Wait, next to him-

How can it be strange! !
Chapter 5 Chapter 5
Really haunted.
He thought that military training could avoid the stranger for half a month. What’s the matter? !
Qiao Yunxin collapsed.
Suddenly the instructor "stopped!" Body made a quivering.
Then, "at ease! Stand still! " Qiao Yun teleport the line of sight from stranger but body back.
After looking around, the instructor began to speak, "Students, welcome to the training base. I’m your instructor Zhang, and this is your teaching assistant."
"What a stranger is a teaching assistant!" Qiao Yunxiao said to Xiao Nan next to him, "What is he doing as a teaching assistant when he is absent from class? !”
Suddenly, "the classmate who spoke later, get out of the queue!"
Zhang instructor eyes sharp Qiao Yun head all dare not partial, eyes swept around.
"What are you looking at? Say it’s you!"
This instructor Zhang is afraid it’s not pleasant to hear, and his temper is not as easy to get along with as he looks. Qiao Yun muttered in his heart
It’s all ordered, so I have to bite the bullet.
He walked out of the column without being a regular army. "Here!"
"What’s your name?"
"Report instructor! My name is Qiao Yun! "
"Very good!" Instructor Zhang pointed to Qiao Yun and said, "Remember that when you come to the base, you have to abide by the rules of the base. One person makes a mistake and the team is punished. Now, the team will start with 50 push-ups!"
"Ah-? !”
"What’s all this? I was punished before the training started."
"This Qiao Yun is really hurting us!"
Listen, it’s not a taste for everyone to accuse and complain about Qiao Yun.
He bravely raised his jaw and said, "Report to the instructor! One person does things one person when I don’t get into trouble with others! "
"One person does one thing?" Instructor Zhang approached Qiao Yun with fierce eyes like a tiger. "It’s a bit of a responsibility. You want to be this hero. I will do one hundred push-ups in your team immediately!"
This complaint is even worse than before. Da Qiao’s voice is like swallowing a fly
Not only did he dare not implicate others.
Bite your teeth and Qiao Yun will be punished.
"Do you think I’m joking?" The instructor asked, "Or do you all want Qiao Yun to do it for you?"
Others looked at each other, but Qiao Yun was reluctant to do something.
No one wants to take this step first, even if they are scanned severely by instructors.
Everyone doesn’t do it. Qiao Yun can wipe it when he finishes it alone
I don’t believe that the instructor can make Qiao Yun do thousands of push-ups. That’s fatal.
At this time, the instructor was next to the teaching assistant.
"One, two, three …"
Everyone was shocked.
Instructor a stern roar "still leng stem what! Are you waiting for the teaching assistant to help you all finish! "
Hua started counting when no one else was lying in the ink.
If you offend the instructors and teaching assistants as soon as you come, you will certainly get no good results for half a month.
Qiao Yun did it for the tenth time, and a dozen more were about to finish it, but the eggs in his pocket fell out very disobedient.
Zhang instructor frowned and looked at the egg that was still rolling on the ground. He picked it up and held it in his hand.
When everyone finished the push-ups, the instructor took out the eggs and asked Qiao Yun, "What is this?"
Qiao Yun pinched the sweat in his heart, which made his death even worse.

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