On the contrary, the ability chain of radiation shadow gene can be cultivated at any time without high concentration of source energy.

Anyway, Xu tui already knows.
The third-level gene base point retreat is completely unknown!
Need to expand!
Which gene base point should be strengthened to the third level?
This problem needs no consideration.
Nature is the gene base point that can affect Xu tui’s most powerful combat power at present.
Xu tui’s most powerful combat power at present should be said to be flying sword, but the most influential combat power is mental hammer!
This hammer to the top of the genetic evolution environment will also be affected.
Even if the enemy’s mental field is strong enough to withstand the continuous bombardment of Xu tui’s mental hammer, it can also contain the enemy.
Then the first gene base point to be strengthened towards the third level is naturally the main gene base point that changes into a hammer image in the gene ability chain of spirit whipping.
Unreal vision to awareness
At the moment when Xu retreat made a decision, he was directly retired to the main gene base point of Mental Hammer through the energy flow of 5.4 grams of waste mental energy source crystal inhaler.
A large number of sources can be introduced into the base point of the main gene of the mental hammer to slowly rhythm and expand!
Strengthen it. If it reacts, it means it can be strengthened.
The secondary gene capability chain is definitely not the end point.
Now it is necessary to calculate the consumption of strengthening a three-level gene base point
At present, the maximum circle source energy concentration of the second source energy surge channel is 5.4 grams. At present, about one gram of source energy contained in the source crystal can be absorbed every two minutes.
Every five minutes of absorption is equivalent to inhaling two grams of source crystal containing source energy.
Similarly, every five minutes of continuous strengthening of the basis point of the main gene of the mental hammer means continuous injection of two grams of source crystal energy.
"Does it take five grams or ten grams to strengthen a tertiary gene base point?"
Xu tui is guessing.
Previously, a primary gene base point was strengthened to the secondary level, and about one gram of source crystal was consumed according to the different gene capacity chains.
Of course, the real consumption should be a little more.
Because there are also some cultivation accumulations before Xu tui strengthens them to the secondary silver gene base point.
Also, the gene directional mutation agent was used to carry out directional mutation, which increased.
It takes about 15 grams of source crystal to strengthen a primary gene base point to the secondary level.
So how to strengthen a gene base point from the second level to the third level?
What is the consumption?
In the twenty-fifth minute of continuous strengthening, the main gene base point of mental hammer is still rhythmic, but the hammer looks a little thicker, and other changes have not been strengthened successfully
According to the consumption time, it is estimated that 10 grams of source crystal has been invested.
But it hasn’t succeeded yet.
In the 40 th minute, the rhythm becomes long and surging. Every time the rhythm, the hammer will vibrate.
I feel fast.
But Xu retreat some tongue-scratching!
It is estimated that 16 grams of source crystal has been invested in 40 minutes on time.
This consumption is really big.
Just one!
Continue to practice until the forty-ninth minute, when the main gene base point of the mental hammer jumps suddenly, and I feel that there is a big tendon in my head that is caught in the general head pain!
It’s that kind of pulsating severe headache!
Jumping makes Xu retreat straight and suffocate!
I almost fainted when I was black at the moment.

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