"Emoko, don’t be angry, don’t send it, don’t send it. Now our family has more than one business situation. We are not sure what the new magistrate’s temperament is, so it’s all right." Yueyue saw Zhao Erhu so many times to comfort him.

"By the way, since there is no delivery in the government office, we can clear the delivery money this month. If it is not clear, we will even have to go there. If this kind of thing drags on for a long time, it will be difficult to do it. Then the accountant office will definitely push from pillar to post." Lin Yue remembered this matter and asked the government office that it is convenient to deliver the goods once a month, but even if Zhao Erhu didn’t think of it, he wouldn’t be able to come back so quickly.
Zhao Erhu is angry about this matter. He really didn’t expect that the government wouldn’t want their goods, but even the ingredients sent this half a month wanted to depend on 379. 379
Where did Zhao Erhu think that the government officials would be so lazy? He was so angry at once, but he was not impulsive. He just said a few words about it.
There is not a saying that spending money to eliminate disasters is better than people nowadays, and he has to compromise. After all, if he annoys the people in the government, he will be put in jail. Not only will he not get the money back, but he will also have to pay for it, not to mention that although Zhao Xinglin is still a leader in the government, he is afraid that it is not good for Zhao Erhu to go to trouble, so he can pay off all the money before the magistrate leaves. The loss is not too great.
"Don’t go, let’s deliver the goods for half a month, even if it’s a waste of water. Before that, we also earned a lot of money from the government. When these things were all fed to the dogs," Zhao Erhu knew that Lin Yue was also afraid that his daughter-in-law didn’t know the weight and went to the government to collect debts, so he said everything in detail
Yue4 understood what it was like when she heard it. She and Zhao Erhu had earlier thought that the new magistrate’s adult didn’t know his temperament after Chen’s departure. Now it seems that their original worries have all come true. Just what Zhao Erhu experienced today can tell that this magistrate’s adult is not as fair and honest as Chen’s adult, and it is very difficult to get to Xin ‘an City. Only a few days later, the magistrate’s adult must have acquiesced in this behavior, or it is simply that the magistrate’s adult wants to be greedy for money.
"Although I was angry and wanted to give those people a good beating, I resisted. What would you and the children do if something happened to me, so that they would have more reason to deal with our family? Forget it, daughter-in-law. You don’t think I’m a coward, do you?"
Lin Yue sighed, "How can such a thing happen? As the saying goes, we should be more careful not to be caught by people after we have suffered losses and swallowed it. You should also let people pay more attention to the movement of Wei Fu. This new magistrate will know that it will not be a clean man and will not be hooked up with Wei Lao’s business. That Wei Lao has played our family’s idea before and has suffered a big loss in our hands. He must hate that we have to be careful not to be calculated by them."
"Daughter-in-law, you’re right. Since the fake things happened, there’s nothing going on in Wei Fu’s house. I almost forgot what happened there. I have to cheer up to deal with it." Zhao Erhu thought that Wei Master, who was eyeing up their family, and this unhealthy magistrate’s adult had some worries in his heart, so that people would get together and even have a lot of moths, but they couldn’t show it in front of their daughter-in-law, so they laughed.
"Daughter-in-law, don’t worry about these things. I know all about them."
Lin Yue talks to Zhao Erhu. At this moment, Zhou Ya has come to the government office with a person’s door. Things have been like this. How should I live or how should I live? Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue put the things of the government office behind their heads and pick the people first.
"Boss Zhao and Mrs. Zhao, I brought you to see if it is appropriate?" Because Lin Yue said before that he asked Zhou Ya to bring people here, he had already picked them first, left them in the qualified department and brought them over, so that they could be divided into two rows before Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue, and they chose them.
Zhao Erhu and Lin Yue looked at each other, which is actually the first time they have no experience in picking people. They can observe and pay attention to everything they can think of. Let these people report their ages and specialties one by one. Zhao Erhu watched coldly and saw that there was nothing wrong with it. However, Lu Lao heard that Lin Yue’s family wanted to buy some rooms, and after all, he lived in the farm for the elderly. Don’t pick those cunning people to make him live in a restless life.
In addition to those who are not in a good mood and are not honest in picking and choosing, Lin Yue also picks out two people, and there is a 13-year-old girl who has to take them to settle down first and then tell them about the family rules and arrangements later.
"Lu Lao today, you always come to give us the palm of your hand, otherwise those faces are dishonest. Although we can see that there is a traitor in the house, it is not necessary to buy it back." Lin Yue thanked Lu Lao for trying to wear a top hat for Lu Lao anyway, and it didn’t cost money to put in a good word.
Old Lu was made happy by Lin Yue, and his heart was somewhat proud. "You are a talking old man. What kind of person have I never seen in these years? It is still not a problem to pick a few people. Since I have a little mind, can I hide it from my eyes? If there is such a thing again, please call the old man and don’t be polite to me. We will live together after the trouble."
"It’s Lao Lu. I know."
"What’s the name? Just call me grandpa like a child after being old. I’m more than enough to be your grandpa at my age."
Zhao Erhu and Yue-lai Lin thought that the official residence stopped delivering the goods, and that the delivery bank was not needed for half a month. All of them were so forbearing that they could live in peace and do their business. The tree wants to be quiet, but the wind is not only the idea of Zhao Erhu’s family in Weifu, but also the people brought by Cheng Lu in the official residence. Their interests are that they have not found a mobile phone yet, and they will be ready to wait for the right time before they do it.
