Sure enough, it wasn’t long before Yang’s father-in-law turned out again and said to Wang Keda, "The emperor has a decree to order Kelly Wang Daren Temple to listen to it."

Kelly turned back to the hall and knelt down with his head down, listening to his grandson’s taboo. The first imperial edict was to seal Kelly and Kelly, and then the second imperial edict was exactly the same as before, saying that Lanling married Kelly.
Kelly was about to raise his head and shout when he heard the eldest grandson avoid talking again. "I read Kelly’s deep feelings and righteousness, and I don’t stress the integrity of the wronged people. Now I have decided to marry Princess Nanping together with Kelly’s wife. In the future, the two princesses must not have primary and secondary points. Kelly must be equal. When the selected mansion is repaired, the princess mansion will be married another day."
Kelly, this is stupid. It’s true that two princesses are married together
At this time, the court is also an uproar. No one dreamed that the Wangs were so blessed that two princesses married Kelly at the same time.
Comrade Li Er saw that Kelly was still kneeling there and didn’t know how to give thanks. "The Wangs are happy and silly, aren’t they clean and thankful!"
Kelly was stupefied, but a question popped up and he couldn’t help asking, "I don’t know if I can ask you a thank-you for one thing?"
Comrade Li Er thought this was strange. "You lied to my two daughters and left. What’s not white? You are pretending to be confused!" So he asked, "Tell me what’s not white."
Kelly said seriously, "I heard from the imperial edict that the princess married my Wang family, but she has to build a princess house. Doesn’t the princess live in our Wang family?"
Comrade Li Er is so angry. Isn’t this a choice of words? So he said, "It’s a rule in the past dynasties that a princess should build a princess house to live in when she marries."
Kelly continued to play dumb and said, "If my house is not built, I can live in the emperor’s distressed princess. I can give this princess house into cash to the minister."
These ministers all know that these two Weng Xu are bargaining, so they have to watch the fun. Now they may not get a good job after going to blind participation.
Comrade Li Er now really regrets how he remembered to marry the princess to such a person. After all, he was just looking at Kelly. Comrade Li Er couldn’t wait to run away, but he still had to be dignified in front of the minister.
Chapter 50 Wish
There is no way to say to Kelly, "It has always been the case that this princess has to build a princess house to let the princess live. How can it not be handled according to this?"
Kelly grabbed a word "marry" and said, "The imperial edict is written in vain, but the princess is married, not the princess’s house. This princess must enter the minister’s house. This is clearly written in the imperial edict, and the emperor can’t go back on his word."
Hey, hey, don’t say anything, especially when you marry a princess at home. Can you say that Wang Ke won? Once you say that you won, you can also do it yourself, and you won’t blame yourself.
Comrade Li Er looked at Kelly importune but didn’t do anything to sit in the dragon chair. I really don’t know how to do it well. Look at all the ministers with their heads down. No one will make eye contact with him. I have to admire Kelly’s deception, but it is also a bit high. Finally, comfort myself. "Come on, give him both daughters. Let’s go into his house. But the money for repairing the princess house can’t be cheap. This little one must not be given to him."
After thinking about it, he sighed and said, "Well, this princess house will not be repaired. The princess will live in your house when she marries, but if the princess is a little dissatisfied, she will not spare you!"
Kelly saw that the goal was achieved in vain, so he gave Comrade Li Er a chance to deliberately say, "Is the money for repairing the Princess House also counted as a minister?"
Comrade Li Er criticise "you this little alive is a businessman want to account for everything clean, this princess mansion didn’t build the money, of course, also won’t spend how can you calculate! You don’t want to be beautiful. "
Kelly deliberately put on a pair of unwilling feelings and said, "Then please ask the emperor to give the words" Imperial edict to build Princess House "to the minister or to thank him immediately."
Grandson avoid this time also don’t ask comrade Li Er directly to modify the imperial edict.
At this time, Cheng Lao couldn’t hold back and cried out, "The emperor’s family is marrying a princess. My family is also marrying a princess. His family can’t live in the princess house. Then my family will also take the princess home to live!" The emperor can’t favour one over the other. "
Comrade Li Er jumped out at the sight of this old killer. It’s really a precedent for Kelly. This tells him that he can’t say anything. "I’m now deciding who will marry the princess and prefer to live in the princess house. I don’t want to live in the princess house. The court will take back the princess house. This matter will be handled as it is."
Kelly did Sarah laugh in her heart, and you princesses and Xu did a good thing in this uproar.
You think, the princess lives in the princess’s house, and Xu has to register and be summoned by the princess. Do you think this princess can summon Xu every day? That’s not afraid of being called dead. Being a father-in-law and a mother-in-law married a daughter-in-law for a year but they didn’t see each other several times. What do you call this?
