"If you want to be a family fighter, you must be able to bear hardships and eat hard. Everyone wants you to stick to it."

Masato said.
"My brother is white"
Kobayashi cong nods
Masato finished the wooden door and went out to the ruined temple. Little Lin Cong followed and went out to Masato.
The sun is just shining on Masato and Kobayashi
"Kill Zhou Shan and Zhou Yi and others so that I can have a good trip to the West Lake, which is a beautiful place."
Masato looked up and the sun said to himself, through these two days of adjustment, his confidence has come back.
"Master, do you have any tricks not to come out? Does this trick really deal with Zhoushan? "
Kobayashi Satoshi still couldn’t resist his curiosity and asked Masato Tao because he had heard his master say that he had thought of dealing with the island law.
"This is my card to deal with Zhoushan. When the time comes, I will kill Zhoushan and you will naturally arrive."
Masato is lightly laughed than confidence.
"Master, are you going to take me when you fight?"
Xiao Lin Cong listened to Masato’s words and then the little head was silent before looking up and continuing to ask Masato way
"This is a rare opportunity to watch, which is of great benefit to your post-budo comprehension. Of course I will take you to Kobayashi Cong. Are you afraid? What are you afraid of if you have a teacher? "
Masato is a Xu person. Of course, I felt my little apprentice’s heart was afraid as soon as I got there.
"Of course I’m not afraid of you, master. If you take me there, you will be distracted to take care of me, which may affect your play. That’s what I’m worried about."
Kobayashi Cong carefully replied that he was afraid that Masato would blame him.
Xiao Lin Cong is young, but he is clever and clever. Zhou Jia is a master like a cloud. Master Zhou Shan doesn’t talk about Zhou Chi, Chen Hu and Zhouyi. No one is underwhelming. Even if Masato really plays his cards, Zhou Chi, Chen Hu and Zhouyi will definitely make joint efforts. In that case, it is possible for Masato to evacuate alone, but if he can’t leave with him, both of them may die.
No one is afraid of death, and Kobayashi is no exception. Once he went to Zhoujia in distress, he was really afraid. He would rather make a final battle between his master and Zhoushan than go to Zhoujia again.
"Kobayashi Satoshi tells you that fighters like Zhou Shan and Zhou Yi have dignity. Even if they lose or win, they won’t kill you. Don’t take yourself too seriously."
Masato is ha ha laugh. It seems that he has already worn Zhou Shan’s master and Zhouyi people. Because the peerless strong man is disdainful of killing a child, he will not worry that the child will find revenge for himself when he grows up in the future.
"Master, I’m relieved."
Kobayashi said with a grain of salt.
Masato and Kobayashi Satoshi basked in the sun outside the ruined temple and returned to the ruined temple to continue to sit in futon meditation.
Masato’s state of mind has recovered at this time. He will continue to adjust his state of mind and reach a new peak the day after tomorrow to face the first master of the army, Zhoushan.
Zhouyi and Lily made out from noon to noon.
Lily is still a big girl with pure yellow flowers. Zhouyi naturally can’t’ fuck too hard’. Zhouyi is a master of boxing. In some respects, it is much better than the average person’s nature, which makes his men feel ashamed and jealous.
Girls are very disgusted with men who are not gentle, because women need to get into that feeling when they do things.
Men who don’t know how to be gentle will leave a shadow in women’s hearts, which will make these women very disgusted and afraid to stay with men.
However, Zhouyi is different from ordinary men. He is a master of the truth field.
Zhouyi coaxed his sister Kexin Yu, a child bride at home, around two or three years ago. Of course, he understood these things. At the beginning, he was very gentle. Chapter 18 The demise of martial arts.
And lily is a normal woman. At this age, she naturally has this need. Lily was quickly jumped up and finally asked for it from Zhouyi.
At this time, Zhouyi played a man’s mighty role, and Li Li was paralyzed and groaned constantly.
In the afternoon, Zhouyi and Li Licai stopped fighting.
When they were lying in bed, Zhou Yi was panting slightly, while Li Li was blushing all over. Obviously, Zhou Yi had just sent her to the clouds, which made her taste the best joy of relationships and relationships for the first time and made her a happier woman.
Zhou Yi and Li Li are still hugging each other. Although things are done, they are still inseparable.
Zhou Yi’s figure is in perfect golden proportion, and his muscles are refined. At this time, his skin without a trace of fat oozes fine sweat, while Li Li’s skin red gradually disappears and becomes more sexy and good than white.
"Brother Zhouyi, you must protect me after I am already your person."
Lily put her head on Zhouyi’s chest and said shyly that she was shy, but just now Zhouyi’s training became faster and faster, and she kept appealing to Zhouyi when she rushed to the clouds.
Zhou Yi, lying in her arms, Li Li knew that she would finish this simple girl’s theory of body or mind. Li Li should never accept another man in her life.
"Well, don’t worry, I will take good care of you. You are my woman and I won’t let anyone hurt you."
Zhouyi put her arms around Lily and told her affectionately that he had many women, but he was responsible for every woman.
"Brother En Zhouyi, I believe you"
Lily nodded with a happy face. By this time, she found that she not only longed for a sense of security, but also found that she really liked Zhouyi, and her body breath made her deeply infatuated.
"Lily, do you still call me Brother Zhouyi?"
Zhouyi held Lily’s arms and touched Lily’s delicate way
"What shall I call you? Now that you are my boyfriend, it is really inappropriate to call you Brother Zhouyi, which is not intimate enough. "Lily said to herself after listening to Zhouyi’s words.

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