Suluo quickly sent a message back to Yuxuan Leng, and his heart was filled with emotion.

This song in your eyes was a popular song by Cai Qin, the queen of love songs, at that time. Later, Mandarin was adapted into Cantonese and sung by her brother Leslie Cheung. Later, it was sung by Wei Lan and Lin Zhimei.
The first one to change this song into a strong rhythm was Lin Xiang’s 12-inch classic golden song skewered. This commercial style was very popular at that time, and was later imitated by singers such as Ku Kui Kei, such as jade solid gold Love Song King, and the skewered songs have always been very popular.
I didn’t expect Tang Yike to have such an idea. Su Luozhen was scared by this little girl. Even Tang Yike’s rei reduction and immaturity were enough to make suluo laugh in the face of heaven. It turned out that I taught my disciples with my own hands.
On second thought, suluo also had to show this kind of love song for Tang Yike to sing. It’s really hard to sing. How old is my little girl? She doesn’t know much about love and things, and she will feel very disobedient.
However, the place where my little girl is clever is that she doesn’t feel any sense of disobedience after she knows that she needs to change her way of interpretation. In the first paragraph, there is Yuxuan Leng’s cantata before the song, and the original flavor of the song also retains the master elder sister’s ingenious change, which is like a stroke of genius.
Suluo is very proud. At this moment, I really want to ask who else is there.
Weibo and his fans are furious.
In the explosive rhythm, Tang Yike’s songs are sometimes cold and proud, such as winter nights and cold months, and sometimes gentle and gentle like spring breezes; Gorgeous sometimes, if the sun is clear in late autumn, it’s like a midsummer cloud show, and the song has been thoroughly played.
I heard that suluo is called "miracle"
Knock out gg with peace of mind
How can a miracle be a big sister?
Chapter one hundred and fortieth It’s a small world
"Oh, my God, I found something amazing."
"What’s so terrible in shaking your head?"
"No one has found out why Master Yao’s Cantonese is so standard."
"Oh, yeah."
"Is it because Andhadhun is too powerful?"
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, suppress my senior sister. This is called talent Excellence, okay?"
"Hold your tongue and keep shaking, okay?"
"The elder martial sister angrily passed the mysterious and beautiful other people and waited for a retreat."
"Ha ha ha ha"
Elder martial sister not only took away the network rhythm, but also took away the suluo rhythm.
Now there is nothing to do in suluo. During the crossing, the music brigade turned into a personal show of the master elder sister, with Yuxuan Leng and Sanmi as supporting guests respectively.
"What songs shall we sing next?" Yuxuan Leng sent a message again.
"I’m not tired of singing all day, but I can’t finish singing good songs. Let’s go to this place today and go to bed early."
"Our senior martial sister said that he is burning now. It’s up to you, Master."
Suluo can’t help laughing. My girl has really learned enough about this madness, or she can’t stop without singing. Now it’s not that they are burning, it’s that you are burning, baby. Smile and reply to Yuxuan Leng. "It’s too late. Aren’t you a guest performer? Help her to sing a closing song and take Ke Ke to rest early."
"Well, I haven’t received the knife yet."
"No, the flight seems to have been delayed a little. No matter how late we are, I won’t go back to the hotel. I’ll have a midnight snack with a knife and find a hotel for one night. See you at noon."
"Don’t drink too much and get too high. You two should arrive early. Come three meters late for the first time."
"I know, I know, I feel at ease and wash the road."
On the other side, Yuxuan Leng looked at suluo’s information, frowned and sighed, knowing too well that Sue had fallen. When suluo and the knife got together and thought about it, they all knew that they would stay up all night without waves.
"Did Master receive Uncle Knife?" Tang Yike ran over and asked.
"Ah, your master is unreliable. No matter him, we’ll sing another song and go back."
"All right, one song for each person"
Tang Yi ran in to prepare for it. Yuxuan Leng couldn’t help saying, "suluo, this guy is not sure about the situation. Is it possible for the master elder sister not to have enough addiction? I haven’t even said that I sang a song myself and went into the recording room to wear headphones."
What can I say? I can’t help it. Well, let’s have one song each.
While chatting at the airport and having nothing to do, I can brush Weibo and suluo. I don’t know what song Yuxuan Leng will choose to finish, but half an hour has passed like a year. Now I suddenly understand why the fans’ mood hasn’t been updated.
After another ten minutes, it’s finally time to release new trends.
"Everyone often laughs.
Don’t shed tears
Always hope.
No need to jump in your heart
In that world
Help each other
You should know that people are pretty small.
It’s a small world.
It’s so small.
In the video, Tang Yike shook his head with headphones. suluo poof-poof, a little girl is really naughty.

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