It was already noon when the two men were sent home, and Mo Lin was playing with the red soul in his hand. The hearts of the two great craftsmen were full of joy. Mo Zhou asserted that the red soul would raise the Mohist weapon casting technology to a higher level.

Mo Lin didn’t think so. He knew that he was lucky. The material of casting sword was once in a hundred years. The technology of casting sword from meteorite came from Linghu Zi, a military strategist, and the process of casting sword went smoothly. There were no mistakes and omissions. If one of these links went wrong, there would be no red soul born.
Well, everything went well before Mo Lin could hold the red soul in his hand and feel the cold in the middle. He walked in the moonlight for a while and slipped the red soul out of the village by winding his belt around his waist.
I came to the mountain forest and Molin whistled. These days, he was busy casting swords, although he didn’t practice, but he didn’t come to the mountain to see Zhu’s comments for some days.
"Do you still remember me?" Zhu Ping’s comment on the wine gourd behind Mo Lin appeared unnoticed, and he knocked on the head.
"It hurts!" Mo Lin felt wronged and got a headache.
"What are you busy with these days? Are you lazy?" Zhu evaluation diffuse inclined ink Lin sat down and asked.
"I cast a sword" Molin took the waist red soul and showed it to Zhu Pingman.
"How about it?" After Molin showed off, he asked Zhu for comments.
"It’s really a good sword. No wonder it didn’t have induction." Zhu Ping glanced at it a few times but was not as excited as Mo Lin imagined. Instead, he stared straight at Mo Lin and made his heart panic.
"Are you trying to fool me? Come on, if you have something to say." Zhu Ping glared at Mo Lin with a cold hum.
"Nothing can hide from Grandpa." Molin said with a wry smile.
"I still can’t see your mind? The Mohist exam is coming soon. You want to realize your dream of becoming an Mohist. This is the best chance." Zhu Ping poured a mouthful of wine. "But have you ever thought that this matter is very dangerous? If you expose the fact of practicing psionics, Mohist will not let you go."
"But I just want to give it a try," said Molin firmly. "I’ve worked so hard to create this sword. This is the chance. Grandpa, just let me have a try."
"If you really want to go, I won’t stop you, but I want to wake you up. Once you get out of this step, you can’t turn back. Although the red soul is fierce, the Mohist masters are not blind …" Zhu Ping sighed.
"I’ve made up my mind that if I want to try, this is my last chance, otherwise I won’t be able to be an ink writer for a generation!" Ink Lin is almost pleaded and said
"I said I won’t stop you. This is your life. You should learn to be responsible for yourself," Zhu commented.
Mo Lin was silent for a long time. He did have a plan. March 10 will be the official exam for the interns.
According to the theory of Mohism, Mo Linlin and Li Bo, who were eliminated at the beginning, are eligible to sign up for the exam, and those who pass the exam will be awarded the official title of Mohist. However, if they miss this exam opportunity, they may be awarded the honorary title of Mohist in the future, but there is always something missing compared with the formal one.
Molin, who cast this sword with red soul, took the exam. He hoped to apply for the project. The strange attack method of the red soul would cover up the fact that he was pregnant with psionics. This plan had been brewing in his heart for a long time, and he didn’t want to say it until he cast the sword today. I didn’t expect Zhu’s comments to be like a worm in his stomach, and he lost his mind at the sight of the red soul.
"Have you decided?" Zhu Pingman saw that Mo Lin had been silent and finally could not help but ask the truth. He didn’t want Mo Lin to take risks in his heart, but he knew about Mo Lin. This child decided that things could not be changed.
Sure enough, as Zhu Pingman expected, Molin looked up and said firmly, "I have decided to give it a try."
"In that case, I’ll teach you another trick." Zhu Ping sighed.
"Thank you, Grandpa. I knew Grandpa had a way." Molin was overjoyed.
"But you must remember that this method can deceive Chinese and Mexican people. If you encounter ink, you must never try to be brave, especially in front of ink, or you will die!" Zhu review diffuse wake way
"I know" Molin nodded and promised to come.
Zhu Pingman taught Mo Lin a more profound method of hiding psionics, and watched him practice seriously. He sat aside and gave directions while drinking, and Mo Lin soon mastered ten * * Zhu Pingman said, "This child is getting more and more clever, and maybe he can reach the master’s realm in time."
"But his temper is somewhat similar to mine, and he doesn’t bump into the south wall like a stubborn cow and doesn’t look back." Zhu Ping’s comments swept through many memories and shook his head when he remembered those ridiculous things he had done in his youth.
"Alas, young people grow up by making mistakes. Since he has chosen this road, I will help him to the end." Seeing a temper with himself, Mo Lin and Zhu Pingman, is like seeing himself when he was young. He secretly made up his mind that once Mo Lin was in danger, he would rather break his promise and help.
Molin is in a good mood, although he knows that his choice may bring a lot of dangers, but this kind of danger has become a thrill in the process of pursuing his dream for several times in the dead of night, and he dreams that one day he will be a member of the team with an ink wrist strap.
Sticking to dreams from an early age may be laughed at by many people as impossible, but the more impossible it is, the more valuable it is to realize dreams. Molin has always believed that the world should have dreams, embrace hope and keep working hard, and there is nothing impossible.
Especially when Molin swallowed up the power of the dragon soul, his desire became stronger and stronger. At first, the fate of the dragon soul brought him all troubles, but when all the dust settled, his mind changed.
Since the dragon soul has chosen me and fate has chosen me, I must do something with these forces. Molin thinks so and tries to do so. He wants to be a real Mohist and spread the idea of Mohist love and non-attack to every corner of the earth so that everyone can live an equal and happy life.
The upcoming Mohist exam will be the first important card for him to realize his dream journey. He is not facing the enemy, but is close to a Mohist and himself.
"Do you have a fever?" Limbaugh touched the ink Lin forehead and touched his doubts to ask
"I say it’s true. You consider it." Molin said seriously.
"The three of us … are going to take the Mohist exam?" The coolie exaggerated his mouth and stuffed five eggs with his mouth open.
"Yes, the three of us, don’t you want to be ink writers?" Molin smiled and looked at the two good brothers, who had known each other since childhood. Whether it was Mohist School or Xiangyun Machinery Shop, they were all good friends and familiar with each other.
Mo Lin knows that they once had a great dream of becoming a Mohist, just like themselves. Unfortunately, they can bury their hearts when they fail in the exam, but they may wake up tossing and turning at midnight like themselves, remembering their childhood dreams and licking the wounds of failure.
"Are you kidding?" Lin Bo also looked serious. "How can we pass the exam with the three of us? We don’t even have the true spirit."
"We have brains," Molin pointed to the head and pointed to the red soul. "We also have tools for engineering. The test will be less difficult. If we are lucky enough, we may pass."
Lin Bo and the coolie fell silent. Obviously, their hearts were struggling, and their long-lost dream suddenly came back to their eyes and became a tangible temptation. How many young people can refuse it?

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