can the worst result be worse than my crossing into the online world without my body? "
Su Wei’s eyes rested on the towering mountain peak …
He is standing on the top of the mountain at this time.
The foothills are steep and endless, hidden in the clouds and magnificent.
But at this peak, which is difficult for ordinary people, there are several single-family courtyards with white walls and black tiles looming in the rugged mountains.
At the front of these courtyards, there are three big characters: fierce and incomparable!
Huashan school!
Can see such a magnificent scene, Su Wei recalled in his mind that he had experienced that terrible time.
Crossing into a network world without body consciousness is like wandering souls floating around in this virtual world.
How long have you been wandering?
I don’t know. I’m afraid it will take decades at least …
The turning point is that he died physically in another world!
[You forcibly plundered Su Wei’s life process in reality to get 15 points of truth! 】

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