"I do!" Dry elder brother looked at Ke Mengxuan, Qin Xiaowan, Zhang Xiaoyan, Sun Mei, Zhao Lan, Zhao Yafang, and Jie Qinv seriously, word for word

"Ke Mengxuan, are you willing to marry Wang Xiaogan on health, illness, wealth and poverty, and love him for life?" Hu Debiao nodded at Kemengxuan inquired.
"I do!" Ke Mengxuan’s eyes are red, leaving tears of happiness and looking at Brother Gan, and so are his daughters.
"Ok, please exchange rings!" Hu Debiao nodded and saw that Brother Gan wore special diamond rings for all seven women, each with their names engraved on its face, while Brother Gan wore the one with their names engraved on it.
"Now I declare that you have married French husband and wife!" With Hu Debiao’s voice falling, the scene gave a thunderous clap and they blessed each other together.
The elder brother of the hard work has already gone through the immigration formalities in secret with the old chief. He and seven women now have dual nationality of China and Arabia, but the Arab nationality is to give Qin Xiaowan and them a piece of legal marriage formalities, and the 686th chapter is a strange reappearance of the ending.
Chapter 686 The odd reappearance of the finale 【 I solemnly recommend sogeum’s new "Ace Bodyguard" has been updated in 17k. I hope that parents will support a lot of blood boiling ambiguity and limit a pure man’s wonder! Dear friends, go to the collection and click "Join the Rack"! Absolutely wonderful! Do not miss it! 】 dry elder brother with seven women a table a table a toast Chen Hu quipped with a smile "Xiao dry you must pay close attention to the ha see my son is going to play soy sauce! Ha ha ….. "Say that finish teasing Zhang Yan child in her arms.
"Ha-ha, it’s like no one seems to have more than you. Drink your bar quickly!" I’m laughing, and I’m still showing off with Godzilla. I have seven wives and one wife to have one, which is enough for you to have seven years, and you have to ensure that the gun hits the target.
"Brother Gan, don’t just talk and don’t practice. Now hurry to make up for it. It’s enough for you to suffer from the generation of our loyalty hall. You must contribute your Jingxue!" Ouyang Cheng laughed and continued to quip.
He said that several women were shy and lowered their heads at the same time. At the moment, they were still strong in fighting capacity. "You’d better mind your own business first. You see, I have to make up for this physique!"
"Ha ha ….." They drank very much. Brother Gan put away the joke and told Ouyang Cheng Chen Hu to accompany the hospitality and take seven women to toast their elders.
Although it’s somewhat awkward for all the female parents to meet, especially Zhao Lan’s sharp mother made Brother Gan have been struggling to worry that if his sharp mother-in-law turned against her, it would be a shame to lose her temper. Fortunately, the old lady also wanted to face Brother Gan one after another, and she barely smiled. "Xiao Wang, I can warn you that if Xiaolan is wronged, I will never spare you!"
"Don’t worry, mom, don’t worry …" Dry elder brother piled on a smile to please ensure that "I won’t let them suffer any injustice …" Say that finish is another cup of belly.
The atmosphere reached a climax when Brother Gan took several girls to the table of the old chief Ke Datian. Because the master wore casual clothes to attend the wedding, most people didn’t even know the identity of this mysterious visitor. Otherwise, if they learned that they were sitting with the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission for drinking, they wouldn’t be shocked. Besides, they wouldn’t be able to let go.
"Let’s propose a toast to you, Sir. Thank you for your help for so many years …" Brother Gan said with a little witch girl and they raised their glasses.
Master smiled and took a sip of his glass. "Don’t say that. It should be said that I thank you for your contribution for the country. Today is your big day, so don’t accompany me as a bad old man. Go ahead!"
It was a good day. After sending everyone away, except Zhao Yafang and Jie, there were five women left to stay in the villa. Brother Gan was lying on a big wedding bed. That was an excitement. I couldn’t help but get up. Life was officially kicked off by sleeping together …
A few years later, on a private island in Africa, a burly man was surrounded by a group of sexy bikini girls, and there were nine children around them. Suddenly, a little girl stared at the man and asked innocently, "Dad, Dad, why do I have so many mothers but one father?"
"Well … that’s because you have so many mothers who love your father …" The man wanted to think and picked up the girl and answered.
"Then why do you love your father?" The little girl continued to ask
"Because my father is handsome ….." The man just answered seven amorous feelings, and his eyes were thrown away. The man’s bedroom eyes were swept away, and he said, "Look at the hair." Seeing the head is not just for me to eat!
