"They often go to Xu Saner’s place." Xu Saner is another gambling house owner.

"Don’t do tax evasion after today’s clues are very good, or I will cuff you directly when I come to you again." Yan Liang often dealt with them before Shuntianfu or evaded taxes
"Already changed now we don’t do it" Du boss immediately guarantee.
Step away from Weiyuan and watch them gamble outside. Look, it seems to have been intoxicated.
"Let’s go" directly over him and go out. It’s much better outside than inside.
"It doesn’t look easy to make a fortune by gambling. There are many ways to roll the dice." Wei Yuan shook his head when he came out. Even after just watching it for a while, he could see some doorways.
"It’s natural to want to win their money. Where is it so easy?" Yan Liang walked towards the depths of the broken street with his hands negative.
"What did you ask?" Glancing at her, she almost stabbed him with her erupting momentum from the bone. He had seen so many women who were strong and tough, but none of them had the momentum as her.
"I suddenly remembered something." Yan Liang’s eyebrows were always wrinkled, and there were some things that I couldn’t remember, but now I remember.
"What?" Looking at her, Weiyuan wondered what she remembered.
Stop and Yan Liang looks at him and says, "Remember when we went to Lubaijia Lane today and met a man with a bruised face. He is Qinahai, the gambler who gambled with Chef Sun and them."
"So this unknown gambler identity is clear" Weiyuan looked at her, which is a good thing.
"At the beginning of the year, his family’s freight road was hit by a mountain thief, and his father and brother died on the spot. He was the only one left alive, but his leg was injured and he was lame when he walked." At the beginning, the imperial city negotiated with the northern government, and then the emperor sent an imperial army to suppress bandits, which made the whole emperor know about it.
"Seeing that man today, he was lame." Wei Yuan also remembered clearly.
"Qinahai’s father was very disciplined when he was alive. Qinahai didn’t dare to gamble, and he didn’t go to brothel. Since he was backward in his family, Chef Qinahai and others mixed together, but he was much richer than them." Now the case has doubts. Qinahai appeared, but he looks like he was fighting with someone today.
Yan Liang has doubts in her heart. She is now more inclined to have problems in Qinahai.
"So what do you think now?" Looking at her Weiyuan eyes with a faint smile.
"Let’s go to Xu Saner’s first and then we’ll go to Qinahai’s house." Yan Liang took a deep breath, but Liu Bai’s disappearance is still a doubt. If he didn’t do anything, would he disappear? Or he’s dead, too?
Go to a gambling house deeper in the broken street. This gambling house is bigger. The lights inside are full of tobacco and sweat, and the air is choking.
Weiyuan stopped at the door and Yan Liang saw his one eye. "Wait here if you don’t go in." She can’t stand the smell.
Crossing the threshold, Yan Liang went in and the thugs immediately saw her inside.
A man rushed into the back room, but a moment later, he came out with a big belly and a fat belly. "Yan Catcher" repeatedly handed over Xu Saner, which was particularly polite.
"Business is good." Four or five round tables are surrounded by people, which is much more prosperous than that of Boss Du.
"Thanks to you, thanks to you." Xu Saner is a businessman. Look at that smiling face and you will know how smooth it is.
"Don’t say those who didn’t come out, I have something to ask you." Yan Liang turned and walked out of the gambling house
Xu Saner immediately told him that he never had a feud with the regime.
I walked out and saw Weiyuan Xu Saner at a glance. Although I didn’t know who it was, I still bowed down for weeks.
"Does Yang Dayan, the chef of Xu San’s children and grandchildren, often come to you to gamble?" There is no difference between her questioning and interrogation.
"Yes, I often come here, but I heard that chef Sun Yang Dayan and Jiang Ye are all dead. Liu Bai and Qinahai have never been here again. I don’t know where to go." Xu Saner shook his head. He said the same thing as Du Boss.
"Which of them is richer?" Yan Liang seems that Qinahai is the richest.
"Qinahai, although his family are all dead, there are still some poor families. Chef Sun and Yang Dayan love to play, but they have no luck. They can’t wait to lose every time. They borrowed a lot from Qinahai. I have seen Qinahai ask them to pay back the money once. Chef Sun seems to have to beg Qinahai for a few days later." Xu Saner saw it with his own eyes.
"But I heard that Chef Sun made a fortune some time ago?" If you pay back the money, how can you not?
"Not only chef Yang Dayan and Jiang Ye Sun made a fortune, but God knows where they gambled and won a handful of chefs. Chef Sun seemed to be a rich gentleman." Xu Saner seemed to remember that chef Sun’s eyes were full of irony at that time, and he made a fortune but didn’t spend money.
"What about Lu Bai?" Since all three of them are rich, Liu Bai is also in their circle.
"Then I don’t know that Liu Bai hasn’t been to real Jiang Ye and Yang Dayan’s son to get rich. It’s also that Chef Sun said that he can brag about it as if he could buy the whole emperor." If Chef Sun hadn’t boasted, he wouldn’t have known.
And Weiyuan glances two people in the mind have some conclusions.

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