What happens when you light a powder keg?

Fire, burn or boil
definitely yes
Instantaneous explosion
Just like a mushroom cloud with great potential energy transpiration on the gorgeous stage, smoke and dust filled the sky with yellow sand.
Let the quiet atmosphere of the venue become hot and restless, and let the whole world suddenly become excited.
The audience’s vision and hearing were torn by a huge energy in an instant, and their eyes became two bells. The hair stood on end, their fists were clenched, and the veins stood out on their foreheads were jumping around. That overwhelming sense of shock from the depths of their hearts made their bodies tremble uncontrollably.
Heroic, rough, upright and high-pitched cries seem to have a strong vitality that continues tenaciously for thousands of years, making people breathless and feel that there is a restless energy in the chest gathering at the end of compression
The audience was boiling.
All the audience in front of the screen are boiling.
Life force, the most sincere enthusiasm for life and art, can instantly arouse the audience’s emotional appeal against the sky.
This is really our national art.
What? We have never heard of it before.
Everyone is covering their mouths. Unbelievable expressions and heartbeats are crazy.
So is covering your mouth. Stop screaming and don’t interfere with them.
This is the forehand.
Yuxuan Leng once again knocked on the brush and played the role of field conductor. The folk music instruments made by the old and the young artists were all singing together.
Although it is shocking, the disadvantage of folk music instruments is that the volume is too small, the effect is slightly worse, or the traditional Chinese opera tastes more.
At this time, the modern rock instruments also moved behind them, and the drums gradually became stronger and took over the music atmosphere and rhythm.
Bass roar also joined. Even so, erhu and banhu were not covered, but banhu was the master in the part where drums and bass emphasized more and more melody, but the metallic rock flavor came out.
China’s ancient opera form, western rock music, is perfectly integrated, but the contrast is rare but complementary.
Western rock music, which exudes enthusiasm and agitation from the bones and is paved and rendered with the rough and heroic prelude of the Loess Plateau, has achieved the ultimate live explosion.
At the same time, the fans’ hearts are getting higher and higher with the prelude. First of all, the fans of Yuxuan Leng and Phoenix are not so quick to accept it.
Secondly, the old artist watches before.
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The performance is too shocking. Will it usurp the host’s role
The audience held their breath and stared at Yuxuan Leng without blinking an eye.
See her go to the front of the standing wheat suction cavity.
"Nu Wa Niangniang made up for it. Oh, my God, the remaining stone is Huashan."
Anger sounds like a nuclear explosion.
The explosive force, penetration and sense of strength of this sound.
This bite makes people feel like kneeling directly, and their scalp is numb.
"Birds fly with the sun on their backs.
Fly east to west. "
cannot stand
This voice is too shocking
I’m kneeling. Please take my knee.
It’s not just that the body is covered with goose bumps and the hair stands on end, but it makes people feel as strong as sitting in a rocket day.
The old artist’s old-fashioned lyrics in front of him are all his uncles, and the high tables and low benches are all made of wood. The old artist is telling the simplest truth. That’s the way the world is.
The lyrics of the cold rain are a continuation of what should be the case at the beginning of the world. The sun rises and the west sets, and the world is always orderly, but it seems that it is not the case now.
Then Yuxuan Leng asked a series of questions.
"What day turns gray?
What earth is not green?
What heart is not red?
What snow mountain is black?
What rhinoceros has no horns?
What elephant has no teeth?
What shark has no fins?
I’m swollen. I don’t know
My mother also asked me why I should watch the Spring Festival Gala on my knees.
However, in the face of a series of questions and doubts, the old artist has made great efforts to play the role of high-spirited Huayin and exploded again.
"The sun is round and the moon is bent in the sky."
what’s the meaning
Everything in the world is complementary to each other, which is the natural way to balance. Grandpa has great wisdom and wants to be handsome.
Yuxuan Leng also realized and then sang
"heaven and earth made company.
Birds revolve around the sun.
Huashan and the Yellow River are companions.
Tian Valley smiled and bent. "
Then ask questions.
"What desert has no oasis?

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