Yan Li was so angry after hearing Zhouyi’s words, but the old guy was still eloquent and still said slowly, pretending to be a tall man.

"Yan Li, you really don’t know or pretend not to know? Ask your disciples and grandchildren what they have done, and you will know that you want to shoot the pavilion and teach them to kick the pavilion again today. "
Zhouyi also answered lightly that he wanted this old thing with a bad name in the Chinese circle to cover one’s faults.
Buddy, his three disciples, Clay, and others all said that it was the shooting gallery.
After listening to Zhouyi’s words, Clay and other three people showed shame on their faces. After all, there are so many martial arts brothers in the training hall. If Zhouyi said that they wanted to flirt with a sexy woman because they helped master Buddy, it would be a shame to be taught a lesson.
For three assholes, Clay and Yasan Peter, it’s not shameful to help Buddy flirt with women, but it’s a shame to be beaten instead of flirting successfully.
"Buddy, how did the shooting hall of the Ten Beauty Entertainment Club make an enemy with these two small disputes?" Hearing that Zhouyi said it was not like a lie, Yan Li hesitated a little and asked him back. Buddy said that he wanted to cover his faults and didn’t want to give people a bad impression.
"When the Master Ten Beauty Entertainment Club was held, the two of them had a female companion who was very sexy. At that time, I drank a little too much, and the female was a shooting hall coach, so she asked the female to practice guns with me. As a result, she clashed with the two children."
Buddy didn’t know what attitude his master Yan Li would have, but he still told the story roughly. But he said that there was a conflict between Zhouyi and others, and it was a word that was severely taught by Zhouyi and Chen Hu, but he was not afraid of losing face in front of his disciples.
"Small original you are Chinese, you say is this little thing? Because of this, you call the old lady and her disciples scum. It’s too bold of you to know! "
Yan Li listened to Buddy’s speech with a chill in his Zhouyi face. After a while, his tiny eyes narrowed, and then he said, "That thing should be over. You didn’t suffer. Besides, just because a woman didn’t get revenge, Buddy didn’t look for you. It’s already broad-minded. You two incredibly dare to come here and kick the gym to make trouble. Are you serious that I am a free place to come and go?" You hurt so many of my disciples, and I won’t kill you today. I’ll also break your hands and feet and give you a little disrespect. Teach me a lesson. Everyone in San Francisco, Yan Li calls me a master, but you call me a scum. You two are Chinese scum! "
Yan Li said this with a murderous look on his face.
Buddy saw that his master was angry with Zhouyi and Chen Hu, and suddenly he was secretly happy to ask his master to make moves, so he could certainly report that he was wounded and avenged by Chen Hu that day, and he could conveniently arrest Zhouyi and Chen Hu and send them to his sworn brother Locke’s boss to receive a high reward. Chapter 38 Tai Ji Chuan master.
"Yan Li, this is a word from your apprentice, Buddy. If it were true, we wouldn’t be here to plead guilty. Why don’t you ask him what he did?"
After listening to Yan Li’s words, Zhouyi finally realized that this old guy is a shame guy, so he touched his nose and sneered, "Since your disciple didn’t say anything, let me tell you about this justifying a fault old fool. At that time, there was a conflict between me and your disciple in the shooting gallery. A design coach named Anna said a few words to help us. Today, Buddy kidnapped coach Anna’s parents and brother. You said that your disciple did such a thing. Is it scum? You taught them, but you don’t discipline them properly. Are you scum? Yan Li, to be honest, I’m not here to kick the pavilion. I’m here to be important, but I don’t make any noise. I don’t think you and Buddy will come out []. "
Yan Li obviously didn’t expect such a thing, so he turned back and asked Buddy again, "Is this really the case?"
Of course, Yan Li, the old thing, knew that his apprentice Buddy would not admit that he had done it even if he did it. He just deliberately asked.
In recent years, the daily affairs of Shangwu Martial Arts School have been managed by Buddy. It is impossible for Yan Li to treat Buddy just because he has done such a thing. He is a typical money worshipper. What Buddy can do to help him make money is what Buddy has done in private. He never cares, never asks, and always defends his faults.
"Master, how can I be such a person? What coach Anna? I don’t know these two kids at all. They slander me and you."
If not, Buddy denied Zhouyi’s words in one bite.
"Did you hear that? My apprentice didn’t do such a thing! This is purely a fabrication of your intentions! "
After Yan Li listened to Buddy, the horse put on an angry look and pointed to Zhouyi and said.
"Buddy, you’re still a man who doesn’t dare to admit that it’s really pathetic and pathetic. Yan Li, you old thing, don’t pretend what you and your apprentice Buddy sing. I just wanted to make sure that you are a guy who justifies one’s faults. Now there is no difference between you and the smell. You are really a Chinese scum. Have you ever thought about the consequences when you teach our country kung fu to these ferocious acts? Do you have him in your heart besides money? Since you cover your faults, I’ll teach you to be a teacher first. If you dare to take up the fight, then fight in the ring! I’ll find Buddy when I teach you this old thing. If you don’t teach people, none of you can run away! "
Zhouyi seems to have expected this result. He gave a long laugh and then mercilessly scolded Yan Li, an old thing.
"Small, this is what you asked for. You haven’t made moves for many years. If you close it this time, then take the two of you for a sacrifice and touch your hands with blood."
Yan Li was furious when he heard Zhouyi’s words, so he jumped up, his figure rose more than two meters, he stepped on the ring rope, and then he fell into the ring with a gentle wave, and he showed great martial arts opposite Zhouyi and Chen Hu.
"This old thing is really good at kung fu. He is a master, at least much better than Buddy. He is also a master of domestic boxing. No wonder he dares to claim to be a master in San Francisco martial arts school."
The scene from Zhouyi to Li Yanyue’s boxing ring is also a fighting spirit of generate.
What Zhouyi needs now is to fight a life-and-death battle with the master, and constantly refine his martial arts to become stronger step by step, because he still has many ultimate bss to deal with, such as Masami Kikuchi, the boss of Nishankou Group, and Masato Zhouyi, the first master of Japan, who will definitely have a high actual combat ability with these people in the future, which is his urgent need at present.
Li Yan was ready to watch carefully when he came out as soon as he challenged Zhouyi. Yan Li, an old thing, is not a good thing. Maybe a sneak attack is uncertain.
"Let’s get together, you two. I have to say that I always bully the young. Today I will teach you a lesson. You two naturally don’t respect our country. It’s embarrassing for you to come out again."
Li Yan said to Zhouyi and Chen Hu as soon as he was in the boxing ring. Now he doesn’t know that Zhouyi and Chen Hu are so powerful that they really want to be one enemy and two.
As soon as Yan Li finished speaking, he became a steady pile and a master demeanor
"The old guy to deal with you also I less master? Let me meet you! You are a master of boxing, which is good. It’s brute force for you to practice, and I don’t bother to fight you! "
Chen Hu snatched a step in an instant and went across to Yan Li. He had a deep study of martial arts of all schools and factions. Yan Li became a pile and he knew what Yan Li was best at.
Chen Hu said that it is absolutely true that if my master is 40 years old, it means that after the golden age, martial arts will be seriously degraded, but the master of domestic boxing is different. He needs to be healthy and his physical function has not deteriorated. The older he is, the more powerful he is, because the longer he practices, the deeper his skill and the richer his fighting experience.

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