Zhou Jia figure tossing and turning to avoid green liquid paused to get near.

The two men have joined hands many times and are familiar with each other’s means. One person attacks and the other culls have long had a tacit understanding.
This kind of stone monster is not strong, but its outer shell is extremely hard. Even the nine masters have to do their best to this.
Luo Ping took a dagger from his body and dismembered the stone monster to get a heavy stone shell before he became proficient.
"Go back!"
Back to the camp, most people have rested.
Hong Shaoxiong and Xu Qin habitually gathered around Zhou Jia and handed me a skin.
"Brother Zhou drinks water"
Zhou Jia took a sip of the liquid mixed with the smell of grass stems with a bitter taste, but it was enough to quench his thirst.
It’s a rare thing here
Moreover, if they accidentally come for a while, they will not be able to get water, and they will cherish it.
"Depart tomorrow"
How many people wake up when you put the skin around your mouth?
"You guys get ready."
They had expected this, but when they heard it, their hearts trembled and their eyes showed anxiety.
"What’s the matter?" A few people look unusual today Zhou Jia lying in the cold sand freely asked.
"Something on your mind?"
"Zhou Ge" HongShaoXiong carefully looked at the distant Warren family patrol by low way.
"How long can you persist in being a treasure?"
"Well …" Zhou Jia squinting heart also not from a heavy.
God Crocodile Armor can make the seven-force master burst into nine powers under certain circumstances, not only because of good materials.
More importantly, Baojia runes.
Runes can converge and increase the source power, but they will also be damaged due to long-term use or damage to the armor.
There have been many runes in this stumbling crocodile armor that have failed.
The original effect is less than three.
However, because of his physical strength, he is not weak. It seems to others that although the crocodile armor looks like it is ineffective, it is not getting less and less.
"What’s the matter?" Zhou Jiakou asked
"Brother Zhou is no weaker than the master in the treasure armor now, and he will be bullied if he doesn’t stay with us." Hong Shaoxiong shook his head
"Brother Zhou will know what we are unhappy about when Baojia fails."
"Ah …" Zhou Jia chuckled.
"What did you do today?"
"Search the surrounding fierce beasts and monsters to kill their accumulated meat, and the water source will come to prepare for a long journey." Xu Qinkou
"We are responsible for searching and killing the monster Warren family."
Speaking of which, his eyes are also slightly changed, which seems a little unwilling.
Zhou Jia raises eyebrows
Xu Qin is different from Hong Shaoxiong, who has been hanging out for many years. The old man is used to the strong respect and resignation, and this expression is also revealed.
Look …

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