At this time, the man’s head has been placed next to the light. Xie Cun looked at the face and had some distorted faces. He immediately thought of this person, who was once seen in Nagasaki.

As soon as Xie Cunguan saw the ship getting healthier and healthier, his face turned white. These dead people are estimated to be from the headquarters of the Tokyo Black Dragon Club, and these people carrying the bodies should be Hiroshi Shibata!
Is there a conflict between Tokyo Black Dragon Club headquarters and Shibata Hiroshi? Or … But he immediately realized that it was wrong. How could Shibata Hiroshi kill these people when he arrived more than an hour earlier than himself?
So … A name almost blurted out Tian Shengji! These people are Taji people.
But how dare Tian Shengji kill the ship? Is it completely turned against Tokyo? And what are Tian Shengji and Shibata Hiroshi? How did they kill the boat Yue Jianyi here? What’s the boat doing here?
This series of questions to a series of thank-you officials immediately understand that these people are fighting for one thing.
This thing must be available in Shibata Hiroshi Laboratory! Shibata Hiroshi’s laboratory must have found something worthy of both sides’ fighting. For this Toshita Province, Ji did not hesitate to kill the ship, the more healthy it was.
He doesn’t know that Tian Shengji’s killing the ship is not only the reason for fighting for things, but also the anger that he killed Tian Late Autumn.
Now that the two sides have lit the fire, why not add some firewood? Xie inch officer face emerge a sneer at.
Just then, someone came in from behind and asked, "Did you find anything good?" There is also a look at Xie Cun Road, who is still carrying the body beside him. "Hey, you …" I want to ask why I don’t put the body, but the man looks at Xie Cun’s body shape, but he doesn’t like a companion he knows. He can’t help but hesitate to say.
Xie Cunguan’s shoulder body suddenly hit and hit the head that was touching something next to him, and then suddenly turned around and four people behind him, only to see his face screaming out to be continued.
Chapter 10 Shibata Hiroshi
After several people exclaimed that Xie Cunguan had made progress by stepping on his feet, the kid put on his boots and greeted the front man in the crotch. The man bent over with a stuffy hum and was overwhelmed by the body on his shoulder.
Although this foot seems simple, it has an understanding and needs to be practiced.
Tiao y and n legs, also known as shadow feet, are famous for their quickness and difficulty in prevention. Almost every martial arts school has this leg technique, because this leg technique is really a magic weapon for defeating the strong and relaxing.
But to be honest, it’s not as easy to kick each other’s crotch as we miss you, because everyone wears pants to cover that crucial place, and it’s not so easy to kick.
In fact, 10% will kick each other’s thighs near the crotch, which may be rubbed but not straight.
To do the right thing is to slide and kick diagonally along the other side of the leg, which is the reason.
Xie Cunguan threw a foot down and rushed forward to pounce on the second man.
This person is also a quick reaction. As soon as the situation is wrong, he will immediately bump the body into Xie Cunguan, and Xie Cunguan will jump on the body directly with both hands. And once he presses it, he will even push the body to the wall. Once he wraps his legs and turns up his boots, he will hang it at the other party’s knee bend, then spread his legs and step on the lower abdomen, directly bending his waist.
One foot down this person Xie Cun officer person rushed to the third person without stopping.
The third person has thrown away the body at this time and looked at Xie Cunguan so fierce that he immediately turned and fled.
When Xie Cunguan crouched down, he grabbed the other person’s hind leg neck and turned the person directly into a handstand and slammed it into the ground unconscious.
Just then, the tall man, who looked like the leader, came in with a man carrying a corpse. He just saw this scene and grabbed it. The man who was running out glared at Xie Cunguan and roared, "Who are you?"
Xie Cunguan root didn’t answer. Directly, people rushed forward like tigers.
The big fellow caught off guard and grabbed his companion to come over to Xie Cunguan.
Xie Cunguan stepped forward, turned his left hand over and beat it, and it turned on the man’s right shoulder, and his right hand bent his arm into a cannon. When he punched the other jaw, his elbow slammed into the other’s heart with his fist.
The man just rolled over to the ground.
At this time, the big fellow had a big drink, striding like a tiger, punching his left hand to the right side of Xie Cunguan’s face
Xie Cunguan looks at the fist from the right to break the potential, but the right hand goes directly to the face side, twisting the body and stepping into the tiger’s head. The right elbow directly sets up the opponent’s fist, while the left hand hits the target from the right elbow to the palm, but the target is the opponent’s heart.
The big fellow’s hair is a renju fist, and his left hand punches out and his right hand punches out immediately.
However, Xie Cunguan’s left hand occupied the line body and pressed it on his chest with the step-by-step palm, and the big fellow’s body was pushed unsteadily by this palm and his right hand was naturally unable to be punched.
At this time, Xie Cunguan further leaned his right elbow and left palm against each other’s chest at the same time, and his right palm was cut on each other’s cheeks. As soon as the strength was solid, he immediately walked and cut his legs. As soon as he entered the hall, his hind legs moved forward, and he rolled more tightly with Dantian for a while, and his arms had given each other a devastating strength.
This kind of destruction is to stick to the other side and to destroy the other side’s center of gravity so that the other side can’t change.
He, a big fellow, can naturally carry forward his strength, and Xie Cunguan’s body naturally sinks as he progresses. The center of gravity of Han’s body directly rests on Xie Cunguan’s elbow.
At this time, Xie Cunguan’s belly was shocked and his arms were touched, and it was Dai Jiaqiang’s effort to hang pictures on the wall that threw people.
Since he was able to shock the marrow, Xie Cunguan felt that his energy was fast and fierce, and he felt an indestructible self-confidence psychologically.
As in the past, when he met such a tall man, he usually leaned over and hit the key
But now he will see what needs to be done according to the situation! Just like at the moment, when he needs it, he will directly hit each other and throw the big fellow into the wall, bang and fall to the ground.
A release of the big fellow Xie Cunguan has already pounced on another person. After stepping on the arrow, he got up and went straight out with a horizontal fist to knock the person down and turn him over to the ground. He has to struggle. Xie Cunguan stepped on the other person’s face and kicked the person unconscious directly. When he reached the realm of Xie Cunguan, he beat ordinary people, just like a strong man beating a baby.
At this time, the innermost four people were stunned by the corpse, and the other three people were there, their faces pale and stunned.
To say that these people have certain skills, but they are not enough to see in front of Xie Cunguan.
Moreover, these people are not the core strength of the family, but a small community "Aomori Group" on the periphery. That tall man is the head of this community, and the Aomori community is named after him.
He mainly runs this garbage incineration site, and Tian Shengji asked him to deal with those bodies.
Now, the person in the house and a driver outside are all his hands. The real Tian family is still sitting in the car outside. Aomori Noguchi is a big man, but he doesn’t have much responsibility. When Xie Cunguan wrings a man’s neck in front of him, he immediately says everything.
Xie Cunguan directly kicked him in the gills to help him pass out, and then his eyes stared at those people, all of whom were gangsters, shrinking their necks and dodging his eyes at this time.
Xie Cunguan walked out of the incinerator and walked to the car without saying anything.

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