Duan Qingyun heart Lao Zhang, you old man must be careful. Things with that guy in your crotch seem to be worse than before. If something really goes wrong, you may not live!

"It is enough to have a bosom friend in life!" Zhang, director of the flashing eyes not satisfied tunnel "but there are many kinds of bosom friends! Like our third brother, it is definitely a confidant. It should be said that more than one is not enough! "
When’ tis once spoken Duan Qingyun and tree-lined looked up and smiled.
Director Zhang continued, "There is another kind of confidant who is a confidante! I personally think that the more confidants there are, the better! Tree-lined, I know that there are many women in you, and they are all good-looking. Touch your heart. How many women do you know? "
Tree-lined a listen to show shame hey hey a smile "elder brother zhang I’m not so lucky ah pity you …"
Director Zhang laughed. "Through my understanding of you, I dare say that you don’t have a woman who is a confidante! Am I wrong? Ha ha ha … "
The tree-lined trees are actually not nervous. It seems that the shame color has just disappeared. "Brother Zhang, you are absolutely right. My tree-lined trees are like one in 100,000 for women!"
Said the tree-lined looked up at the day that Leng Yue’s face emerged with a sincere smile and said, "Brother Zhang, compared with you, you are the moon that day and I am tree-lined. My tree-lined is fireflies in dry land! Hey hey incomparable … "
"Tree-lined, you are small again!" Director Zhang pointed to Lin Vagina. "But I think I am much better than you in dealing with women!"
Zhang and Erh Lin, the directors, burst out laughing again.
Lin Yin laughed and didn’t forget to pull Duan Qingyun into the "Kan Bureau" at the same time. "Brother Zhang, I think we are getting old day by day, and the short section is just like the sun is shining at nine o’clock in the morning. Hey, hey, the short section will be more brilliant than the sum of the two of us!"
As soon as the words were spoken, Director Zhang put his eyes on the light and clapped Duan Qingyun’s shoulders and said, "Small paragraphs, you mix well. After you are young, there are many opportunities. Playing with women is our middle-aged personnel and your youth personnel, but it is your youth personnel after all!"
Duan Qingyun quickly said, "Oh, my two directors, you flatter me too much. I can’t live for another hundred years and reach the level of your two big directors!" Said Duan Qingyun long sigh.
Director Zhang said, "A short paragraph, you are very intelligent and human. This is the most important factor for you to gain a female confidant. Hey, hey, you know the aphrodisiac medicine. This is your biggest event!"
The tree-lined interjected, "Little paragraph, you tell me that you are nineteen years old. How many women have you slept with?"
Duan Qingyun one leng hey hey smile a face of bad laughs "this this problem let people how not bashful to say …"
Director Zhang and Erh Lin heard the interest. Director Zhang said, "Tell me about a short paragraph, and let us who have experienced it give you advice to improve your quality of life, right?"
Duan Qingyun’s face is still full of mystery and a bad smile. He held out his hands while pinching his fingers and murmured, "Well, it’s a little difficult to really calculate this accurately. I’ll roughly calculate it. There are twelve maids in Lingxian Town, a village in Wang Jiacun. There are almost forty in Zhaojiazhuang. There are almost thirty in Lizhuang, and there are more than twenty after one row into the city … Oh, if nothing goes wrong, Xiaoya is my 230th woman!"
Looking at his mouth wide open and his eyes green, Duan Qingyun, a director of Erh Lin, smiled and pretended to be modest. "Hey, how can my achievements be compared with those of the two directors!"
When he said this, Qingyun felt weak in his heart. Where did he sleep with so many women? To be more accurate, Duan Qingyun was still a virgin until now! But Duan Qingyun is competitive, especially for women. He will never worship the wind. Anyway, he is bragging. Then my brothers will blow hard to see who can blow it! This is his old strength.
