It just smiled and said softly, "It is my generation’s wish to take care of you as much as possible … I will tell you everything when I’m done with this …"

"Well … well … I’m waiting for you … this time you don’t leave me again … ok …" Affection nodded seriously.
It is stretching out a finger to hook the little finger and solemnly saying, "Cliff Yu … I swear that I will never leave you again in my life … no matter the ends of the earth … I will accompany you …"
"I believe you …" Love hooked his finger and said, then
"Well … Yu Cliff … I’ll go!" He remembered that he had to save Fu Wanqing, so he said something to Qing and got up to leave when he suddenly thought of something. He came back to Qing and pulled out a waist tag and said to her, "Cliff Yu, this is your waist tag … I have been wearing it all the time … Now … I can finally give it back to you generously …"
Smile and push the waist tag back to him and say, "No … I wish I had your heart … and I think it feels good … you wear my waist tag … and I match your waist tag …"
Because she has become so emotional and affectionate, she suddenly has the idea of bringing her back to the sub-world, but now she is in the plot world and I don’t know if Tong has this function, so I have to temporarily push this idea around and feel that I should save Fu Wanqing first.
So I put my love waist tag in my arms, then I kissed her on the forehead while I was not paying attention, and then I grabbed my flying skill and fled as if I had left Shenhou House and hurried to Zuiyue Building …
Soon he came to the Drunken Moon Building in Changle Square and saw that there was no Fu Wanqing on the first floor. He immediately rushed to the second floor, but he was still missing. So he called the bartender to ask, "Did a rich lady named Fu Wanqing just come here?"
"Gu Daxia? Oh, yes, she did. She left a poem next to Gu Daxia’s inscription. Oh, there is a girl next to her who is also very beautiful-"
"They are now? !” It is not in the mood to listen to the bartender wordy grabbed his skirt and asked
"Gu Daxia … don’t get excited … they have just been taken away by five fierce people … I don’t know where to go …" The bartender said with trepidation.
"Which direction did they go?" It is asked again
"I went west … yes, I saw it with my own eyes," replied the bartender.
"all right! Thank you, little brother. I was a little anxious just now. Don’t be angry. This is 1 tael of silver as a gift! " Just as he finished, he pulled out two ingots of silver that he had just touched from the golden scales and stuffed them into the hands of the bartender. When he was about to leave, the bartender suddenly grabbed his sleeve and said
"Gu Daxia … I just put my foot in my mouth when I was nervous … Miss Fu, after they were robbed by five people, went out of the door and went east as if in a hurry …"
"Your brother-in-law! ! ! Even your dad I dare to cheat-"it is waving to hit the bartender had already set into the kitchens.
Just as he shook his head, he said that it was important to rescue Fu Wanqing, so he lifted his foot and walked out of the window. When he passed by the white powder wall, he suddenly realized that the bartender had said "Fu Wanqing left a poem", so he looked up at the past and suddenly froze to see that it said "Thinking about" xianggong "on the sixth day of the month"
Looking back, I didn’t see my lover shed tears on the bamboo cliff.
Signed Gu Xianggong loves his wife, yat sen villa
"…" It couldn’t help sighing. This is Fu Wanqing and Gu Xichao’s ill-fated feelings in the original plot of "Going Against the Water". At the same time, at the bottom of my heart, the idea of prompting Gu Xichao and Fu Wanqing to get married became stronger, so he pushed open the window and chased out toward the east gate …
Half an hour later, he found Fu Wanqing and Xiaoyu who had been robbed in the sunset cliff in the east of the city. There were five men and women beside them, but it was before that he had seen the nine mysterious brothers, Fox Zhenbei, Dragon Involved in Virtual, English Green Lotus, Iron Envy Li and Bubble.
A closer look reveals that they stopped here because they were blocked by two men in tandem, one of whom was Shaoshang Qi, and the other was the iron hand of Shenhou House-
Seeing that the fox shakes the monument, the dragon is involved in the virtual, the English green lotus, the iron envy Li and the bubble take Fu Wanqing Xiaoyu as hostages, Shaoshang Qi iron hand can’t stare at the five people’s triumphant faces.
At this time, it is taking advantage of a few people’s inattention to quickly shoot a small golden axe like a golden flash and directly hit the nearest English-green lotus throat in Fu Wanqing, and then palm a silver knife to fly out and hit the jade fox earthquake tablet-
Two people were killed by one blow, and the remaining three people were about to pounce on Fu Wanqing when they were chasing their lives. Eleven legs had already arrived at a move as fierce as the tide "chasing the waves", kicking the recent iron envy Li to death, involving dragons and bubbles, and then being hit by Shaoshang Qi iron hands.
At first, Fu Wanqing was excited in his heart and wanted to rush over, but he remembered that Hugh had become hesitant. He said to the iron hand Shaoshang Qi, "Thank you, Brother Qi, for helping me. Gu Xichao is very grateful. If there is an opportunity to repay this kindness, I will leave now!"
After that, he was walking to Fu Wanqing and saw that his face was different, so he spoke a few words of comfort. Then Shaoshang Qi smiled and helped Xiaoyu.
