They waited quietly for Hongcun to pick up the line.

Unexpectedly, Hongcun pulled Ashaki back to Hei, and they had to turn their eyes to this handsome young man.
[Who can make Hongcun treat people like this? ]
[No matter how you look at each other, they are all nothing special and thin teenagers.]
"If my friend does anything out of line, I will take him to apologize to you."
Black tone is very sincere ash battery disdain to sneer at a.
"But now it seems that if the seniors are usually so busy, it will take a long time to finish reading these applications." Black seems to have not heard it, and his tone is more moderate and he smiles softly at the senior students. "In this case, I am very happy to share the worries for my seniors."
The faint light in the eyes was suddenly lit up, and the black tone was still soothing, but it brought a rare toughness. "To me, please ask the seniors to give me the management of the basketball department-please."
"What are you talking about-?"
Enraged, the senior rushed to hit someone, but Vulcan and Diyuan each grabbed one arm.
Dihara smiled brightly, but implied a warning: "Don’t be impulsive, seniors. After all, we are all literati."
"Is simply literally predecessors didn’t understand? No, I can explain it more concisely-"
A dark smile is more harmful and docile, but a light blue eye loses its smile, and it is silent and endless.
"I’m here to take it."
"It seems that it’s a pity that the peace talks have failed. So-"
Black will fly around with a few unwritten papers in his hand.
"Come on, what bad things happen, please excuse me a lot, yo ~ ladies and gentlemen, senior 11 black basketball 11.
> > I also want you to taste that taste.
The complete exchange of blood in the basketball department of Shuanghua High School still caused quite a small impact on a small scale.
After learning that Changhong Village, the former team of Diguang, also participated, many schools came to the tournament.
Frost China also readily agreed to practice the results, but it was very disappointing.
From the beginning to the end, they didn’t see Hongcun’s figure. What’s even worse is that Frost actually let Grade One and Grade Two compete with them!
Are you kidding me?
And! Their so-called coach is also a thin freshman! I didn’t see where it was! !
Everyone sat face to face in the coach’s seat, but the other side could hear him say "thank you very much for your school’s strength."
Please don’t be so sincere, asshole! Say something unpleasant so that they can make a mistake and vent their dissatisfaction!
On the process, such as the summer IH qualifiers, finally arrived.
Frost China successfully reached the semi-finals with five wins and beautiful results.
This is Frost China High School, which has never had good grades, and even the school teachers can’t help feeling.
Black smiled at the praise and palm, and turned around more. The teammates who were quite inferior said
"This is the beginning"
Of course, the most unhappy one is probably the coach who played practice with Hei before.
Come on, they can make it to the semi-finals 100%, and now they have been knocked down by the dark horse Shuanghua, which is a surprise. Forget it. Please play a serious game with them after the game
The black response to this is the same "please allow me to refuse you solemnly"
The opposing coach was furious.
Thank you, Black. It’s rare to be honest with people other than miracles.
Because he swallowed it back to his throat, the half sentence was-"You can’t beat us."
That unstable coach will probably beg and vomit blood when he hears this.
Basketball, training, departments, teams, games, friends …
Black daily is steadily advancing step by step around these.
In a miracle? There is no need to care about those people.
They don’t deserve to be called "miracle generation" if they don’t make it to the small-scale qualifiers.
One evening, however,
Black meets green in a narrow car.
Crowded subway is the best place to perform some despicable acts.
Immersed in his own thoughts, Black didn’t realize that his bag was being pulled open by a dirty hand.
"If you can’t control your own hands, there is no need to stay."
When you hear this familiar sound, you will see green sharp eyes when you look back.
The other person is not looking at himself, but looking down his line of sight is that the person is tightly restricted by green. Stop.
The thief has a face more tender than black. He is obviously a novice, and his face is mixed with unwillingness and shame after being caught. He tries to struggle to free himself from the green hand and whispers "Let me go" in shame.
Green looks cold and stern, and all the ugliness seems to become evasive in front of him
He still let go of the teenager "don’t let me see you again"
After regaining freedom, the other party squeezed deeply and was quickly annihilated in the crowd.
I don’t know if Green noticed that the victim was himself. He still greeted Green with a gentle and polite moment. "Long time no see, Green Jun, I didn’t expect to meet you here."
His face was raised and he smiled warmly. It seemed that he was very happy to meet his old friend unexpectedly.
[Na Na ~ Lvjun, can your elite eyes hidden behind your glasses tear my beautiful false disguise and see through the dirtiest darkness of my heart like just now? ]
This idea made Black get excited gradually, which directly reflected that his face and smile became more and more charming.
Green with some doubts but didn’t go to don’t think about it.
Although a little overzealous, it’s not surprising that black has always been a cold-hearted guy.
Green also nodded after a while to see the atmosphere is too quiet before adding "long time no see"
Black didn’t speak. He bowed his head and casually pretended to be packing while secretly counting in his mind and waiting for the green.
Sure enough, green spoke first!
"Black, you also appeared in the school of Hongcun’s predecessors, and Ashzaki."
Black frankly nodded "yes"
Hei is not worried that Huang Se will tell others about his affair with Ashaki.

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