Finally, where did orochimaru come from?

Which fairy land is he going to?
There is also no doubt that the place where orochimaru is going must be the place where Yakushi Kabuto went to practice in the late period of the original Huo Ying in Longdi Cave. When talking about the fairy family, he must talk about the fairy mode. He knows that orochimaru can’t practice the fairy mode, and he himself has a preliminary understanding of the fairy’s cross-country through the spell of Hohzuki Suigetsu’s body. orochimaru said slowly before staring.
"orochimaru, where are you going? Can you take others?"
"I’d like to visit your fairy home if I can."
"Presumably that’s where forbearance is defined."
"Longdi Cave!"
Listening to the cross-country request, orochimaru still kept smiling.
That smile is like telling him that orochimaru is waiting for cross-country
Sure enough, after knowing that cross-country wanted to go to Longdi Cave, orochimaru agreed to take him to Longdi Cave without hesitation. When he left Muye Village to go to Longdi Cave, cross-country was not alone in following orochimaru on his journey to Longdi Cave.
Because now there are two more cross-country people on the road.
That is, Naruto Uzumaki still has cross-country preparations to collect his younger brother, and now his eyes are lost in Uchihiro Xuan Yue!
Chapter 73 Fairyland (in)
It is inevitable that the road will cross the country with Naruto Uzumaki.
How to say that the four generations of Huo Ying and the resurrection of Uzumaki Kushina all want to accompany the Naruto Uzumaki Growth Institute. On the way to Longdi Cave, I took Naruto Uzumaki off-road mainly to take Naruto Uzumaki to Poland and hand it over to the four generations of Huo Ying Uzumaki Kushina to take care of the future. Maybe the Naruto Uzumaki workers will be handed over to the four generations of Huo Ying Uzumaki Kushina for the help of Naruto Uzumaki practitioners. After all, off-road is just a brother of Naruto, and it has not really taken Naruto as an apprentice.
Before teaching Naruto Uzumaki, it was off-road to help four generations of Huo Ying repay Uzumaki Kushina.
However, if we continue to teach Naruto Uzumaki dialect cross-country, we are not afraid of the four generations of Huo Ying. Uzumaki Kushina has the idea of cross-country just because he feels that it is not his own work.
When I was on my way to Naruto Uzumaki for consultation, cross-country was only to teach Naruto Uzumaki some basic things, which was somewhat abstruse and affected the future road of Naruto Uzumaki.
Everyone has their own teaching methods. If cross-country teaching methods take root in Naruto Uzumaki, it will be very difficult for Uzumaki Kushina to correct Naruto Uzumaki’s concept in the next four generations, won’t it?
Instead, it was Uchibo Xuan Yue.
He is a cross-country brother now, but he has lost his eyes. He needs to be familiar with losing his eyes for the time being. What about taking Uchihiro Xuan Yue to Longdi Cave?
The reason is naturally
Cross-country wants to teach Uchihiro Xuan Yue some cultivation basics on the way as much as possible and help Uchihiro Xuan Yue change his original cultivation methods.
On the other hand, the reason is that cross-country wants to go to the so-called fairy home in Longdi Cave to have a good look at whether the White Snake Fairy in Longdi Cave has a way to help Uchibo Xuan Yue restore his eyes.
Let’s talk about the first reason first
Uchihiro Xuan Yue is a member of Uchihiro clan. When he was not paid attention to, he practiced at random, that is, he practiced in extreme ways just thinking about how to become stronger. When Uchihiro Xuan Yue practiced, he didn’t worry about the chronic illness in his body, and the gradual increase of chronic illness would inevitably affect Uchihiro’s way forward in Xuan Yue.
Moreover, after gradually awakening sharingan’s talent in the later period, Uchiha Fugaku taught Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s cultivation method, which made Uchihiro Xuan Yue lose his direction. In practice, he was afraid of getting lost. If he didn’t know what he was practicing for, it would be meaningless to practice hard.
Now what you need to do in cross-country is to teach Uchibo Xuan Yue some secret techniques to help him recover from the hidden diseases in his body as much as possible, and then teach Uchibo Xuan Yue on the way. When cross-country is going, Uchibo Xuan Yue needs to lay a good foundation. He doesn’t even know why he is practicing, so he starts to practice with cross-country
However, Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s talent is really average. No wonder he was not valued in Uchihiro clan.
Cross-country teaching Yang dun hermetic Naruto Uzumaki gradually began to master it. On the contrary, Uchihiro Xuan Yue, a member of Uchihiro family, didn’t feel anything about getting started. Besides, the basic aspect of cultivation may be that his comprehension ability is not very good, and it is more likely that everything he mastered before is a little confusing. How does Uchihiro Xuanyue listen to cross-country to tell what the foundation of cultivation is? It is also true that there is no feeling of getting started.
Every time I look at Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s puzzled appearance, I have some doubts about whether it is a good choice for me to accept Uchihiro Xuan Yue by myself.
Obviously, this is why teaching ninjas before cross-country is a genius.