At this time, the iron hand saw that he was trying to take Fu Wanqing away, so he spoke and stopped, "Gu Gong, wait a minute. The emperor has an order to be late … Miss Fu … went back to Beijing to listen to the verdict … so you can’t take her away!"
"oh? Is it my business, Iron Catcher? " He looked at the iron hand and shook his head. "I don’t want to say anything else. I don’t care about others, but I must take her away!"
"If Gu Gong insists on this, don’t blame me for forcibly leaving you both!" Iron hand’s face is full of energy, because he once learned to chase after his life. At this moment, the three-way flaw of iron hand’s martial arts has made up his skill to catch up with Zhuge Zheng.
"Ha ha … it’s really self-inflicted …" He just saw that the iron hand broke out with a strong spirit and laughed at himself. Then he touched the crying axe and gathered on his chest and said, "Why don’t you and I make a bet?"
"I know you want to bet on Miss Fu’s own, but how can I be arrested with an iron hand?"
"You are wrong and it is all wet! I’ Gu Xichao’ deeply loved Fu Wanqing and cared for her. How could I bet her if she didn’t come? ! !
On the contrary, you claim to be just, but you even have to go to your former lover-I really misjudged you and shouldn’t be martial arts … Just stop talking nonsense!
Iron head I Gu Xichao against is your life bet caught my cry axe, you can’t live and you have to die here-"it is cold said.
"Gu Gong, I have heard that you cry with a small axe, and that ten statues that are cold and fresh in hatred are all killed in your hands-but my iron hand has always been magical and protective. If you can still break my gang, it is an idiotic dream!" Iron hand confident way
"Good"-"Just as the words sound just fell, the crying axe has already flown out" whew ".All the people saw a golden light and shadow hit the iron hand and it was full of blue armor.
"Poof-"Gangqi was instantly broken by the iron hand and vomited an one mouthful blood. It flew out directly and knocked off a few apricot trees behind it, then fell dizzy and died …
Seeing that the iron hand was injured by himself, he was in a coma, and he was withdrawing his crying axe. He went over and sealed several acupuncture points of the iron hand, which eased some injuries.
Imagine that when I first saw the scene of the iron hand in "Four Famous Hunters", I was about to sigh with emotion when I suddenly found myself with a milky light-this is every time the plot indicates that I know that I am about to return to the sub-world, so I turned back to Fu Wanqing and saw Shaoshang Qi coming towards me …
174 Go to Peach Blossom to marry a wife
"Brother Qi also came to stop me?" Has been restored, Gu Xichao asked.
"How come? I came to invite my friends to join me in Lianyun Village!" Shaoshang Qi laughed.
"Ever since I met my friends, I knew that you were uncommon, and you were crazy about yat sen villa.
Say that you are an affectionate and righteous hero, which is exactly what we need in Lianyun Village! "Shaoshang Qi unceremoniously put praise in Gu Xichao.
"Since QiXiong regardless of the face to say such a difficult sweet nothings … well, I agreed … but I’ll say I Gu Xichao either don’t do it or have to be in charge! You may guarantee this, brother? " Gu Xichao asked.
"Hahahaha, I want you to be the master!" Shaoshang Qi took a carriage from the horse market and took the lead to sit in the driver’s position, and then said to Gu Xichao, "But my brothers, the castellan, are not good. If you want to be the master, I support it with both hands, but you have to pass them first."? !”
"Good to say good to say …" Gu Xichao held Fu Wanqing into the carriage and then waited for Xiaoyu to go in, and then suddenly sat beside Shaoshang Qi and urged the road to be influenced by it. Gu Xichao was also tired of the world of mortals at this time.
Seeing the green mountains and green waters outside the city and accompanied by beautiful women, Gu Xichao suddenly felt a kind of "returning home with beauty for the rest of his life and retiring from the rivers and lakes" and sang "Let Majianghu Road live happily this life-
Heroes don’t bend their backs.
The lofty sentiments are higher than the sky, and the whole body is cold and proud
Heaven and earth to create a sword swing group, the devil, the god, the man, the chivalrous man.
There is a Leng Yue frost knife in the heart of the sword with the blood of the setting sun.
A trip to the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky. and the world of men.
Men go once-"
As the song Gu Xichao, Fu Wanqing and Xiaoyu Shaoshang Qi rode away, they gradually disappeared into the vast yellow sand and ran away to the place where they first met-Qiting Restaurant …
At dusk on the 16th of the same year.
God’s sudden absence from the house is like disappearing. No one knows when she left or where she went …
"Ding-ding girl … you can think it over … once you leave this world, there is almost no chance to come back …"
"I … think it over …"
"Ding-ding, and you will lose your memories and feelings here after you go to the second world … even changed your identity … you won’t recover until he finds you again …"
"I …"
"Ding-ding, because he is an experimental system, he is constantly debugging … so even if you go to the second world … if you want to meet you again, you can follow fate … or … take orders … in other words, maybe you will meet again soon … maybe you will never see him again for the rest of your life …"
"I … believe that he … will find me …"
"Ding-ding … that’s as you wish … I wish jack shall have Jill …"
"Ding ding! System maintenance … It is expected that the host will wait patiently for 3 days … During the waiting period … System apologizes … Give a cubic meter of backpack and wish the host an early find-"

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