Two people ran to a hillside, but they saw that the two armies had been fleeing all the time and suddenly stopped. Niu Hengtong’s face showed a little smile and turned to the soldiers around and shouted, "Brothers! The thief army has no strength! There’s no escape! Ah! Kill them! "

"Kill!" The soldiers in Jiuniu Village are also angry. Just now, a whole dog’s blood drenched their heads and insulted them. Especially at present, their side has occupied an absolute advantage. This kind of win-win battle is naturally high morale! At that time, nearly 3,000 people surged out toward the army array composed of just a few hundred double armies.
Faced with several times the enemy’s own so fiercely, those two armies face a little fear, but Zhu Huan, the commander in chief, looks cool, and Wargo’s face is still a little excited next to Zhu Huan, as if expecting something wonderful to happen!
Seeing that the soldiers rushing in front of Jiuniu Village are a hundred paces away from the two armies, the two armies can clearly see the ferocious face of the soldiers in Jiuniu Village, and Niuheng is already rushing in front of Jiuniu Village at the moment. He wants to be the first to rush to the front of the little man named Zhu Huan and cut this crazy little head with his sword!
"Xiao Na lives!"
It’s about sixty paces closer. The sword in Niu Hengtong’s hand is already held high. He can foresee Zhu Huan’s painful struggle in front of him. He couldn’t help sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. This Niu Hengtong felt that his body seemed to be full of poor power, even if his foot was pushed with a jerk.
Suddenly I found my feet weak, and everything around me suddenly flew into the sky.
This sudden change suddenly made the cow prosper, but when it didn’t react, it felt very dizzy. No! No, it feels really dizzy! Soon Niu Hengtong felt that the heavens and the earth had fallen, and then the top of his head seemed to hit something. Niu Hengtong was seeing stars and his head was dizzy
"Wow!" "Pit! Pit! There are pits here! " "Help!"
Zhu Heng disdained the pie mouth and said, "Native Wagou!"
Chapter two Ji Fan’s wedding!
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Before, it was a deafening roar, but now it has become an endless scream. Niu Heng waved his head around, only to find that it was not the things around him that flew, but that he had fallen into a big pit. There were many soldiers in Jiuniu Village who also fell off one by one. When he looked up, there were still soldiers in Jiuniu Village who were constantly falling from the surface. Obviously, those who followed him rushed too fast to stop.
Jiuniuzhai has fallen!
————————— dividing line
"Hegemony unified plain army led the army to launch a siege war against Polar Town!"
Ji Fan got up with a heavy face. At present, there are 2 double armies and 5 ordinary foot soldiers in the city.
Five times more siege!
Lu Xun to JiFan fuels "master when I go to guarding city to calculate general Zhu Huan they should come back"
Five thousand foot soldiers in the plain came to the extreme town.
Teams of plain troops carrying ladders on their shoulders, one waving weapons, one holding an iron shield and howling at the extreme town.
"Kill kill"
The plain army held aloft like forest combat knives, and more and more ladders were erected in Chengtou.
A plain soldier took the lead in climbing the ladder with a steel knife in his mouth and climbed along the rickety ladder towards Chengtou.
Several soldiers crawled slowly on the ladder like ants.
City soldiers saw Lu Xun’s gesture and immediately blew the horn.
Suddenly, hundreds of soldiers rushed in with boiling water and braved the enemy’s arrows and rain to dump the bucket in their hands.
"Hua Hua"
"ah ah"
The plain soldier who bit the steel knife was immediately rushed by the hot water and screamed and rolled away. Suddenly, the "knocked" weight fell to the ground and the screams echoed through Wan Li.
Ji Fan took the ambition to walk the wall and looked at Lu Xun’s command.
Xun Yu is constantly organizing people to transport resources.
"Hit" at this time Lu Xun majestically in front of the city while observing the dynamics of the enemy in the city with different orders "boulder! "
The shrill wail suddenly sounded hundreds of double armies each picked up dozens of pounds of boulders and smashed Chengtou with rolling wood.
"ah ah"
Dozens of plain soldiers were smashed into real armor, broken bones, rotten flesh and blood, and they fell from the ladder to the ground, screaming miserably, and even smashed the ground out of a big hole.
"Is the wall oil all arranged?" Lu Xun asked.
"It’s an adult Lu" JiXiu nodded his head.
"You lead a hundred foot soldiers to firmly guard these babies and listen to my call." Lu Xun said and immediately raised his sword indifferently.
"Leimu" tracing the cause roars and personally lifts a huge stone and forcefully lifts it toward the ladder, where the enemy soldiers are climbing.
"Ah?" The soldier who was climbing looked up and suddenly saw this oncoming boulder. Suddenly, he hurriedly tried to avoid it by letting go and kicking. The boulder did not hit him, but he had already fallen towards a wall more than ten feet high.
"Ah, snow"
Pieces of wood and boulders smashed against the enemy.
The bottom came immediately, and it was miserable.
Ji Fan frowned and was just about to help before dissuading him.
"Master, you will distract Lu Xun’s adult."
Ji Fannai nodded and walked backwards, trying not to let Lu Xun see him.
"shoot an arrow"
"wooshing wooshing"
Those arrows that were shot out of hand immediately woven a dark cloud, and the arrows were shot like raindrops.
Nevertheless, one, two, and three more and more plain troops have reached Chengtou.
The foot soldiers of the two armies scuffled together
"Kill" tracing the cause a roar immediately waving pike attack to instantly kill three enemy troops.
As soon as the dramatist saw this situation, he quickly said to Ji Fan, "Master, you are brave and can’t help at present. Why don’t you come to our logistics?"

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