Instantaneous Ye Han body a light blue light overflowed and wrapped the whole human figure in this light blue light to form an aperture. At this time, although the little fox felt Ye Han’s body was abnormal, it did not distract his mind and still stayed in the star map.

Just then, a star in the star map suddenly flashed. When a fox saw it, he couldn’t help but be frightened. "Master, look at that star in this picture!"
Ye Han, though exercising, is fuelling the cold jade, but he can also hear Xiao what does the fox say’s wry smile in his heart after hearing this sentence. He is now the exercise key. Although I told you to tell what happened before, you can’t ask me to see it. If I can see it, what are you looking at, little fox?
Although I think so in my heart, Ye Han has no words to keep running. The star cold tactic drags the jade body with inflammation spirit around for a small Sunday, and then I slowly put away my method and opened my eyes to look at the star surface.
At this time, the star map has returned to normal. Ye Han shook his head and turned to the fox and asked, "Did you really see the star shining in the middle?"
Hearing this, Fox nodded consciously and said, "But when you just stimulated the energy of cold jade, the star in the star chart suddenly lit up. It didn’t take long to recover soon!"
Although "true" got the affirmative answer from Fox, Ye Han still didn’t believe it, but when Fox nodded again, he nodded with relief. "It seems that I guess that the nine stars in this star map are those of us who have stars!"
"Master also knows that Xingyuancheng" asked the fox at Ye Han’s words with a sense of surprise and busyness.
Ye Hanwen was suddenly silent for a while before Nai shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I don’t know if I always feel familiar with this word, so I just blurted it out. Is it true that this world is really a star?"
Fox nodded noncommittally, and then smiled. "Since the master can casually say it, it proves that he is indeed practical. Actually, he is, but that was a hundred years ago. If the master wants to know, he has to find the answer himself. Xiaoli can’t tell the truth now!"
After listening to the fox’s words, Ye Han realized that he had just casually said that Xing Yuancheng was really himself. Why would he suddenly say this word? What did Fox say that a hundred years ago was an implication? Is this also related to the incident a hundred years ago? What happened a hundred years ago actually involved so deeply?
Just now, Ye Han suddenly thought of Xingyuan Chengyi, which is also a random guess. In his mind, since he and Lengling and their colleagues have a life star bearing, they call it a life star bearing. Now, their little foxes don’t own jade together, but also have Xingyuan. Isn’t that a star bearing?
Although I think so, Ye Han is not sure. If it were not for a moment of excitement, it would not be a slip of the tongue. But when he heard that Fox was interested in this star, he was initially sure that this statement might be true.
Now, once again, Fox affirmed that he really affirmed this statement. At this moment, there is another question in his heart, that is, since having a star bearer can arouse the induction of a star in the nine planets chain, wouldn’t it be said that there are seven other people who have a star bearer in this world?
Of course, three of these seven people he already knows, and that is Lengling. The three of them have four spirits and jade life, and then there are four left. Who will these four be?
I feel that things are getting more and more complicated, and Ye Han’s mood has also become more complicated. However, at this moment, Fox suddenly exclaimed, "Master, get the star map quickly. Let’s hurry up. The Wolf clan master seems to know what is coming here."
[371] 【 Being hunted 】
Fox shouted and ran towards the secret cave. He also shouted at Ye Han in the secret cave, "Master, you should take the star map quickly. Xiaoli will stop them from taking it first, and then come out quickly and let Xiaoli take you away from here!"
Ye Han hasn’t finished at this time, but I can’t be careless when I hear fox’s urgent words. I got up and walked quickly to the front of the star map and stretched out my hand to catch it
However, Lai Fa took the star map, but the result surprised Ye Han. Just as he grasped both sides of the star map with both hands, the star in the star map suddenly shone.
Ye Han looked at him and was suddenly surprised. However, he was surprised that the pattern of the star map suddenly disappeared before his eyes. When he looked at it again, the place where his hands grasped it had become a gentle mountain.
"What’s the matter?" It took Ye Han a while to slow down and look at the star map again. It’s still a mountain without a map. He was shocked. Since it appeared before the star map and it was so real, why would it disappear this moment?
"Master, come out" Just as Ye Han wanted to give up and continue to think, the fox outside the cave sounded so that he had to give up and continue to think and ran towards another cave outside the secret cave.
After leaving the secret cave, Ye Han heard a boulder moving behind him. Looking back, I saw that there was just a big crack. At this time, the entrance of the secret cave has returned to its original shape. The only thing left is a mountain wall with a difference elsewhere.