Duan Qingyun has exercised a kind of lying without blinking an eye since he entered the city. Just now, when the woman broke her fingers and moved his facial expression, it gave people a kind of simplicity and sincerity, but Duan Qingyun seemed to be exposed this time. After all, he said it was not an ordinary thing, but because of his affair with a woman, Zhang, a director in Erh Lin and others, he also realized at a glance that Duan Qingyun was pure nonsense, but although he felt that Duan Qingyun’s words were full of water, the two directors still felt that Duan Qingyun’s little cow force was awesome!
However, Duan Qingyun’s mood didn’t improve with Zhang and Erh Lin’s director’s teasing. After the teasing is instantaneous, she is worried about Xiaoya. Where can she go? I wish she was fascinated by the beautiful scenery in the city and wandered around the city alone! However, Duan Qingyun immediately denied his idea. Xiaoya is a cold person! How can she wander alone in the noisy downtown? She definitely doesn’t have the mood to wander alone!
In this way, Duan Qingyun will once again connect Xiaoya Lin Yushan together! Is Xiaoya really being plundered by Lin Yushan?
Duan Qingyun heart as Lin Yushan appeared in my mind and nervous again.
At this point his words rang.
It seems that Duan Qingyun’s eyes are wide open, and it is Xiaoya who is calling.
Looking at the mobile phone screen, Duan Qingyun’s hands are shaking, and his eyes are blurred. He can’t believe this is Xiaoya.
At the same time, Duan Qingyun’s heart was violently pulled up by a famous force. This sentence should not be Lin Yushan’s blackmail!
Aside, director Zhang looked at Duan Qingyun and smiled stupidly. "Come on, it’s your horse. Go meet it. Hey hey …"
Tree-lined also said, "Brother Zhang, don’t say that. We are so happy that we don’t know what to do. We can’t find the answer key …"
The bell rang for three times, and Duan Qingyun answered the words.
Xiaoya didn’t speak and kept silent.
Duan Qingyun clearly listened to Xiaoya’s breathing and seemed to see Xiaoya’s cold and slightly smiling face floating in front of him.
Finally Duan Qingyun mouth "elegant sister where are you? Haha, where did you go to play without me! "
Xiaoyakou "Duan Ge, come and pick me up. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time in Xintianxiang Building …"
"Ah …" Duan Qingyun one leng heart way is xiaoya still sweet floor? That’s fucking weird. Where did she go all this time?
However, since Xiaoya found Duan Qingyun, she finally got a big worry and smiled, "Ya Mei, wait for me to pick you up now!"
Xiaoya seems to have been stunned for a while. Qingyun didn’t ask her where she was going?
"Brother Zhang Gelin, I’m going to the city right now. Hey, that wench is still staying at Tianxianglou!" Duan Qingyun avenue
Director Zhang said, "Well, I’ll let several people from the criminal police team accompany you to prevent anything from happening!"
Duan Qingyun laughed. "You don’t need the secretary to bother you. You can send me a car and let me pick it up alone!"
Director Zhang nodded. "Let’s take more people. After all, it’s not very close to the city!"
Duan Qingyun thought for a moment and smiled. "Then ask Li Hu and Ye Fei to accompany me!"
The tree-lined nature nodded and agreed, "Well, the short paragraph is worrying this time. Hey, hey, we have to have a good meal. We have to pay for this meal in short paragraphs!"
"No problem-"Duan Qingyun shouted excitedly and then stepped out of Director Zhang’s office …
Several members of the criminal police naturally know that Duan Qingyun is a confidant of Director Zhang, and naturally dare not neglect Duan Qingyun’s kind words all the way. Plus, the driver’s skill is superb and he is out of the county town in less than half an hour. Duan Qingyun is very satisfied with it.
Look at the sky. It’s more than two o’clock in the morning, and Duan Qingyun is full of depression and worry from noon to late at night. Looking at the peaceful night outside the window, he hummed with excitement. Haha, grandpa gives birth to heaven and earth, grandpa gives birth to heaven and earth …

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