Two people struggled to get up and turn around at the same time, but they were a little shaky because of the heavy punch just now.

Mu Ming Feng Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom spread their hands and shook their heads with a smile and a pie mouth. The face was full of blood and ferocious horror. The wound was turned upside down and the hair was bleeding. It was also sticky and sticky with blood, just like a head soaked in blood for thousands of years.
"Ha ha, so much for two gentlemen." Mu Mingfeng spread out his hands and laughed at "It seems that I overestimated your cultivation technique, and you are not worthy to start work with me." Talking, Mu Mingfeng lifted his legs and went to lie not far away, and his heart was dying. The subtext was that I didn’t want to die. Peng Tian bent down to pinch his mouth, and his hands were dripping with blood, waiting for his hands to drip into Peng Tian’s mouth.
Nanrong Phantom gasped and suddenly shouted, raised his arms, and the knife bone rushed over. Two bone knives were severely chopped at Muming’s head.
Muming didn’t lift his head, or the posture was seemingly random. He suddenly extended a punch to Nanrong Magic, but the punch was extremely fast. A pair of osteotome didn’t fall before hitting him directly in the chest.
Nan Rong Huan once again leaned back and fell to Yang Ye’s side. At this time, Yang Ye actually forgot to help Nan Rong Huan. His eyes were staring straight at Mu Mingfeng. Since he became a domain major and became an official, Yang Ye had never met such a powerful opponent. It can be said that he had never met an opponent before, but at this time, Mu Mingfeng shocked him. He clearly saw how fast Mu Mingfeng just punched out. Nan Rong Huan also had the ability to cultivate officials. It was also a moment, but Mu Mingfeng was even faster than this speed.
Seeing this scene, Yang Ye had a fear in his heart. We are no match for Mu Mingfeng!
Nan Rong’s illusion has stumbled again, and the blood has dyed red a piece of neckline skirt on his chest. He gasped at Yang Ye and asked in a low voice, "What should I do?"
As soon as Yang Ye bowed his head and held his left wrist, he tried to make Red Seal spread more widely and improve his ability, but it was in vain. Red Seal fixed the elbow position without giving a face and stopped rising.
"He seems to be doing something to Peng Tian again!" South glory magic growl wake up way
Yang Ye raised his hand and wiped a corner of his mouth with a wry smile. "Hehe, it’s not so easy this time. This ancient witchcraft is so powerful. It seems that our brothers are going to work hard here today!"
Talking, Yang night turned to look at Nan Rong Magic, and Nan Rong Magic gasped violently. Yang night nodded and suddenly stared at Mu Mingfeng and dumped a pair of osteotome and shouted, "Good! Fight! "
Yang night took a look at the south glory illusion stretching his mouth and smiled a low said, "you are quite serious! Nanrong illusion depends on the situation and then runs if you can’t beat it! "
"Run?" South glory magic one leng.
"Now is not the time to be a hero. Our purpose is to kill Mu Mingfeng, not to die in his hand." Yang Ye turned around and nodded. "I learned this when I was in the street. You can’t eat if you know it’s a loss!"
"What a shame!" Nan Rong’ s illusion glared. "This is to lose our Nan Rong family!"
"South glory illusion! Impulse is the devil! If we die here, the Yang family and South rong family will definitely be finished. "Yang Ye took a hard look at Nanrong Magic." We still have a posterior approach and can find the domain owner Mu Mingfeng to be rampant in a few days! "
Nanrong Phantom listened with his head down, his eyes wide open and his nostrils panting.
"Have you discussed how to die?" A few steps across the MuMingFeng asked with a smile.
Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom looked at the front at the same time. Muming Feng was smiling at the two of them. The bloody face was distorted and Peng Tian actually got up again. His face became red. wait for a while looked at Yang Ye and Nan Rong Phantom with his eyes open, and his eyes were suddenly cold and cruel. He opened his mouth and shouted "Kill!"
As soon as the sound came out, people from Peng Tiandi had descended on Yang Night and Nan Rong Magic, and they also rushed to parry and dance with daggers and osteotome to kill Xiang Peng. After the moment, they counted red light and white light, surrounded the rebirth, and Peng Tian fought and chopped, and the collision sound sounded frequently.