After a clever design of andao, Ye Han didn’t dare to slack off. He glanced at the fox figure outside the cave and then suddenly went towards the layman in the cave.
Outside the cave, the fox was looking anxiously at a shadow not far from the cliff. At this time, when he saw Ye Han coming out, he ran to him with a sigh of relief and asked, "How did you get the star map?"
Ye Hanwen suddenly shook his head and smiled bitterly. "I don’t know what happened. I just met that Tu Tu and suddenly disappeared. Now I don’t know where it is. They haven’t come yet!"
Fox nodded his head and didn’t hide from the stars. His lips turned and looked at the cliff. A few shadows were getting closer and closer. Then he rushed to Ye Han and said, "Master, come to Xiaoli quickly. I’ll take you away from here!"
Ye Han’s eyes can’t help looking towards the cliff. He can’t help but see that several dark shadows have come to a flat place not far from the cliff. He even dares not jump on the fox’s back carelessly, and then he smiles bitterly. "Let’s go, let’s escape!"
"Well," Fox nodded, turned around and looked back at the cave where he had lived for a long time, and then he didn’t look back. Suddenly, four feet and four feet of vitality were instantly released to form a vitality barrier, and he wrapped himself in Ye Han, and then quickly flew towards the cliff, and soon he came to the cliff.
At this time, it was the light blue light emitted by the fox’s strong vitality in the night, which was very bright in the night, so as soon as she came to the bottom of the cliff and didn’t come to change direction, she heard a voice not far away saying, "Go after them!"
The sound just fell a few shadows in a flash, but the little fox suddenly snorted and suddenly attacked several figures from his mouth. She also took this opportunity to instantly show her figure and jumped up and fled toward the distance.
After all, several figures were attacked by the fox, but they didn’t dare to recklessly dodge. They had already noticed that the situation was not good. At present, the fox’s shadow had disappeared in an instant, so their respective cold grunts suddenly recovered towards the front without changing.
"The master just spoke to the Wolf clan patriarch’s wife, that is, we killed the Wolf Yuan beast before. It is estimated that Xiu has reached the top of the seventh order. At present, I can only draw with her at most. Whether I can escape from them depends on nature." Fox said at Ye Han while flying rapidly.
Ye Han smell speech suddenly one leng, there are two or seven yuan beasts in this wolf clan master, which is really not simple, and both of them are not heads of families. If you go like this, the heads of the wolf clan will be able to imagine if you don’t think much about repairing this.
Seeing that Ye Han seemed to be meditating on something, Fox went on, "If nothing unexpected happens, this wolf clan patriarch should be at the peak of the seventh order. I don’t know that he didn’t come to us when he died today, but he, the wolf lady, came!"
Ye Han smiled and didn’t speak because the corner of his eye looked behind him from time to time and didn’t see the trace of the pursuer. At the same time, he seemed to think of something busy and smiled at the little fox. "I think this wolf clan chief should be busy and have no time to kill us!"
"Ha ha, if you think so, you are wrong. This wolf clan chief pays special attention to this baby of himself, but he will never watch his own son die without taking revenge when he has to." Ye Han’s words just fell on the fox and immediately denied it.
"Well …" Ye Han smell speech suddenly froze for a long time before he smiled again. "In that case, I think something must have happened to the clan leader of the Wolf clan, or I’m afraid he would have called us at this time!"
"Ha ha, maybe the master guessed it right. The other day, when I was swimming near the top of the beast Yuan Mountain, I seemed to see a few profound old men arranging what forbidden enchantments there. At the beginning, there was a yuan beast who went to stop the former hiding place and didn’t go near to see it. If you are right, then I think that yuan beast should be the head of the wolf clan. I remember that the yuan beast was also about seven orders." Fox nodded his head, and the speed was much faster and smiled again.
Ye Han smell speech of "repairing profound old man" was suddenly surprised. The little fox said that the human old man seemed to have guessed who it was. Although there are many old men in the human world in mainland China, there are few old men who dare to ban the beast mountain range, or more directly, there are four.
These four old men Ye Han all know them. Obviously, it is the cold Yuan Ye Tianyan fire and the unknown mysterious old man. At this time, Ye Han wants to know most, but it is not these. He wants to know what these old men are doing when they are full and have nothing to do.
Is it true that Ye Han doesn’t think so if he is full and has nothing to do? Although he doesn’t know much about these old men, he believes that a strong man can repair himself or guard against the enemy himself, and he can also kill the enemy himself. But that is also a causal situation. Generally, it is not necessary to kill the enemy casually if he is full and has nothing to do.

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