It’s clear in the office that Cheng Lu, the magistrate, is not working in his room, but lying in the imperial concubine chair and being served by beautiful women, which is particularly comfortable and leisurely.
"I’ll rub your shoulders for you, adult. I’m keeping this craft as an adult Shu Shu."
"Good beauty, press the button for my adult. I’m tired of driving for so long the other day, but my adult is exhausted."
Sun steward came in from the outside as Lu enjoyed the comfort, and the corners of his mouth evoked a smile, but when he reached Cheng Lu, he immediately put on a loyal look. "Master Wei, this beauty can still satisfy you, but he has found several excellent beauties for you. If you are not satisfied, don’t hesitate to change the play package to satisfy you."
"Satisfied with satisfaction, this master Xin ‘an City is really right. It really is a good place for individuals. Even the beauties have a special taste and will serve people. You have helped me to arrange the master one by one. Don’t worry. Chapter 38.
Xin ‘an City, the former magistrate, and the adult Chen’s governance were peaceful and stable, and the officials and the people lived and worked in peace and contentment. It was not long before the new magistrate became prosperous, and this peaceful and stable scene was broken, and the people began to extort and exploit the people’s wealth. They took advantage of the fact that there was a princess empress in the palace, and they did not care about their own names, scruples and confidants.
"Why is your lordship so happy today? Has something happened to you?" Zhao Lingxiang will ponder over Master Wei’s mind more and more. When he sees Master Wei beaming with satisfaction, he hurriedly comes back with a big belly and smiles and says that Master is in a good mood, which is not only accommodating, but also generous.
Although the master dotes on her now, it can take a hundred days for Zhao Lingxiang to go through ups and downs. Nothing in my heart is as good as real benefits. It is important to have money in her hand, so she will have confidence. After she has children, she plans to leave more money. Even the master is not as good as spoiling her wife now, so she can’t hold her at will as before. These aunts are very different from childless ones. In the end, how much can the master spoil her like this depends on the child in her stomach.
"That’s natural. Since I became an adult, my master has been doing good things like this. I will soon regain my footing in Xin ‘an City. I’m sure that with this Dongfeng master, I will definitely rise again. Our Wei family is bound to regain its power and become the largest merchant in Xin ‘an City." Master Wei has always had a wish in his heart to hope that the Wei family can regain its former glory. Now he finally sees hope. Can he not be complacent?
"It seems that adults really appreciate the master. In front of me, I wish the master’s wish will be reached as soon as possible." Zhao Lingxiang, who is a master of Wei, is of course also happy that she and her belly children are rich and prosperous.
"That’s an adult who comes out of a rich village and has a palace empress in the background. All day long, you will know that eating, drinking, and being merry is better than that of the original Chen’s adult. If you don’t get in the oil and salt, you won’t have to send him a lot of silver and beauty. I shouldn’t have to bear the burden of humiliation before I look forward to Xin ‘an City today. Wei Xingye will see who dares to treat those ungrateful things with me. I will clean them all up sooner or later." Wei Master said that he was deeply guilty and humbled for too long. Once he had the opportunity to turn over
"Master said that those things that don’t know how to be good should be taught a good lesson. I thought that my body was humiliated by Zhao Erhu and his wife once, and this time I must ask them to take a good look at me."
If you hate Zhao Lingxiang, you haven’t forgotten that Zhao Erhu and his wife humiliated her until now. Now you have the opportunity, of course, you have to return it. Of course, she didn’t want Zhao Erhu’s family to ruin, but how to let Zhao Erhu and his wife be soft with her and hand over the formula to her.
Even master Zhao Lingxiang didn’t forget Zhao Erhu and his wife, but he has been thinking about Zhao Erhu and his wife. It was Chen’s adult who had been protecting their home at that time. He didn’t have a chance to do it now. If Zhao Erhu and his wife were smart enough to hand over the formula, it would be fine. Otherwise, don’t blame him for his means.
Master Wei thinks he is in power. Of course, this time he won’t personally send a housekeeper to negotiate with Master Zhao Erhu. The housekeeper is also as arrogant as Master Wei. When Master Zhao’s house is bigger than Master Wei’s original frame.
"How do you want to think it over? Now Xin ‘an City, but my master, God the magistrate, has a lot of trust in our master. If you have absolutely no good match with my master, I advise you to hand it over earlier. If you have a disaster, I can make a difference with my master and make the hard way."
Lin Yue looked at the arrogant Wei Fu housekeeper, and everything went wrong these days, and there was a fire in her heart. But where will she still endure the living conditions? But if she really gave in today, it would be a joke, so she sneered, "What! It’s just that a dog of Wei’s family ran outside and barked, and quickly kicked this mad dog out! "
Yuet was a few Wei Wuhan toward the Wei family tube in the past, that is, the Wei family tube in the mouth, where there is anything true to see such a scene, I am afraid of Yuet really starting work.
"You, you dare me to come here on behalf of our master. If you dare to do this to me, my master will not let you go."
"Our family is doing business seriously and has never done anything illegal. I’d like to see how Master Wei can throw him out without leaving me alone!" Zhao Erhu is also annoyed where he is willing to be threatened by Wei Fu alone and immediately let people throw Wei Fu in charge.
"You’re waiting for me to report back, sir. You’re waiting for the master to settle accounts with you." Wei Fu was in charge of things, but he couldn’t dare to confront Zhao Erhu and went back, and he didn’t forget to put malicious words before he left.

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