Redjade felt so tired that she had to breathe.

After thinking about it, he simply advised, "Great grandfather, maybe people didn’t come because they were suddenly unwell. Everyone has an accident. You don’t have to put on such a smelly face to add sorrow."
The nangongshan gave her a cool look.
"What are you doing?" Slightly frowning brow revealed displeasure.
Redjade shook her head and sighed a long time. "I don’t know which one came out and said that you have a good temper. In my opinion, it is as smelly and hard as a stone in the toilet!"
Outside the car, eleven shook with fear and accidentally whipped the horse’s ass.
Redjade observed a moment of silence. Although she laughed less and less since she went back from hunting in Donglan, she just didn’t talk. There is no bad temper. When will you be sarcastic to the future toffee?
The carriage was violently shaken by the sudden acceleration of the horse, and Redjade, who didn’t sit still, suddenly leaned over the Nangong.
The nangongshan che consciously stretched out his hand to hold her frowning eyes seemed to be worried.
Redjade patted her little heart and looked up at Nangong Che with such an expression that she suddenly froze.
Blinking, she suddenly hooked her lips and smiled. She put her hand on his shoulder and slowly propped up her little face. She stopped at a distance from him and gave him a sigh of relief. The smile deepened inch by inch.
She is very fragrant, enchanting, charming and full of fragrance, but it won’t make people feel disgusted. Maybe people in southern Xinjiang do.
"The nangongshan real you are pretty good-looking."
The man’s face suddenly sank and pulled her out of his arms.
Redjade laughed in a low voice
There are two 748 Chapter 748 Isn’t that Yun Guifei …
At first, Feng Shao was lying in bed for a while, ready to play dead, but later she found that her hair couldn’t be done well, and she took Dongyang out to blow and bask in the sun, thinking that she could get away with it by drying her hair.
Before leaving, I suddenly remembered something and shouted "Xiao Yang!"
Xiao Yang ran a few steps and laughed like a flower. "Hey, Empress! What’s the matter with calling a slave? "
Feng chuckled more brightly than he did. "Come out with me!"
Xiao Yang was frightened by her smile-why do you think the main smile is so scary?
Dong Yang agreed and asked in disbelief, "What do you want, Empress?"
Feng chuckled a few times. "Why don’t you just want to take Xiao Yang out for a walk if you don’t do anything?"
Xiao Yang a scare hurriedly shook his head "no slave! Of course I am happy! "
With that, he silently lowered his head and dared not speak behind Feng Shao.
Phoenix swaggered in the front, followed by Dong Yang and Xiao Yang, and walked like a bully.
When Dongyang found out that Feng Shao was coming to the lotus pond, he was startled. "Empress, you …"
Phoenix shallow go back and stare at her grunted "why? Don’t you fall into the water once and never go to the river? "
When the winter sun choked, well, she was scared and remembered the scene when the Lord just fell into the water …
Xiao Yang turned pale after listening to Feng’s shallow words. "When did you fall into the water, Empress?"
Phoenix shallow back and smiling watched him "who fell into the water? You curse me? "
Xiao Yang "…"
Dong Yang’s mouth twitched for two times and he was about to say something, but Feng Xiao pulled him aside and sat down. "Xiao Yang, you make a fishing rod now and then fish for me in this lotus pond."
Xiao Yang pulled a long face and returned to the Lord. Why did he find him so seriously? What’s the matter with fishing?
"Go!" Phoenix shallow made a kick him.
"Oh … is a slave to …"
At first, dongyang came here to prepare for "investigating the case" because he remembered the sentence that the Lord said when changing clothes-it is not necessary to rely on the emperor to find out who caused her to fall into the water.

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