There are more than 200 younger brothers left in Qingyun Hall, and they are already red in the face, and they have already backed out. They were very confident just now, and now there is nothing left. Just now, I still tried my best to squeeze into the back, and my younger brother is slowly following.

However, those registered brothers all smiled quietly, and they were so happy to see their usually arrogant fellow disciples beaten!
Suddenly a loud voice exclaimed Chapter 13 Surprise
The two old men were a little surprised. The younger brother’s eyes were jealous and looked at the desk. The right hand was staring blankly at the test instrument. A powerful and dazzling purple light was emitted from the test instrument beside the teenager.
A short, thin teenager has 79% soil properties in the past 15 or 16 years old. This teenager will definitely not be a nobody in the future.
It is a genius that the five elements can reach 60%, and the future will be limitless, but it is a little short, otherwise this teenager will be the best candidate for the five core brothers.
Elder Yan was even more excited. He immediately ran to the practising martial arts field and rechecked it once. Sure enough, the five high-order gods’ earthy attributes in the stone clearly showed the number "79" on the corresponding table surface.
"Good job!"
Elder Yan praised the plain-looking young man in front of him one after another, saying that he had been pressing his chest for a while, and now he spit it out.
Elder Yan simply took the young man’s hand and went back to the living room to call the young man beside him.
Almost all the younger brothers in Taiwan are jealous of the fire. It is a great honor for a samurai boy to be able to accompany Elder Yan in the living room today!
Elder Yan’s heart is much more practical when he sits down. This time, the five-element attribute test was shortlisted for the five core brothers. All four of them are twenty years old. Although it is still a pity that the five-element attribute is a little worse, it can definitely be said that it is the most talented boy at the age of twenty.
Sitting on the right, the old man looked at Yan with a smile on his face and gently asked, "Is he?"
"In return, Zhao Shibo is a younger brother whose name is Li Buchao. He is sixteen years old this year and just broke through to the middle-ranking samurai a month ago. We rank first among the younger brothers in Qingyun Hall."
Spirit respectfully explained to Elder Zhao that his face showed a little smugness.
Next to Li Chang’s smiling face, he immediately asked, "Did my nephew ever get married? There is a beautiful niece who is fifteen years old and can be matched with your brother. "
Ling couldn’t help but stay, but immediately his face was full of surprises. I didn’t expect that this brother of his own door could get the love of Elder Li, but if this marriage can become the third master of Qingzhumen, not only will his brother’s future be great, but his face will also be greatly enhanced.
Because there is such an outstanding young brother in the door, Qingyun Hall finally ushered in a dawn, and everyone saw hope.
In the next test, more than 200 formal brothers finally appeared, two metallic brothers, one with soil attribute, two with water attribute and one with fire attribute. Their six attributes and five elements all reached 30%, and the boy just now drew seven qualified brothers.
And from more than 200 brothers, we have once again drawn three foreign brothers, plus two of them just now, with a total of five foreign brothers. This kind of having a foreign brother is also a light before it can be made.
However, there is still a special brother with 10% soil attributes and five brothers with five elements attributes that must reach 30%, which is really a shame for Qingyun Hall.
Although they are a little disappointed with Qingyun’s cousin, the two elders are still a little happy that they are in charge of several qualified younger brothers in the branch hall. If Qingyun Hall can’t draw qualified younger brothers here, their younger brothers will have a few more places to enter the core younger brother column, which is a rare opportunity for all bamboo younger brothers, and any elder will be pleasantly surprised if such a good thing falls on his younger brother.
It’s that teenager Li Changchao’s soil property didn’t reach 10%, but he was short of a little bit, but it’s a pity that he was short of a teenager whose soil property reached 10%, so the whole "five elements array" started to practice. This is the most difficult and regrettable place for them. Where can I find such a brother? Can’t go to his sect to find one?
