Mei Xiang suddenly frowned slightly when she heard this. "This …"

"What this ah, then let you go to talk nonsense so much" Xue precious little eyelid don’t know what there is always a bad feeling in my heart; That kind of feeling is like what happened but I have been kept in the dark.
Mei Xiang’s thin lips pursed in the end with Xue Xi’s meaning to invite Xue Hai. Of course, I will report this information directly to Qin Rui later. How to handle it and how to arrange it is not something that these little people can consider.
Xue Xi was ordered to stay in bed by Qin Rui. Although Xue Hai was worried, he had wandered outside the hospital many times, but he couldn’t even get in the door. This time, he was very excited to have a chance to see his sister.
"Aunt and brother have something private to say, all of you go out!" See Xue Hai Xue precious little feel excited heart is going to my throat, think of what happened just outside the yard crush my heart joy and excitement towards a girl bold tunnel
Mei Hong and Mei Xiang looked at each other and bowed their heads with a somewhat difficult color. "Aunt Xue told me before the report that you must always keep the sight of the handmaiden, or if you make any mistakes, the report will kill the handmaiden."
"Aunt stay with his brother what can happen" Xue precious little smell speech suddenly face heavy heavy bad to ruthlessly stare at mei hong and mei xiang "how not obedient? It seems that when Aunt is looking for it, talk to Brother Rui about these two servant girls who are big bullies and don’t even listen to Aunt. "
"handmaiden dare not!" Mei Hong and Mei Xiang immediately fell to their knees for the third time.
"Then get out of the door!" Xue Xi Li drank two maids lightly, although it was difficult, but he could also walk away bitterly. Finally, he followed Xue Xi’s meaning and closed the door.
It was not until the two maids retired that Xue Hai sat sideways on the edge of the bed and looked at Xue Xi’s slightly pale face and felt the pain of tears in his chest. "Dear son, how did you lose weight? Did those two maids bully you?"
"Brother, what are you talking about?" Xue Xi immediately rolled up from the bed and sat up. Xue Hai gently put a soft pillow behind her back and waist, setting the bottom of her slightly raised abdomen eyes and quickly crossing a bit of darkness and deep color, but it was also restored to normal in a moment. His tone is very light, and there is a strong spoil color. "You are still pregnant, even if you don’t think about it yourself, you should think about it."
Speaking of her child Xue Xi raised her hand and held her slightly protruding belly face with a very happy little woman’s appearance and smiled gently, "Brother, I know."
"…" Looking at this, Xue Xi Xue Hai didn’t speak, but raised his hand and gently pinned Xue Xi’s forehead and broken hair to the back of his ear. The smile on his face was very light and soft, almost ethereal as if it were a foreign sound. "Do you really feel happy on such a day?"
Xue Xi is still immersed in her own thoughts, and her face is full of satisfied smiles. She nodded. "Brother, you don’t know that the sovereign is really worried about me. After I fell down in Heng Wu Garden, the sovereign has been arranging doctors to feel my pulse and even let me stay in bed." She said and looked outside the door. "Although those two maids are a little difficult to use on weekdays, they are also commanded by Rui Brother. I am really happy and kind now!" What’s wrong with getting the man you love most in my life when your dream comes true?
"Really?" See Xue cherish that happiness is about to overflow. Xue Hai can bow his head and crush the gloom at the bottom of his eyes and the sadness at the bottom of his heart. But Xue Xi did not find that Xue Hai’s face was still immersed in his happiness with a reluctant smile. "Well! But big brother! " Suddenly she reached out and grabbed Xue Hai’s hand.
Feel the soft touch of the back of your hand. Xue Hai suddenly felt stiff and hung his eyes. He saw the thin lips of the weak bones and forced himself to look away from her slender white hands. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Pretend not to see the general deep breath and ask, "huh?" What’s wrong? "
"Just then, I found that john young was carrying things from the treasury with people. Do you know what happened?" Xue Xi bowed his head and glanced at the bottom of his eyes quickly. I couldn’t be quiet when I thought of the words of the former toffee and those boxes of gifts.
"I heard that some old things in the treasure house were sent to Heng Wu Garden." Xue Haigen didn’t care about these.
"What?" Xue precious little smell speech suddenly eyes wide stare heart hanging in the throat "Heng Wu Yuan? Brother Rui hasn’t been to Heng Wu Garden for a long time? How can it be now … Tell me what happened! "
"You also don’t be too nervous." Xue Hai’s face smiles lightly and his throat slides and he swallowed hard. His face expression is somewhat self-conscious. "Anyway, both Wang Ye and Gu Jin Sunseeker are engaged by the first emperor. You should also know that Gu Jin Sunseeker’s identity is unusual. Once he returns to Xia Liang, he is the most honored princess. I can’t make it too stiff. What’s more, I just gave it to some old things."
