This sentence that evil | teach people understand "you want to help the left protector get rid of the leader".

"Hush!" Xu Jiang put a finger to his lips. "Don’t say it’s so big. Can’t such a thing be done in secret?"
He said, and looked at the table night clothes.
"If the leader is found dead early in the morning, you will definitely choose a new leader while everyone is still there."
"If the left protector becomes a leader, that’s what he wants to do."
The evil priest nodded in agreement. "It sounds tempting, but what do you want to help protect the law?"
Xu Wei explained, "My school sister and I have taken refuge in you now and naturally want to help you. After all, you promised me the title of leader. If the left protector doesn’t become the leader, I won’t be at ease, will I?"
The left protector hopes that the Red Lotus Sect can eradicate all decent people. According to the personality of this leader, it will definitely not make this happen. In this case, he can be the leader to realize the promised position of Xu Wei.
The evil | sect thought that there was some truth in this statement by Xu tiao, so he smiled. "No wonder the dharma protector likes Xu Shaoxia. This idea is really decisive."
"Now that Xu Shaoxia knows what the protector wants to do, I don’t have to help the protector look after Xu Shaoxia. Don’t let us down. Be careful."
"That’s nature."
Xu Wei sent the evil priest away with a smile on his face, and asked him, "What do you want to do?"
He said he wanted to save the leader, and now he says he wants to kill the leader in front of the left protector.
What’s Xu Yi’s plan?
"Since our words may be heard just now, it is easier to save lives by letting the left protector recognize that we are going to kill the leader."
There’s nothing wrong with that
Chapter 16 Chapter 16
After listening to the story told by Xu Yi, the leader said, "I see."
Of course, Xu Jin didn’t tell the hierarch everything. He told the hierarch why they wanted to save the hierarch, so he took the opportunity to protect him by killing the hierarch.
But who would have thought that the martial arts of the leader was no one to protect him …
The leader looks like a stranger. Anyone who looks at him will recognize him. Even if he knows martial arts, he should not be bad enough.
Who knew that he was so decisive when he waved his sword? It was their carelessness.
They shouldn’t judge a person’s strength just by his appearance …
The leader was silent for a while. When he saw that Xu Yi didn’t speak again, he asked, "Is there nothing else to say?"
Xu tiao’s heart suddenly thumped. Did the leader find something?
"Do you have anything to hide from the seat? Give you another chance if you don’t say … "
Seeing that the leader reached out to the sword again, Lu Yunfei said, "Yes, there are still things to hide from the leader."
This time, Lu Yunfei told the leader everything, and said that if the leader is willing to cooperate with them, she can discuss with the leader to make decent people and evil religions achieve a win-win situation.
Simply put, it means that evil religion can ensure that people will live in seclusion or not make trouble, so decent people will not take the initiative to find them.
After listening to this, the leader smiled slightly. "Your idea sounds good."
He said slowly, "Listen …"
"The tragedies you visited in the Jianghu before, all of them stayed in the altar without a seat. For eleven years, the seat has followed the seat in the altar for more than ten years. Naturally, it is impossible to cause trouble in the Jianghu."
Lu Yunfei saw that the leader explained that he was stunned for a while. "This …"
"The two of us met the leader today, so we should believe the leader, or my brother would not take the initiative to protect the leader."
The leader chuckled, "You decent people are so trusting?"
Looking at Lu Yunfei and Xu Wei, he asked, "Do you really believe what you said just by saying a few words?"
Xu Jing said seriously, "Master often teaches us to observe our hearts and feel that although the leader is the red-violet leader, we can feel that the leader is not a bad person."
"Not a bad person?"
Xu Jing’s words made the leader laugh, and he went on, "Who can say whether this is good or bad?"? Just because I don’t like to kill people doesn’t mean I don’t kill people. Do you still think I’m a good man looking at those dead bodies? "
"They want to kill you. You killed them purely in self-defense. Besides, the leader didn’t let his men do anything extremely evil for more than ten years. I think it’s not a bad person … that’s a funeral. Let’s leave it alone."
Listening to Lu Yunfei, the leader looked up at her directly, with a smile in his eyes and some appreciation. "Well, then do as you say."
"But I have to say that if I cooperate with you, but in the end you can’t protect my red-violet Sect, don’t blame me."
Xu Jing still has some confidence in this matter. He fuels the leader. "We will do what we say, and please rest assured the leader."
Seeing that Xu Wei’s attitude is still sincere, the leader said, "Since you all said so, you have to show your sincerity first."
He looked at Xu Wei. "You said that the left protector was the murderer who killed your father?"
To the left protector, Xu Yi’s face changed slightly, but he still said "yes"

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