Looks very forced to stay in Su Mo, so I don’t want to say goodbye any more. I quickly went over to pick up the ram and blew it up carefully.

When Yan Shuhan woke up in the early morning, it was quiet all around.
The desk lamp pressed the darkest brightness to see ega’s long, thick eyes and eyes, and she slept soundly.
A thin shadow hung from his eyes, and his hand was on him. He gently held the other person’s arm and put it on the bed, but he didn’t expect the other person to wake up.
Su Mowei opened his eyes and his eyes were a little confused, but he called it accurately. "Sir …" Deep sleep was awakened, and ega sounded continuous.
Yan Shu’s cold heart is incredibly soft. "Madam, go back to sleep."
"Well …" Su Mo moved under the covers and seemed a little uncomfortable.
Yan Shuhan leaned over and printed a kiss on the forehead to release a higher concentration of soothing pheromones.
Ega stopped moving around a lot, but she didn’t know what she dreamed. She pursed her lips slightly.
Seeing this scene, Yan Shu-han couldn’t help raising her mouth, and then she couldn’t help leaning over and kissing the guy’s lips.
Then I thought it was so soft
At 4: 30 in the morning, the lights in Nanwan, the forbidden area of FDM headquarters, were turned on.
The command room on the fifth floor of the administrative building is neatly equipped. alpha stand in front of the big screen and stare at the scene in the picture intently.
"Report that all personnel have arrived. Fu Ziteng, the leader of the command group, is in place."
Female alpha silent sound from headset
"Headquarters received as planned"
4: 45 a.m.
Neon lights are flashing in downtown Jiang, and major physical stores are still in business. There are still many pedestrians on the street.
FDM members dressed in casual clothes mix into the crowd in pairs and approach the target area.
Five a. m.
A cowboy with a hooded sweater and a hole in his body, young alpha walked out of a deserted street with a green apple lollipop in his mouth.
With the help of a bar next to it, I stepped into the gold-plated threshold of the Internet cafe in front of me every time.
Chapter 37 Warm as the sun
Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the front desk, two burly alpha bodyguards in suits and ties flashed out on both sides of the door and stopped me. "I’m sorry, sir, but we have a membership system in the Internet cafe. Please show me your membership card. Thank you for your cooperation."
Alpha seems ready to take out the card from his trouser pocket and don’t talk. He holds the card and skips it from left to right in front of the two people. The card face is glittering and straight, and the two people opposite him are very embarrassed to see it in a cold sweat. "Sorry, sorry, sir, please go inside quickly …"
Alpha was still expressionless and went straight inside.
After a while, I went to a secluded single table in the depths of the Internet cafe and sat down. Only then did I make a stretch of my hand and scratch my left hand and skillfully set aside my collar. There was a military mini headset hidden inside, and I stuck it to my fingertips and bent my fingers to hold the lollipop stick at will.
When the right hand moves the mouse while opening the front of the brain, the left hand releases the lollipop stick and lifts it to make a fiddle with the hair. The head is tilted to support one side and the thing is hidden in the auricle.
The opening is Bai Chengyin, deputy head of the assault team. "The Internet cafe is in place."
The headset quickly responded to "the situation around the command received the report."
"Different …"
Abnormal three words didn’t jump out-behind the original wall place was suddenly pushed out of a person.
The brain screen was stuck with a high-definition dust-proof film and reflected light. I saw that the man glanced here, and some disdain flashed in his eyes. Then he put his eyes back, put his hands in his pockets and held his head up as if he were ready to leave him like this.
Bai Cheng got up.
"Yeah, my commando team is so lucky."
Xu Wei, the FDM command room, stared at the scene in the left Internet cafe on the big screen with a root in his mouth and a dog’s tail grass in his mouth.
"It’s good. It seems that it’s not alpha. It’s a bea?"
Zheng Feng, the leader of the investigation team, also turned his eyes to analyze it. "Well, when two people are together, Xiao Bai is half a head taller. This person’s heel is quite thick. The actual height is estimated to be less than 175."
"Well," Xu Wei nodded. "Then this order didn’t run away."
And Yan Shu cold analysis action analysis is put into Bai Jing heard two people talking about their younger brother’s voice with frost eyes looking at this side. Zheng Feng saw the body and immediately opened his mouth to prevent him. "The white deputy team leader is the assault team. Everyone is an alliance person."
At the same time, Yan Shu-han looked at an Internet cafe on the second floor where Fu Ziteng and the gun preparation group were staying, and the eyes were dark.
At 5: 13 in the morning, a large Internet cafe in downtown Jiang stopped operating on the second floor.
"No boss put aside here make people? Can the internet bar be gone? !”
"Er, I’m sorry, we are also in contact with the property management. Er, please wait a moment."
"Asi, I have just finished knocking on the data. Is it broken? Huh? Don’t you have any emergency measures in such a big Internet cafe? Isn’t there anything in the engine? How many do you have to prepare one? "
"That is to say, where there is such? After playing for 40 minutes, it’s gone if you say no! I’ll be reported demoted later. Where am I going to cry? ! It’s so irresponsible! What shop is this! "
"That is to say, have fun for 4 hours? Isn’t this pure deception? !”
Suddenly a middle-aged man bea came to the front desk and patted the back of the man who had come to apologize earlier.
Facing the seats, the guests felt guilty. "Oh, I’m really sorry. Wait a minute, everyone. Our employees have gone to develop the machine and will recover soon."
The man who came to apologize earlier looked back and stared at him with a slightly different look, as if to express disapproval.
In a row of seats by the window, alpha, a woman with colored hair, witnessed Cheng nodding and gestured for several people around him to take action.
"Stop, stop, brothers" A young alpha walked out of the row by the window, clutching his belly, and quickly went over to raise his hand and put it on the shoulder of a middle-aged man bea, then he noticed that the other person’s body was immediately tightened. alpha smiled awkwardly at people. "How can I get to wash my hands, boss?"
"Ah … Oh, wash your hands. You don’t have to go to the third floor on the second floor. Turn right at the stairs and you will see the sign."
"Oh, oh," alpha nodded. "Thanks."
After the words fell, I waved back to my companions. "Hey, I found out if you are coming?"
"Come on!"
Four alpha in the back window seat
The room was quiet for two seconds to lower it.
"Come on, alpha, line up the toilets …"
"No way, no way, this is too exaggerated, brother."
The five alpha faces don’t change color, so they go out of the Internet cafe door in tandem.

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