It doesn’t take much to teach a genius, but to teach a mediocre person to become a useful person. It is beyond ordinary people’s imagination to take pains.
In the process of teaching Uchihiro Xuan Yue, cross-country students can be as patient as possible. When teaching Uchihiro Xuan Yue as a kind of cultivation, they can also review their own basic cultivation.
I really don’t want to say that with the gradual introduction of Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s basic cultivation, even cross-country has gained new insights in cultivation.
Besides, the second reason is that cross-country took Uchihiro Xuan Yue to Longdi Cave to restore Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s binocular vision.
In fact, it is very difficult to restore Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s binocular vision. After all, Uchihiro Xuan Yue is forbidden by the Uchihiro clan, and a pair of sharingan will lose their light, even if they passed the evil in the original Hokage. None of the Uchihiro clan in Nagi and izanami has binocular vision to restore light.
of course
Except for one person, that’s Master Ban in Huo Ying’s original work.
In the confrontation with the first generation of Huo Ying, Master Ban was indeed defeated. It was at the moment of defeat that Nagi was suddenly brought back to life smoothly.
After that, it was because of the fusion of the first generation of Huoying cells that Nagi Banye awakened the eye circle, which made Yixie Nagi lose sharingan, which was regarded as the restoration of light.
But there’s no doubt that cross-country can’t help Uchihiro Xuan Yue regain his eyes, can it?
That’s waiting for a fable!
So there are only two cross-country options left. Either go to Gang Shou Ji to see if Uchihiro Xuan Yue can treat eyes or go to the so-called Xianjia to see if there is a way to treat Uchihiro Xuan Yue’s eyes.
However, the real purpose of cross-country trip to Longdi Cave is not only to help Uchihiro Xuan Yue treat his eyes, but also to peek at the secrets of Yi Long Cave and the secrets of a fairy mode, which is also what he needs to do when cross-country trip to Longdi Cave.
that’s it
About half a month later, the cross-country successfully sent Naruto Uzumaki back to Poland and handed Naruto Uzumaki to the Nara clan in Poland.
I don’t know what it was like to cross-country after meeting with four generations of Huo Ying Uzumaki Kushina in Naruto Uzumaki.
Because I just bid farewell to Naruto Uzumaki cross-country with Uchihiro Xuan Yue and orochimaru with Hohzuki Suigetsu, I left the country in a hurry and continued my journey to Longdi Cave. In the later journey, in addition to teaching Uchihiro Xuan Yue and thinking about cultivating myself, I need to pay attention to cross-country every day. Maybe orochimaru Hohzuki Suigetsu is doing experiments!
"In just half a month, Hohzuki Suigetsu’s body mantra seems to have become finished."
"It seems that the days in the original book of Huo Ying will be complete."
"It will be completed smoothly in front of me!"
Chapter 731 Fairyland ()
Hohzuki Suigetsu, the only descendant of the ghost lantern clan, lives a life that is worse than death almost every day.
Without your own thoughts, you don’t have your own consciousness.
Every time when orochimaru carried out an experiment, a huge amount of natural energy entered Hohzuki Suigetsu’s body, which can be described as a direct destruction of Hohzuki Suigetsu’s consciousness. Every time he saw Hohzuki Suigetsu off-road, Ji saw Hohzuki Suigetsu going crazy. It was very ferocious and its strength was terrible.
It’s no exaggeration to say that there is still no ninja training. Hohzuki Suigetsu can solve the ninja with moderate tolerance at least because of this cross-country. It’s hard to imagine what strength Jyuugo has in Naruto’s original work. Can Jyuugo even kill the ninja with moderate tolerance at will in the immortal situation?
So what’s the difference between Jyuugo and the movie-level strong?
It can be said that natural energy is really a magical energy. The more you ponder the mystery of natural energy, let alone orochimaru, even cross-country is somewhat addicted to it.
Then I witnessed the birth of the mantra, and the mantra was completed. Looking at the experiment there, orochimaru took a deep breath, especially when he found that Hohzuki Suigetsu had not completed the mantra. When he went crazy, the cross-country came to orochimaru and asked, "Success?"
"Well, it’s just the first step."
Orochimaru is very serious about putting himself into the experiment.
Orochimaru frowned when Suo came to ask questions, and said, "Call me the first form of mantra for the time being. In the first form, Shuiyue can keep his mind, but if you keep the mantra in one form for too long, that special energy will still erode Shuiyue’s body and gradually make him lose his mind and self-control. This energy is simply too difficult to control. It is hard to imagine how horrible a ninja can be if he starts to practice directly with this energy."
"In fact, the most perfect subject for cross-country experiment is you, but you are one of the best in forbearance. If you are me, I think you can definitely suppress that fiery special energy, just like this time. It’s a pity that you are a shadow mage in forbearance, so you can’t experiment with me."
"alas, to tell the truth"
"If I can directly practice that kind of special energy, then I am really"
"It’s really unnecessary for Shuiyue to experiment."
"The curse is just that kind of power reduction!"
Orochimaru said it was a fairy model?

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