Even speculation has little direction.

Can it be said that this situation can raise or lower the control of the small universe of heaven and mobilize some hidden causes of the small universe of heaven?
Or is it summoning something?
Or a substantial increase in Xu’s retreat and the combat power of other departments?
All these possibilities are possible.
But there is no possibility for Chu Ling and Yuan to have a little grasp.
The future changes suddenly got out of control, beyond their understanding of the early spirit and the yuan, and this surprised them.
A sudden retreat leads to several possible consequences, but Chu Ling and Yuan have no several ways to deal with them.
They have one way to deal with it.
Ordered elite force to bombard the moon gate in Zixiao Holy Land.
Originally, the two of them also wanted to personally smash the moon gate regardless of consumption, but they hesitated at the moment.
If the power consumption is too great, then why does the retreat suddenly break out?
While they were hesitating, the Shenxiao Mansion, the Purple Emblem Palace and the Hou Ji Palace, which is closed all the year round, covered an extremely wide area. These three palaces were going round and round and shrunk into three palm-sized imperial palaces.
The imperial palace light group, the celestial small universe, the regular force of the universe flashed, and then it exploded like a meteor to Chuling and Yuan.
Two emperors’ palaces blew into the early spirit, and one blew into Yuan.
Chuling is angry and angry. This is pinching him as a soft persimmon.
However, the bombardment of the Imperial Palace can’t be hard-wired in the small universe of heaven.
Just as the first three great palaces were smashed by Chu Ling and Yuan, they collapsed on the spot, and the rules of the small universe of heaven were about to return to this small universe in an instant, but they were absorbed by the two great seals.
But Chu Ling and Yuan Power are consumed again.
Especially at the beginning of the spirit power has dropped to thirty-five percent.
"No, this little one is definitely a big move!" Continuous self-destructive attacks make Chu Ling and Yuan extremely vigilant.
At the beginning of a moment, Ling thought of the word retreat.
Temporarily withdraw from the small universe in heaven and temporarily avoid the edge.
But at this moment, the seal of the Arctic Zhongtian Purple Emblem Emperor suddenly flew out of the purple sacred land in a flash
Chu Ling and Yuan were so startled that they withdrew. This is for the imperial seal to bomb them!
If this imperial seal comes, their strength will be weakened by at least ten percent.

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