Elder Yan’s face is gloomy, and he can’t extract thirteen qualified younger brothers from the Qingyun Hall. Just now, although the boy’s soil attribute reached 79%, it’s a pity that he was so little short, but it’s a pity that he occupied a seat in the five core younger brothers, and he was six places short. It’s even more difficult to extract a qualified five-element younger brother from more than 100 registered younger brothers.
Sure enough, as Elder Yan expected, the situation was even worse in the test of registering younger brothers. More than 90 younger brothers were able to reach 20% in the five-line attribute test, and three of them were almost teenagers with 10% in the five-line attribute.
At this time, Elder Yan’s face was almost a little angry and stared at the rest. More than a dozen registered brothers stood up and waved their hands and said, "Forget it, forget it, you won’t make a fool of yourself."
There were more than a dozen brothers left standing on the spot, all flushed and ashamed.
Tang Junzheng hid aside to hear Elder Yan’s frustrated and angry words, and he couldn’t help but register his younger brother Yan’s eyes as so unbearable.
Sit aside and Elder Zhao smiles. "Teacher Yan will be so angry? Can’t be shortlisted for the core brother is that they don’t have the blessing. All this can’t be blamed on the fact that all the younger brothers have tested, so it’s fair to let them all test. "
Li Chang’s face is smiling and silent, which is unpredictable.
There are more than a dozen registered brothers left, all of whom turn their attention to Elder Yan.
Tang Jun looked at the field and found that more than a dozen other disciples had not yet gone to test. Three senior brothers, Zhao Gen, four senior sisters, Zhao Xue, and bare and cold were also among them. He didn’t know if he should join them. After hesitation, Tang Jun decided to look at it first.
Elder Yan’s cold cheeks finally moved and Nai sat down coldly. "Since Brother Zhao said so, let them have a test."
There are more than a dozen registered brothers with embarrassed smiles on their faces. Even if they fail the test, it’s better than being given up directly, right?
Especially Zhao Gen Zhao Xue, both of them have reached the realm of fighters dzogchen, which is the strongest among all registered brothers in Qingyun Hall except the master elder brother. If they didn’t go to the test, they will lift their heads after being abandoned.
Now that they can take the test, a couple of them immediately flew to the test instrument and pressed it excitedly.
Two purple lights lit up at the same time!
Elder Yan’s ass hasn’t got up yet. Everyone can see Chapter 14 Twin sisters.
"forty-five o’clock in soil"
"forty-six points of soil"
A little sleepy beside the test instrument, two military commanders immediately shouted, and even their eyes showed a trace of disbelief
All the younger brothers in Qingzhumen are tested by their five military commanders. None of the registered younger brothers has reached the age of ten, and none of them can have such a strong five-element attribute beyond forty. Generally, the younger brother can break through to the samurai level before the age of ten, but both of them know at a glance that he is a 19-year-old boy but he is still a fighter.
The two elders were also taken aback and looked at the field. A pair of teenagers showed a little appreciation in their eyes.
Qingyun Hall’s formal brothers always look down on registered brothers. At this time, they are looking at Zhao Gen Zhao Xue, and they are very consciously converging some pride.
The happiest thing is that Elder Yan immediately waved to Zhao Gen Zhao Xue and said kindly, "Good, very good, we have two more little geniuses in Qingyun Hall! You two come to the old lady and wait for a reward! "
Zhao Gen and Zhao Xue were pleasantly surprised. They immediately went to the living room and cast a glance back at all Qingyun cousins. Their faces were full of pride. Today, they were able to come to this machine besides the old master Li just now, and since then they have been the real cousins of Qingzhumen.
Bare fists clenched in his eyes, the registered brother almost burst into flames. He never dreamed that a pair of men and women who were most displeased in his heart were so lucky to enter the core brother column of the door. If he had the chance, he would really like to give them a good beating. Brother Tang Jun’s revenge now seems to have no chance. They are getting farther and farther apart.
Lengyan’s face is a worried color. At this time, her mind is completely different from that of bare. What she is most concerned about is why Brother Tang Jun hasn’t come back yet. Is there anything wrong? Wouldn’t he regret missing such a good opportunity for life?

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