Ice green aggrieved "big miss two miss is hide you have good things! I want to rob you of everything! This is even more outrageous, even robbing the bride price! How can a master treat a young lady like this? Miss, you shouldn’t have answered the master! "

Xu Yiyun "before" a smile at the ice green way "did you hear me? Should I have anything? How can they listen to me when they have already made up their minds? Come and ask me, just go through the motions and ask for a proper name! "
Ice green at that time have no words bullet stamped with a snort.
Mammy Lu sighed at judo. "Since you know that such things can’t be saved anyway, you have to make it like this with your master!"
"Nanny" Xu Yiyun said, "I want to, too. I want to be generous since things can’t be saved, but I can’t! Mammy, I try to adapt, but I can’t. I really can’t! "
Lu mother a lag more and more pity her sighed, "if you have to endure again! Miss, if you get married in the future, who will stand up for you if you are angry and bullied in your husband’s house? According to the old slave, why don’t you try to bow to the master and his wife for a favor? It’ s just a few days anyway! "
"Mammy!" Xu Yiyun wry smile way "Montessori regards me as a thorn in my side. How can I just bow my head and ask for a good one? Hum, she wants me dead! Let’s talk about it later! If I’m really bullied in my husband’s house, will they make decisions and stand up for me? Joke! Don’t blame me for influencing the name of the Lord protector! It is better not to rely on them! "
That’s right! Lu mammy wry smile also not much said.
Guo-gong Xu acted quickly out of the eldest daughter’s hospital for a long time before gradually slowing down and recovering from it.
He is a householder, of course, he can’t let his wife know that he can’t even discipline his daughter.
Back to Montessori, Xu Guogong said lightly, "Yiyun has agreed, and said that you can let Jane pick the day at will, so you can take Jane to pick it!"
Montessori actually knows that the truth is definitely not the case, but of course it won’t be stupid enough to expose it face to face, so he smiled happily. "Yi Yun still listens to his master! Master, as soon as you say it, nothing is impossible! To say yiyun is really filial to his lordship! I thank the master for Jane! "
Xu Guogong waved and smiled, but he was dissatisfied with Xu Yiyun, but there was another layer of filial piety. Does the rebellious girl know how to write the word filial piety?
The next day, Montessori was refreshed and took Xu Yizhen to the dowry warehouse.
Xu Yizhen is also happy to be light-footed and smile brilliantly.
The original Xu Yizhen looked at this house full of dowry, which was not pleasing to the eye, and she couldn’t wait to smash it all to trap to feel avenged. At the moment, she was looking at everything and couldn’t wait to move it all to her room.
She picked out a set of colorful leading figures and a pair of red coral trees, a pair of gold bracelets with red sapphires, a box of dozens of round pearls, a pair of official kiln beauty banana plum bottles, a three-year-old red sandalwood jade mountain, and so on, and picked out 15 or 16 pieces in one breath.
Look at her and continue to pick the meaning, that is, Montessori is so distressed that she seems to be a little overwhelmed.
"Jane!" Meng’s family had to stop her daughter and sigh, "It’s just a matter of taking a few more pieces!"
Xu Yizhen suddenly remembered that she was picking on other people’s things instead of her own.
Suddenly a little disappointed, she was not happy to leave her hand. "In this case, forget it!" Mom, ask someone to help me take these back! "
Looking at that pile of things, Montessori is a little puzzled and more distressed at the same time. Why does such a good thing not belong to her daughter? Chapter 116 Greed
"Too many you pick up three or five pieces! Good boy, go back to your mother and buy it for you! " Montessori sighed
Where is Xu Yizhen willing to give up? But at first glance, I felt a little uncomfortable, and I reluctantly returned a few pieces after half a ring.
Meng’s distressed daughter will no longer let her continue to return, so she will be ordered to carefully send everything she picked out back to her hospital.
Xu Yizhen was in high spirits holding the hooded jewelry box in his own hand, and his heart was full of joy.
Things naturally came to Xu Yiyun’s ears soon. Xu Yiyun was so angry that she was persuaded by Lu Mammy to swallow this tone.
Montessori is naturally happy when he sees his daughter happy.
It’s a pity that such happiness is also tightly maintained until it is sent to find the Qin shopkeeper to ask the housekeeper to come back.
The housekeeper came back and said that the Qin shopkeeper went out of the house yesterday and personally went to the biggest and best wooden shop in Beijing. At this time, there is really no need to bother the house again. It is good to prepare the dowry in the house. His head will not be delayed
Generally speaking, the fertile land and shops in the dowry are all big heads. It is too inconspicuous and unsightly to lift the title deed and deed of house when carrying the dowry.
