"I’m Joan." Joan’s face was full of embarrassment.

"Oh" ZhuQunFeng nodded and continued to wipe his knife.
Joan son unwilling tunnel "handmaiden to send uncle out every time, don’t you remember? Look at the handmaiden’s sincere care for the uncle. Can you beg the young lady not to sell handmaiden? Grandpa, please. "
After that, she dared to grab Zhu Qunfeng’s hand, but she caught one.
Zhuqunfeng gave her a cold glance, which made her feel that her legs were soft and she knelt down.
ZhuQunFeng way "late son said to sell you must have done something very hateful people take away! !”
Joan’s face was pale and she was dragged away by people’s teeth.
Liu Sunseeker nodded at the window drop and smiling at night. Well, this Zhuqunfeng temporarily gave a very bar owners. If that girl was too stupid to seduce him so many times, he didn’t remember others.
Oh, my mother, how dazzling is it to make this one take a fancy when she comes to settle accounts with her?
Liu Sunseeker stayed at home beautifully for three days in the evening, and the Emperor Phoenix came to urge her to go back several times. Ya actually put a body double out and ate her tofu. She can’t tell on it yet. Think about it, she feels uncomfortable to see the Emperor Phoenix at night.
After she wants to flirt with Difeng, she will worry about whether this guy is actually a body double.
Alas, I can’t live this day
It was not until three days later that the Emperor Phoenix Night sent a 20-night pearl as a leader. When the box was beaten, Yingying halo made the whole room plated with extravagant luster.
White grin and watched Liu Sunseeker’s eyes turn from I am very unhappy to two big copper eyes.
His mouth twitched and he remembered the temple’s command-to trick my queen back with the most expensive and shiny things.
Liuxi night beautifully holding the targeting top small muttering.
Everyone didn’t hear it, but Bai and Zhu Qunfeng, two practitioners, listened clearly.
That girl said, "I can’t bear to bring a lot of money. Why don’t I sell it to the imperial concubine?" Gee, I don’t know if the imperial concubine is willing to pay 22 thousand gold for this. No, no,no. I can’t say the actual price at once, and then if she agrees, hehehe, I will earn more. If not, we can bargain. "
I don’t know this person. This is not my empress.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 329 Tripod Cat
Zhu Qunfeng Fortunately, Xiuer is not as good as her Xiuer. How can a woman teach such a greedy baby? Fortunately, she is married or she will have to worry about death.
It’s a beautiful evening at Liuxi, and everyone here is embarrassed.
I heard my father-in-law in the palace come over to announce that "the emperor has a decree to announce that Miss Liu Xixi, the eldest lady of Liu’s family, went to Dali Temple to study Buddhism for three days today! !”
Liu Xixi is even more worried when she listens late. Great. By the way, give this leader a light. She can’t sell for a sky-high price as a master’s brother.
Bai He Zhu Qunfeng thought much more profoundly.
"Dali Temple is a Buddhist site, and Buddhist and my temple are not very good at it." Bai trembles and says that they have always suspected that the temple will lose its memory easily, which is what Buddhist did.
ZhuQunFeng "I have a girl in my hand who has followed me across the battlefield since childhood. Didn’t I look at you as a girl? Let crimson be with you or protect you. "
Willow sunseeker night satisfiedly tunnel "I will be fighting skill! !”
Recently, she has been practicing martial arts with Benben and Zhuqunfeng.
"Three-legged cat" Zhu Qunfeng despised the tunnel "it is better to be stupid"
Liu Xi night-cheap dad, my mom hasn’t married you yet. Don’t be too arrogant! !
"You don’t worry, I’ll go to the same hall to report first." White hurried away.
Liu Xixi sneered at night, "Who’s restless sometime? Just let them bring it on. I’d like to meet someone who hypnotizes me again."
What a shame! She wants revenge! !

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