And that knife … seems to have shaken a bit of red light?

Not an illusion!
The investigators swallowed their saliva. If it weren’t for the recorder, they would have left it here. They couldn’t believe it just by describing Wei Nian.
Jiang Tingqiu, the only first-level investigator, also changed his complexion. He quickly walked to the front of the screen and stared at the details with wide eyes.
"His method of getting rid of evil is different from ours."
"I am getting rid of it by my own strength."
Jiang Tingqiu said
Wei nian asked, "Is it really because of my own strength rather than that knife?"
He saw it with his own eyes, and it was clear that it was true, but he couldn’t understand it either.
How is it possible to slay the deceitful evil by manpower?
They investigators can’t.
They are all flesh, and the difference between them and ordinary people is that they have received special training to identify, investigate and look for evil.
What’s more important is not to be flustered and not to be affected by deceit.
The most appropriate process to deal with evil.
But …
They are still ordinary people, trained ordinary people.
Even for twenty years, the owner of the beads, Master Deng, is an ordinary person and a mage. The profound recitation of Buddhist scriptures can bring blessing power and harm to evil spirits.
But this kind of power also needs to be accumulated in years and units.
More need to really understand the dharma mage.
If the light mage encounters a mysterious evil without equipment, he may die with more dignity than ordinary people.
Who looked at Zhou Bureau and looked at Jiang Tingqiu.
The first-level investigator is still playing back and forth the recorded images, staring straight at them with some excitement.
Half-ringing, his voice is a little hoarse. "I heard that there is also a rating special investigator in the first-level investigator."
"However, the promotion of special-grade investigators does not depend on the number of evil spirits, but needs some more special factors."
"I’ve been wondering, I’ve been looking for it."
He looked at the weekly bureau.
I didn’t say it, but I was obviously asking if the one in the recorder was the … middle-class investigator!
This question is very good.
Bureau Zhou also wants to know.
He is a little taller, but he also knows little about the special investigator who has never seen the dragon.
Zhou ju used the method of changing the subject
"The damage to the beads at this meeting is one of the things, and now I want to talk about a more important thing."
"This matter is also somewhat related to the first thing."
Zhou bureau paused and typed a statistical table.
Statistical table of deceitful events
Not Baijiang, but the country.
"From a few months ago, the frequency of evil has increased significantly, and so has the probability of difficult events."
"There are two kinds of guesses at present."
"First, the paradox is constantly being born or emerging, and second, the paradox is constantly getting stronger."
"It is also for this reason that there will be a powerful paradox in the urban area."
Urban areas are densely populated and mysterious, which is relatively common.

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