Today, as a result, Kelly Bai can hold his head high in this group of princesses and Xu, but he (she) won it by himself, and these Xu’s parents will definitely regard themselves with special respect. This is also sour, and it has accumulated popularity for himself in officialdom. It is not too cost-effective to count every move. It is even more cost-effective than giving him money to build a princess house.
Sure enough, Kelly has brought a lot of benefits in this matter, which is another story.
Comrade Li Er said to Kelly, "Wang Xiaochao followed me to the harem. I have something to tell you." Kelly repeatedly said yes.
A scattered courtiers congratulated Wang Si’s father in succession. Kelly lost his courtiers and ran away after Comrade Li Er found himself prevaricated.
As Comrade Li Er came to the imperial house, Comrade Li Er just erased the majestic and amiable tone in the court and Kelly said, "I don’t know if you have feelings for Nanping, otherwise it won’t be cheaper for you to marry my two daughters."
At this time, Kelly also grasped Comrade Li Er’s temper and proudly said, "This is also the blessing of the emperor and the princess. Otherwise, I will not dare to argue with the emperor if I die, but I don’t want to die if I die."
Comrade Li Er also woke up at this time and pointed to Wang Ke. "So many princesses and temples have come to intercede with you. You must have known the result, so you are not afraid today, are you?"
Kelly, who will admit it, said primly, "The emperor wronged me. I really don’t know if I believe that the palms and backs of Huang Ying’s hands are all meat, and I will be able to handle it well. I just wait for Huang Ying’s decision."
This is not too big to flatter Comrade Li Er. Comrade Li Er was very impressed and asked, "You have seen many different things in the West for so many years. Do you want to be different if these two princesses marry at the same time?"
To tell the truth, Wang Ke really didn’t think about this question before. You did. Two days ago, how did you think about how to settle things and save your life? Comrade Li Er immediately thought about this question. Although Kelly has never been married, he has never eaten pork. He has always seen pigs run, and it is not uncommon to attend weddings in later generations. This thought has led to western-style weddings.
So he said, "I want this wedding ceremony to be different. After all, it’s not good for two princesses to marry like others. I want to have a wedding ceremony in the far west called a wedding dress. When the two princesses design it, they will wear a wedding dress for the ceremony."
Lin Lin always said that Kelly was thirsty and Comrade Li Er was dizzy.
Comrade Li Er finally had to interrupt Wang Ke. "Don’t say it, Xiao. The more you say, the more dizzy I am. Just do what you want. I think it will not be bad if you figure out the method."
Wang Ke was a little dizzy when he saw Comrade Li Er, so he stopped smiling and said goodbye to Comrade Li Er and went home to prepare everything.
Chapter 59 Visit Li Ke
As soon as I got up early, Kelly felt that the atmosphere at home was different from usual. Everyone was busy, and people were running around, cleaning around the house and holding clothes.
Kelly asked the Winter Moon curiously, "What does Winter Moon do at home? Everyone is busy?"
Dong Yue smiled and said, "My husband is really forgetful. Isn’t it coming to New Year’s Day soon? Everyone is preparing for the New Year. "
"New Year’s Day?" Kelly thought, "Isn’t there still a period of time before the Spring Festival?" I can’t help but ask, "How long is the Spring Festival?"
"Spring Festival? What is the Spring Festival? " Winter moon asked incredulously
Kelly’s face was covered with black lines. People in the Tang Dynasty didn’t know the Spring Festival, but when they thought about Kelly again, they were relieved. In ancient times, there were many names for the Spring Festival. In the Tang Dynasty, New Year’s Day refers to the Spring Festival, while in modern times, because of the difference between the Gregorian calendar and the old calendar, Kelly has become accustomed to recording New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival as two festivals.
Busy said, "nothing I made a mistake."
Dong Yue didn’t say anything, and hurriedly said, "Husband, wash up quickly. If my husband hadn’t been sleeping just now, my body would have been cleaned up."
Kelly didn’t know that he was sleeping late, but he delayed Dongyue’s cleaning up their own room. After brushing their teeth and washing their faces, he said to Dongyue, "You clean up and I’ll go around the front."
While walking in Kelly, I’m still thinking about the Spring Festival. I have to buy some firecrackers and let them go. I must put enough! In the later cities, places where firecrackers were forbidden were everywhere for several years. Wang Ke didn’t enjoy himself. When the Tang Dynasty came, Wang Ke’s heart became active. He knew that there was no prohibition in this era. He really had to have enough fun to think about it. Kelly went to the front yard to find a housekeeper. He rarely put money on him because he didn’t buy anything. If he wanted to buy firecrackers, he would have to ask the housekeeper for money.

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