This Peng Tian once again moves faster, stronger and harder like a different person.
To Yang Ye’s surprise and Nan Rong’s illusion, the two of them can hurt Peng Tian. Yang Ye’s dagger and Nan Rong’s phantom osteotome keep stabbing Peng Tian’s body, but no matter how hard, how accurate and how much angle they cut, the wound will always be a small mouth. Even if Nan Rong’s illusion sweeps with one arm, it is strong enough to make people cut off, but the osteotome is also a shallow wound to his waist.
The trouble is not limited to these fights. For a moment, Yang Ye and Nan Rong Huan noticed that although they could cut Peng Tian and the wound was bleeding, the more wounds there were, the more blood there was, and the more excited Peng Tian was, and the faster he was, the more powerful he became!
Until Peng Tian was black and blue with blood all over his body, like a bloody man, Yang Ye and Nan Huan had gradually failed to keep up with his speed, and both of them had already been hit hard. Peng Tian was slowly in the wind.
"pay attention to the wound!" Nan Rong Huan has discovered that the more wounds there are in Pengtian, the more people bleed and the more severe it becomes.
"Don’t wait too long!" Yang night in the south glory magic growl 1.
"Not an opponent!" South glory magic got a punch and cut a knife and shouted.
"Then don’t go!" Yang night empty shakes a recruit to drag the south glory illusion.
Suddenly, there was a lotus flower behind him. Yang night quickly looked sideways-Muming wind didn’t know when it had arrived here. insidious smile was carrying his arm and shaking his wrist, and then he punched the south glory magic.
"Look out!" Yang night called for a robot with both hands clutching Nan Rong’s magic shoulder to save him from hiding, but Mu Mingfeng’s fist was too fast. Yang night just grabbed Nan Rong’s magic shoulder and the fist hit him hard on the back of the head!
Yang night felt that when his head was blown up, it was definitely an explosion. He felt that his eyes almost flew out of his eyes and suddenly lit up and then went dark.
Nan Rong Phantom was thrown aside by Yang Ye and suddenly turned over. When he saw Yang Ye lying aside, his nose, mouth, ears and eyes were bleeding! Shouted in surprise, "Yang Ye!"
Yang Ye didn’t open his eyes at night, and it was difficult to open his eyes and shouted "Run!" with the last strength.
Nan Rong Magic was anxious and afraid to look up and see Mu Mingfeng smiling and watching them. Peng Tian has descended to this side again. He shouted a pair of arms and instantly contracted back to the original state. He grabbed Yang Ye’s arms and got up and rushed to the window in the room, then jumped up and smashed the glass and window frame and jumped out.
"Don’t let them get away!" Muming behind the wind shouted a.
Peng Tianma ran to the window but froze and turned around and shouted, "Look, gentleman!"
Muming wind also quickly walked to the window to look at the past and shook his head and laughed. "Ha ha, this south glory illusion still has this ability? I didn’t expect that "I grabbed a piece of broken glass on the windowsill with a smile and squeezed it hard. The sharp edge of the broken glass in my hand had been deeply cut into his palm, and the blood flowed out again."
"The two of them won’t live long and I won’t let them live long. Ha ha ha ha ha …"
Peng Tian Mu Mingfeng saw the gentleman laughing around him and followed him. He smiled and put his finger into a cut wound and then put his bloody finger in his mouth to slowly suck it up …
Yang night was already lying in bed when he opened his eyes. He stayed for a while and recovered. He sat up in bed and looked around in surprise.
South glory magic sit there and see Yang night woke up close to surprise and said, "wake up! How does it feel? "
Yang night took one look at Nan Rong’s phantom face, and a few pieces of bruised and swollen arm gauze bandaged it with a tragic sight-hesitated.
Asked softly, "where is this?"
"Your Yang’s family" replied Nan Rong Magic.
"Ah?" Yang night one leng once again carefully looked around and finally recognized that this is his own bedroom. He turned to look at Nan Rong Phantom with surprise. "We are not Mu family … How can …?"

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