So Cong people thought of a way to make a model every 500 or 1000 acres of fertile land, and it will only be obvious when it is lifted, so that others can know how many shops and acres of fertile land there are when they look at the model.
It’s different from ordinary models. Generally, they have to be specially customized. By the way, even the models have been customized together.
So Qin shopkeeper would say that.
Montessori’s face suddenly turned blue and hated.
Qin shopkeeper left here yesterday and immediately went to the wood shop. Obviously, this is to protect himself!
In that case, when he went to the woodwork shop to make a custom, he must have preached the story loudly. Everyone knew that the shop and fertile land were gone. Did Qin give Xu Yiyun a plan to talk to the Lord protector?
What’s the point even if you ask for something back now?
When Xu Guogong came back late, Montessori embellished it and said something. Xu Guogong also had a feeling of being calculated and was quite annoyed.
However, no matter how annoyed you are, you can also blame yourself for not making a good decision yesterday.
After being angry, Xu Yiyun had to prepare a dowry again.
In September, Miaoyun, yu zhen and Jiaxue got married from Weining Houfu clause on the same day. Even Fangzhou naturally didn’t go in person, but Qian Guanjia and Chunxing went to the clause to send them out, which was a decent thing.
Fu Ya’s tears locked in the courtyard have dried up the whole person’s haggard absence-how exquisite and elegant is it to live here alone? Who can I show it to when I’m dressed up
She gradually also has some regrets.
Even if she regrets it, Fang Zhou will not relent and let her out.
The road is her choice. No one can blame!
Seeing Miao Yun off and getting married for three people has finally accomplished a great event for even Fangzhou, and it’s all relaxed with Li Fu. Finally, I no longer see those people from time to time.
Emperor Jiande in the palace heard that at least one of them left without saying anything, even if it passed.
Lian Fangzhou not only looks after his own business-the pastry shop has been taken over by Bitao, but also is busy preparing for Lian Ze’s wedding.
Fortunately, with the help of Chunxing and others, the money housekeeper knows how to pay attention to discretion when she is old. Even the house housekeeper has not been robbed of her ideas, but she is very polite and happy to learn a lot from the money housekeeper.
Only Sisi, while doing things, has a heart that can’t be said to others. She is busy in this mansion, busy marrying Second Lady, and she dare not say anything even if she is in a hurry.
Unless you want to die.
Since she is determined to be a well-behaved and honest concubine, of course, it is impossible to add trouble to the mistress at this juncture.
It is often in the dead of night that I think of Lian Fangzhou’s attitude to correct Lian Ze’s heart. Do I always have to be swayed by considerations of gain and loss to sleep?
During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lian Ze will send a gift to the future father-in-law’s family.
Even Fang Zhou specially told him in advance that "it’s just a little better not to be too good to get by!" Your prospective daughter-in-law’s parents are not good to her, and there is nothing to feed the baiwenhang! "
Even ze smiled and listened to her sister’s idea.
Li Fu was also listening to this and was funny to Lian Fangzhou.
Even Fang Zhou gently grunted, "Am I wrong? That kind of person really wants not to associate with each other in the future! "
Li Fu laughed. "What you said is reasonable, but let Azeri go there in person!" After all, the Lord protector’s family is higher than ours. On the surface, Miss Xu’s family is married at a low level. "
Even ze naturally promised.
Three days before the Mid-Autumn Festival, even the housekeeper and two servants personally sent Xu Guogong’s house with festival gifts.
No matter what Xu Guogong thinks, the future son-in-law will invite him in and treat him well.
Who knows when the master went in to leave, he happened to meet Xu Yizhen who was going to pay his respects to his mother.
Xu Yizhen turned her eyes and stopped the life. She went to leave two quarters of an hour later and ordered her to go again.
She’s going to tease this family.
Xu Yizhen’s two big maids are clever and beady, but they are also better at grasping the point on weekdays. She is favored by Miss Erwei’s confidant Weifu. Instead of persuading her, she also made some jokes to make Xu Yizhen more happy and eager to try.
Entering the house to visit the future father-in-law and mother-in-law, even the housekeeper and followers were left in the outer court for hospitality.
Even ze walked with a guide at the second gate and felt a little wrong, a little partial and not like the way to the main courtyard.
Even if he doesn’t understand it again, the first house of Baizhengyuan is generally located on the central axis of the mansion. The road is absolutely spacious and flat, and it goes straight to the past instead of shuttling flowers and trees around the bluestone trail.

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