But I don’t want to worry about the stranger. Now Xia Yibing is in front of me, so she won’t go looking for her, so it’s settled here.

Just in time
"Mu Lijia is your death today."
Xia Yibing stared at Mu Jiali and said slowly, but the tone made people feel that she was going to put her into ten layers of hell.
"Xia Yibing didn’t think you’d find the door first. I also want to go to find you? You-you can beat me. I still have a thousand people outside. Can you win? "
"A mere 1,000 people don’t think much of me."
"What a arrogant tone. Then it will be interesting to see how much you can beat these 1000 people and my three assistants."
Mu Lijia chuckled and admitted that she didn’t know Xia Yibing’s martial arts tone was very proud and contemptuous.
Give me your life.
When one thousand people heard the order, they threw themselves at Xia Yibing.
"I’ll give you the rain culvert"
Slipped out of the crowd. Mu Lijia got a fright and walked out of the crowd of 1000 without any injury.
"Ke Xuan Nuo"
Three people, look at me. I’ll see if you want it. After all, she once saved Mo Han.
"Why are you still giving it to me?"
But mu Li Jia is still their Wang. Why don’t you listen?
Now that Wang has given the order, he can do it now.
Three people immediately ready to fight.
"I’ll take care of the three of them," said Mo Han, who didn’t want something to happen to the three good sisters, and quickly came out to block Xia Yibing.
Xia Yibing’ er’ gave way to Mu Lijia.
"Ke Xuannuo, let’s stop fighting. You all know what Wang has done. They are ruthless. It’s not that you don’t know that they are always afraid of accidentally losing their lives."
"The palace master and her two sisters are really kind. Even if she does something wrong, she won’t say anything. If you are hurt, you will understand that others will never force others to do things they don’t like. "
"Compared with Wang, there is a lot of difference."
"I don’t want to talk to you three enemies if we can help the palace master cross heaven together forever.
This is what I’ve always wanted most, Konoxuan. Do you understand? "
Mo Han hopes to impress them not to be enemies with her, and it would be best if they could get along with the palace master.
Three people look at me-I look at you-you look at her.
Finally three people nodded devoted to culvert side.
Four people looked at the rain, and one person dealt with the one thousand people. At the same time, they nodded and rushed into the one person to fight.
Mu Lijia saw Xia Yibing coming in her own direction, and she was not afraid because she was preparing to fight against Xia Yibing.
Before Xia Yibing approached Mu Lijia, she punched her first.
Xia Yibing a flicker hid in the past and turned around again.
But Xia Yibing can easily hide by punching back and forth.
Turned around and kicked her in the stomach.
Mu Lijia stepped back and covered her belly. She had an operation only a week ago. Although she was almost nursed back to health, the wound was not well kicked and it hurt.
My face turned white as soon as I swished it.
But she didn’t know that Xia Yibing could easily escape her fist.
"Xia Yibing, who are you?"
Eat pain expression lips slightly mouth hard squeeze out this sentence.
"What do you say?" Xia Yibing walked over and looked at her with a commanding feeling. Bingbing said
Turn around and expose your shoulders. A death mark appears.
"Xia Yibing, you … you actually mean death."

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