Feng Linglong immediately turned around and looked at Bai Qin.

Bai Qinfei quickly knelt down. "Previously, Taidian went to the Western Chu State and found a handmaiden. I asked the handmaiden what she had encountered before, and the handmaiden told Taidian about the princess."
Bai Qin words a phoenix exquisite face slightly white.
Obviously, she also thought of this possibility. Li Er probably really went to the East China Sea to get even with Feng.
Wouldn’t he be dangerous? Maple is not what it used to be.
Feng Linglong was a little anxious. On one side, the Empress looked at Feng Linglong and asked, "What’s the matter with you?"
"And what happened to you that year?"
Things? "
Empress has always wanted to ask, but she is afraid of touching Feng Linglong’s office. She has been forbearing to ask before she dares to ask carefully.
Feng Linglong glanced at the people around him and finally smiled indifferently. "There is nothing really that I met in those days and fell in love with a man I shouldn’t have loved. Later I found out the truth and I couldn’t bear the result."
When she met Feng Xi Chu, they fell in love at first. Later, Feng went back to Donghai, and she continued to take care of Yue Bai Villa in the West Chu. One day, she was very happy when she found out that she was pregnant, so she took her maid to Donghai to find him.
She knew that he was the royal emperor of the East China Sea before, but she didn’t expect that when she arrived in the East China Sea, she would see the maple enthronement ceremony.
Of course, it’s not important. What’s important is that on this day, he granted another woman a queen. It is said that that woman used to be his savior and later she was pregnant with her child. On the day of his accession to the throne, he granted her a queen.
This incident has attracted several auras. Everyone says that Donghai Emperor is a kind and generous gentleman.
But what about her? She’s pregnant with his child.
Later, on a rainy day, she rolled off the mountain, but the child did not flow away but lost her memory.
It was five years after she woke up again. Even after five years of amnesia, she still hated herself for feeling so proud that she was abandoned, which made her accept the final choice and arrange everything to go back to Qingxiao. Suicide was that she didn’t die and was put in the cold pool by her brother for ten years.
Ten years later, today, I think of the past, and I feel that if life suddenly dreams, let it go.
Everyone in the hall looked at Feng Linglong and found that she was calm and proud without any sorrow. Once upon a time, the proud Feng Linglong came back.
Empress finally felt at ease when she saw her like this.
But to think that someone should have failed such an excellent daughter as her.
The empress was still very angry and asked, "Who is that guy?"
"Donghai Huangfeng"
This time, Feng Linglong simply didn’t avoid it at all, and said it bluntly.
Empress leng with a full face of anger and sat on Su Wan’s side. Mu Qianqian wrote, "That Wan’s son is 1111."
Feng Linglong chuckled, "She is supposed to be the princess of the East China Sea."
She said, looking to one side, Su Wan said, "Wan, you can’t blame your mother for not sending you back to the East China Sea, can you?"
Su wan shook his head; "It’s okay. I don’t care about love rat who lost his mother."
Su Wan’s words made Feng Linglong laugh. She raised her hand and touched her daughter’s head. She said proudly, "Even if she is a princess in the East China Sea, we are not rare."
Mother and daughter both laughed at the same time, but Su Wan suddenly remembered one thing.
"Mother’s uncle won’t get even with the East China Sea Emperor, will he?"
This said that they finally thought of Feng leaving the night to do things.
All faces are clear, and I’m afraid that Phoenix will really go to the East China Sea to get even with the East China Sea Emperor.
Although he is very good at martial arts, everyone can’t help but worry.
Feng Linglong got up slowly and said, "I’m going to the East China Sea. It’s time for me and Feng to have a confession. Isn’t it time for him to give me a confession?"
When Feng Xin told her that she loved her in this life, she would never love a second woman again.
But almost in a blink of an eye, he actually gave another woman the East China Sea Queen.
He owes her an explanation, and she wants him to know that he owes someone else besides her, his daughter.
Su Wan got up and said calmly, "Mom, I will accompany you to the East China Sea for a trip and my uncle will suffer."
Muqianqian also got up. "I’ll go with you."
Feng Linglong calmly nodded "OK, let’s go to the East China Sea together"
Footsteps rang out from the outside of the hall, and two figures came in from the outside of the hall, dressed in white, elegant and gorgeous, and Wang Xiaoye, dressed in blue, handsome and distinguished, and Wang Junli came in from the outside of the hall.

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