But Xue Xi doesn’t think so. She’s seen Gu Jinxi with her own eyes, and she’s so beautiful and extraordinary before she grows young. If you wait two years, you will definitely be a stunner. Qin Rui is a regent, but he is also a man. Even if she can’t sit there, Gu Jinxi won’t be able to sit there.
Grasping Xue Hai’s hand, he suddenly forced Xue Xi’s eyes to stare round. "Old things, brother, do you really think there will be old things in the royal treasure house?" What can get into Qin Rui’s eyes is not essence?
"What do you mean …" Xue Hai suddenly frowned slightly. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift! </Chapter 198 shameless!
"Brother Rui must have rekindled an old love affair with Gu Jinxi" Xue cherished his eyes and was clenched into a fist with thick anger; Soon after the words fell, she shook her head again. "No, I’m not sure what trick Gu Jinxi made to seduce Brother Rui to help me!"
Xue Hai bowed his head and coagulated Xue Xi’s slightly pale face, and his chest could not help but hurt his eyes. His half-narrowed face looked up with a somewhat dignified color and looked out of the door quickly before lowering his voice. "Do you think too much about your son?"
"No, no, no, no," said Xue Cherish, his face tense, his hands clutching Xue Hai’s arm and eyes with full appeal. "From years ago to now, if it is because Gu Jin’s identity is right, brother Rui has to do well with her, what is this period? With brother Rui for so many years, you should know more about brother Rui’s sexuality than anyone else, but whatever he doesn’t like is how others persecute him. "What happened that after so long, brother Rui suddenly became interested in Heng Wu Garden? It must be that they secretly moved something.
Indeed, as Xue Xi said, Qin Rui is used to being uncompromising; Xue Haisi bowed his head and coagulated his baby sister’s worried expression, took her hand and gently kneaded her weak bones. The cold and greasy touch of her little hand made him feel an evil fire coming from the lower abdomen. He moved involuntarily and set off with a somewhat blushing face. "Cherish your son … what do you want to do?"
"Brother, you go to help me inquire and see what john young sent to Heng Wu Garden". Xue Xi’s smell speech quickly bowed his head, and it’s already not that casual woman. How can I not know what Xue Hai’s reaction represents? But she didn’t discover it, but pretended not to know anything. She leaned forward slightly on purpose. The large snow skin on her chest exposed by wearing a wide robe suddenly exposed Xue Hai’s eyes. Xue Hai felt that his voice was hoarse and he swallowed hard.
But Xue Xi didn’t feel anything, so he looked up and quietly coagulated Xue Haiyin’s soft waxy ending, which was somewhat unique to women, and stretched the way "Brother …"
"I cherish you!" Seems to be feeling the Xue precious little move Xue Hai suddenly felt stiff on the spot, but looking at Xue precious little that is still naive and simple expression, I thought of my reaction and suddenly felt a sense of guilt floating in my heart. I put my hands on Xue precious little shoulders and let her leave her body. I can bow my head and instantly, only to see that the flowers at the peak of the snow bloom suddenly feel that the evil fire in my abdomen is burning more and more. He swallowed hard, and his voice was hoarse. "Cherish my son and be good, my brother will go to check the white." Although it’s spring, the weather is still cold, even if you have to wear more clothes in the house, even if you can’t be yourself, you will have to think about it. If you catch cold, it will be bad. He is very difficult, almost squeezing out a sentence through his teeth and then throwing a sentence, "You have a good rest and my brother will come to see you another day!" Just run away
Sitting on the bed, Xue Xi looked at Xue Hai’s back and fled. His smile was still faint. His mouth was slanted with eyes stained with gloom and pride. He slowly put his clothes over his eyelids. His face seemed to be somewhat enlightened. Even though Xue Hai had always been very fond of her, she was not sure whether they were brothers and sisters. She was not sure whether Xue Hai would spoil her like Gu Jinxi, the three brothers of Heng Wu Yuan’s family. After all, people loved the woman next to him every belly. Then, just like others, it seems to me … She bowed her head and thought that Xue Hai’s reaction face just now was getting deeper and deeper.
"Come on!" She opened her mouth and drank lightly, and her smile was faint and persistent.
"Aunt Xue!" Mei Hong and Mei Xiang pushed the door and stood in bed at the same time, looking at Xue Xi’s appearance. Their faces were obviously not very good-looking. "I don’t know what you ordered?"
Xue precious little seems to be in a good mood light way "farce elder brother? Can you return to the government? "
"This ….." Mei Hong and Mei Xiang glances at each other and smile reluctantly. "Aunt Xue, don’t be hard on the handmaiden. Where is the whereabouts of the report that the handmaiden can inquire about?"

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