"Is aunt my father handsome?" The little girl shook the little witch’s hand and looked at her with innocence, waiting for her answer.
"Your father is a villain. Don’t listen to him. Mothers don’t love him!" The little witch picked up the little girl and pinched her tender little face like jelly and said
Haven’t waited for her to say that finish? Several women unanimously responded to the dry elder brother and immediately jumped at him. "Well, you little bitches see how elder brother can tidy up you …"
"Ah … hurry up and run … Dad’s coming to catch us … haha … giggle …" Several women hurriedly pulled the small sea beach and pretended to run for a while. Everything was so harmonious and natural. The picture was frozen here.
Xiaoqin wants to talk to her friends.
"Gan Ge Qi" has been written for more than a year, and today it is finally finished. Over the past year or so, Xiaoqin has exposed all kinds of shortcomings that a novice can expose and made all kinds of mistakes that a novice has made, such as being unable to update it for various reasons, which has brought inconvenience to parents; The inevitable appearance of typos in the text brings troubles to the parents; The plot setting is sometimes a bit messy for parents to see, and it is difficult to entangle, and so on, but in any case, the conclusion of "Gan Geqi" is ushered in. I have to admit that the end is a bit reckless, but Xiaoqin has always insisted on it. The road for beginners is full of ups and downs, and I hope parents will understand more.
For more than a year, although there are so many shortcomings, Xiaoqin is gratified that parents have been following and supporting the theory that whenever readers are inexhaustible motivation, we are like Bole and Maxima. Although Xiaoqin does not dare to call herself Bole, parents must be unscrupulous and Maxima. This Xiaoqin once again thanks parents for never giving up.
The road to growth is always full of sadness and joy. We are all the same. Although Xiaoqin has made such and such mistakes in the past year, Xiaoqin has continued to grow through the mistakes. It has been guided by a rookie-level writer 17k, especially Xia Dage, and has gradually matured and gradually understood the qualities and professional ethics that a writer must possess.
All right, let’s stop nagging. I hope parents can support Xiaoqin as always. Xiaoqin will not let everyone down. Now Xiaoqin’s new "Ace Bodyguard" has been launched at 17k. Introduction to ambiguity: Seven years ago, he was angry and stabbed a good official. He was secretly recruited by the National Security Bureau to become a killer in the killer world for seven years. Seven years later, he returned to his hometown by himself, Heyang, with a group of life and death brothers, to fight against hooligans and get rid of bullies. He is a Qin man, not a pure man!
Xiaoqin guarantees that "The Ace Bodyguard" must be a good watch and will never let the parents down. At least the typo phenomenon will be gradually eliminated, and the sub-plot will be guaranteed to be worthy of scrutiny. The most important thing is to update it at a certain time! Do you want to ride the city like a man? Then come and watch "Ace Bodyguard" at 17k!
Finally, I wish you guys a good job, earn money, make money, be healthy, work hard, study hard, live well, and everything will be fine!
-Qin Jian Zhong Xue August 17, 1 year
This is not the last latest chapter. The following 13 chapters are all external texts, and the last chapter is the 14th. Please forgive me, because the row problem can’t be deleted, but please rest assured that there will be no external ones. It’s all previous mistakes. Xiaoqin is very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you …] I got up early this morning to write this. To be honest, Xiaoqin didn’t sleep well all night. Because it has been three months since I wrote it, I have been paying attention to the brain interface and never went to the mobile phone to see it. Yesterday, my friend Hao showed me a mobile phone and commented on it. It’s an insult to Xiaoqin’s theory that dozens of readers are right or wrong. First of all, I apologize to readers’ relatives. It was Xiaoqin who was sorry at first. At that time, Xiaoqin was a novice and had a lot of confusion. Therefore, in order to ensure that readers have more literature to read, some of their own essays and poems were written from time to time. But I didn’t expect that this would be met with dissatisfaction and disgust from some readers. Here Xiaoqin sincerely said "I’m really sorry" and resolutely promised to let everyone have a good time.
There is still a misunderstanding because the outside of the mobile phone is displayed together with the text, that is to say, behind the outside text, some netizens always display the novel articles in the foreign language when they type the latest last chapter. There are 13 articles in this article. I assure you that this will be my last article, and I will not write it outside, and I will wake up my friends here. If you log in with your mobile phone, you will see the last chapter, which is not just posted, but a long time ago. It is the latest updated chapter of the text that has been pushed forward, which will cause inconvenience to everyone. Xiaoqin will apologize once.
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